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16 May 2013 21:49:34
Sheffield Wednesday have offered new contracts to Lewis Buxton, Jermaine Johnson, Miguel Llera, David Prutton, Giles Coke and Stephen Bywater.

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Same old for next season then we scraped through this year so how are we supposed to improve by offering the same poor has beens new deals another summer of disapiontment and another relegation battle

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I'd have only offered a deal to Buxton and Jj

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Having offered contracts to this players does not mean that they will accept them. Still, no guarantee that they want to stay!

Have to say, I would want to keep Coke, JJ, Bywater

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We only scraped through because of the bad run we had, without that who knows what could have happened.
That came from an unsettled squad, so why not settle it.
A few additions will also make a difference.

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16 May 2013 21:19:50
According to owls new now leroy Lita who is currently on holiday in vas vegas has told close friends he wants to return to the owls either on permanent or loan.
Also a lot of rumours about that Gabriel Zakuani. Personally think he would be an improvement from Taylor but I've not seen much of him.
And lastley I'm bait shocked about dj giving coke and Prutton a contract. Also with Cory McCabe palmer and semedo I feel we will have no room for any new faces in that area. Also could do with a few new strikers if o'Grady moves in. I quite like Maguire just not enough game time. Not sure on madine but we will have to see.

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I would say no to zakuani, we can do much better than him!

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16 May 2013 19:34:23
Seyi Olofinjana to sign after being released by hull - ray

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Not a good move too old and the drive has gone

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I don't think it's the best of moves myself but only going on what I've heard and sounds like a typical DJ signing - ray

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He turns like a barge! not good enough

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Olofinjana was brilliant for us, why wouldn't we sign him, he will strengthen our midfield

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Do you go to games? when he came in he was a beast! Be a brilliant signing! Just no idea why he has kept prutton and coke when we can get players like him in.

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Useless lump, people saying he was good are completely ignoring his total lack of off the ball movement in favour of the one or two good touches he showed occasionally

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Agains boro, when oli went off, semedo came on and did a far far better job.

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And I thought holden was even worse!

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How can any1 who goes to matches think olifinjana is rubbish. He doesn't have to run around like a mad man 2 b good. Secondly coke is a good player he just needs a decent run in the team. As for prutton any who actually watches Wednesday will know he puts 120% into every game and he can strike the ball better than any1 else on the team. It's strikers and a out and out left winger we need.

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If we re off loading any midfielders it should be Semedo as much as I think he was fantastic last year the fact he's hardly featured this year shows he ain't championship material

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46 games in the league plus cup games your looking around 50+ games a season the bigger the squad the better if we have 8 CM's who cares u play your best 2 in your starting 11 with 2/3 on the bench to keep competition for the shirt, the others can go out on loan and try and get back into the side, we will get tired legs, rotation is important at any level of football. the more players we have in certain positions creates more competition for a place in the starting 11 players then perform better, I mean what footballer wants to be a pro just to sit on the bench? u want to play games. UTO

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16 May 2013 09:36:00
Miguel Llera will be moving on this summer, the 33 year old will be offered a 1 year deal but wants 2 years. His replacement will be Gabriel Zakuani from Peterborough who turns 27 at the end of this month.

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16 May 2013 11:46:43
There are some right prawns come on here, they disagree with everything and anything. They would disagree if you said we are in the month of May. Read what is in the post then make a constuctive comment.

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Id take that anyday he a quality cb

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Some people on here just put pointless things on here. Like we signing vardy and Marshall. Pointless

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I can't imagine what kind of sad lonely people do this.
Oh yes, probably Weeds.

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Lliera offered new contract

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To be honest hope its true, posted a while ago he was available and Liera is a tad tempremental. If we are going to build do the job right. Strongs walls are no good without the right foundations. Let Liera get a 2 year deal in the pub league.

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A lot of speculation again, think back to last year we didn't get any clear messages till very late on- I think it will be same again this year mm and dj won't disclose any information until deals are done, so sit back guys we are in for a long wait UTO eric the owl

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I think that's most likely Eric.

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Woulod rather we go for Bostwick.

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Bostwick would be a quality signing. Strong passionate and safe as houses, get him Milan

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