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16 May 2012 22:34:54
Hesky joining

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An ageing injury prone forward with a poor goals to games record I don't think so. Jones likes those that play in centre of forward line to be scorers/flare players rather than grafters hence O'Grady did not make many appearances after he joined us.

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16 May 2012 19:50:33
barnsley may have put an offer in for reda jhonson

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We cant let him go

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Lots of other clubs might as well - but why would he want to leave ?

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Barnsley could'nt afford him

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Why would reda leave a team tht keeps gettin better n has 38000 ppl init or a team tht gets 9000 and has a really bad atmosphere best rumour i have ever heard

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If thats true , theyve got no chance LOL

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Haha thats quality leave a club like us that get 38000 fans or barnsley that ant got any money to offer and get 9000 fans average best rumours i have ever heard that one

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Dave jones told bbc radio sheff theres been no offers for players. And we wouldnt sell him anyway!

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If we can't fend off the dingles we won't be able to fend anyone off

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Good for Barnsley but there is no chance at all that Reda would be in the slightest interested in the possibility of a move to little Barnsly. Why would he be?

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Strong rumours linking O'Grady and Jones the winger, with Barnsley. I suspect they both may be in their reach. No chance they could get Reda.

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That could be true about jones (winger) when megson went , barnsley manager was talking of the shock of it all and said he tried getting jones from bury but we got there first. does any one now why jones hasnt been getting a chance at hillsborough?

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Jones not good enough. Megson was not impressed and neither is DJ. O'Grady has been linked with Barnsley on Twitter either Alan Biggs or Rob Staton.

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I think the pork scratching brigade is at work again before their Wembley drubbing

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16 May 2012 18:14:48
swfc could be close to sign antonio and batth, roger jhoson and mabye dave kitson and mabye tom heaton (goal kepper)

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Could be? says who? we 'could' be signing derek dooley but im pretty sure we wont be. looks like youve just browsed the last few dozen rumours and picked your fantasy team from that.

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And naybe this and maybe that ? pppffttt !

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Rodger johnson has just been blocked a move to any rival championship side.

Source sky sports.

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16 May 2012 17:14:49
Sheffield Wednesday looking to sign free agent Left back nicky Shorey following his release from west brom

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31 - says it all. need to focus on signing antonio , batth,treacy and getting ranger on season long loan

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Agreed! But to be honest we do need a natural left back and I think Shorey is perfect... He's had England caps

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The chap who osts details of every player released on site is back. The person needs to think who plays left back and would an ageing full back whose legs have gone be an improvement or even provide competition.

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We need cover in practically every position for the Championship.
Although MM has said theres a budget, if we can get quality players on frees who can come in and do a job if & when needed surely thats a good thing. It means theres more money available to get the Antonios, Rhodes etc that will be the mainstay of our first season in Champs.

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31s no age, he would a very very good signing in the championship!!

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Hope that SW doesnt go for Ranger...

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Not ranger! he's a poor lazy player

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Francis Jeffers had an England cap, look how well that one worked out!
Agree with aiming for Antonio, Batth and Treacy but not keen on Ranger, dont think he can score the goals we need!

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Ranger would be a great signing
his hold up play is class and he has pace!
something we need upfront, also need a centre half and a left back and maybe a centre mid

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How is shorey to old? he is 31! ian hart now how old is he? he was 1 of the best lb in champ last season shorey would be a class signing!

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I agree we need cover, but reda johnson is much better than shorey. For me, he would be on bench. and Im not sure a 31 year old would want to sit on bench at the end of his career?

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Ranger cant hold the ball up at all

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16 May 2012 15:45:10
Reading have just copleted Garath McCleary signing from Nottingham Forest on a free - it is now thought that they will now release Antonio to allow him to sign for us :o)

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Hopefully we wont mess around getting him like we did with marshall

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I can gurantee we sign akinfenwa and heskey for total of 200k

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We didn't mess about with Marshall it was leicester that came in offering championship football

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Yeah and were also signing pele and socretes for 3 million each bargains

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16 May 2012 14:36:49
I can promise you now that Wesnesday will sign Jay Bothroyd.

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Where u heard this

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I would love to think so !

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Can you promise me this weeks lottery numbers?

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Get your head out the clouds hes not coming to us

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Good for a moment there i thought you were talking about Wednesday, glad its wesnesday

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How can you and from what source is this info from? UTO

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Tell us how you know this

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Why do managers never release things, like we hear rumours why wont any swfc managers just say look fans we are after...............right annoying why they never tell us well not in my supporting days only16 though come on here alot

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Because if he says who he is after other teams become interested and decide they want him

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And terms or fee goes up.

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Which league do wesnesday play in ? wednesday ! you must be a dingel or is that dingle ?

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16 May 2012 13:47:06
Dave Jones has refused to comment on signing Tom Heaton (Free Transfer) - he is a Keeper that played last season for Cardiff

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He has offered terms to Bywater and Jameson. We already have Weaver, sounds to me another keeper would be one too many?

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Why are we constantly being 'linked' with goalkeepers? As far as I was aware Bywater joined on a permanent contract in January and as the other guy says, we already have Weaver and Jameson?

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Jameson will go out on loan but bywater did kept loads of clean sheets so I don't see why we need another keeper.

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16 May 2012 13:29:04
Dave Jones says he's attempting to sign Michail Antonio from Reading

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This time let's not f*** about like we did with Ben Marshall, get Antonio bought, get it over and done with before another club comes in!

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If you listen to Dave Jones interview we are trying to get it done . Antonio has said he wants to come, but like anything else , its down to Reading , they will only sell when the deal is right for them.

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16 May 2012 12:39:18
In a radio interview with Rob staton today Dave jones has confirmed he wants Antonio and are in talks with Reading,he also said he wants Treacy & Ranger.DJ is waiting for wolves to get back to him about Batth,plus talks are on going with Kieran Lee.

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16 May 2012 09:46:20
Swfc making a possible move on Roger Jonson

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It's true i've just seen it on apparently it would only be on a season long loan though due to fact wolves would want something back from the 4.5million they paid for him from birmingham. I'd rather put in a bid for Batth though.

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Its true because its in a newspaper? Because everything that is in a newspaper is the truth....

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This Kieron Lee , says on the oldam player profile he scored 2 goals all season? championship player , really? ;s

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Johnson has to be the better option if we can get him ??

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Kieron Lee is a right back - how many goals has Buxton scored this last season ?

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Is this the same Johnson who turned up for trainig pi$$ed? do we really want that?

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Says hes a middfielder on his player profile

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He is a right back played in midfield when he was 18.

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