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16 jun 2013 22:41:00
st ledger going derby,. wells staying bradford,. davies going over seas,. vardy not going on loan to other championship club,. the only player we had shown round ground is krstanovic, now if he signs ill be shocked, uto and ill post in future if no right info.

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16 Jun 2013 22:58:07
according to tv transfer news he's agreed terms just waiting on work permit should now in next few days

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If this is true and he signs for us I hope its not another mm signing like pecknic? Mr. C

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Is this a bad omen ivan played 99 for his last club lol. Mr. C

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I know very little about Krstanovic - only his height and his scoring record. While reserving any opinion on the man till I have seen him play, it is clear that DJ has a pattern in his head. Hope it works out well for him, but I am a little disappointed

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SO the signs already with him being signed we are playing big hoof rubbish, am not happy season ticket money wasted.

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Why is everyone on this guys back already? He was the top scorer in the Croatian premier league in 2010-2011 with 19 goals.

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Nothing better to see than 2 wingers, one big forward, and balls being pinged in to the centre. big centre forwards rule.
tippy tappy does not win leagues, and after a while it becomes very boring.

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I doubt we'll end up signing him but he's not just a hoofball merchant so you don't need to worry your precious little head about it if we do.

Or you could start booing him before you've even seen him kick a ball, of course.

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Have never booed any wednesday player, the board yes but players never.

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16 Jun 2013 19:45:47
Ivan Krstanovic set to sign for the Wednesday. Source: tv

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Some of us owls fans need to wake up. if madine was any good then surely jones as a pro manager would have seen this and played him. i'm not jones biggest fan but his lack of playing time means he's not rated. as does howerds signing. best he leaves in my humble opinion. owls fan 40

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Yeah its on tv site

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I don't think anybody reckons Madine is at championship level or even has the work ethic to make it at this level either

Krstanovic is another big lump so we can play yet more route 1, hopefully he'll actually win headers rather than doing what Madine does and falling over all the time

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Krystanovic hasn't got a bad scoring record,

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Madine had a clause in his transfer if he had played another game, we would have had to pay carlisle more money! I reckon that's only reason given a fair crack in starting line up I think he would have scored 10-12 goals which isn't bad! can see him leaving now we got krstanovic 6ft 5 target man. hope madine stays though I believe he's got goals in him

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To the poster making a point about Madine not playing due to the Carlisle payment - do you really think that we wouldn't play him due to a small fee compared to the potential costs of a relegation? use your noggin!

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Madine is lg1 level at best, get over it

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Madine can clear off in my opinion, hasn't got anything to offer other than hair gel and a glass of vodka red bull

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It was in paper Carlisle was going barmy about it, an mm said they was unprofessional releasing transfer details! So yes that is why me know it all. You can find story on Internet why shoot people down when you know nothing?!

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An if you went to games maiden when playing wins all flick ons! At the start of season nobody else was anywhere near them

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Maiden gary of carlisle is useless in the air

can't win headers if you're on the floor waving your arms around and complaining

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Depends how low the crosses are

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16 Jun 2013 09:39:20
we have offered 150k and madine for nakhi wells

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So about 550k then.

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Yeah, because Madine is going to want to play for Bradford, dream on

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We should sign

St ledger and another cb
Midfield central players and one winger jj only good 2 months of a season.
Also strikers nakhi wells is quality even against prem teams in the cup he ran the show we should sign at all costs.
Also young players not players that end up crap and old like usual. E. g. Jeffers, kavanagh, taylor gardiner etc. not many years left in them. We need to spend and hopefully get to prem and regain the money Uto

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Would cost a lot more and madine is staying hopefully

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No interest in Nakhi Wells from S6 (Rob Staton) also heard from one of office members not heard his name mentioned.

Wickham rumour is true, apparently £8 million was what fee would reach with add ons. Sunderland have paid a long way short currently I am told.

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I'd Be happy if madine went

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Unlikely that st ledger will sign now

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16 Jun 2013 19:04:06
So Who are we rumoured with? All I know is Nakhi Well, St. Ledger and Jamie Vardy.

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Im really close mates with drew talbot, and he says gary madine not good enuf for owls because not strong enuf and not wanting to put in the extra hours to be stronger, i with drew on this,

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. and what the hell does Talbot know? Championship/Wednesday reject

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Wickham = overrated

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Me who out that we should sign.
hope we get wells top young promising player! obaaaaaaa

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Talbot scored a more vital goal for wednesday than madine could ever dream off, and he was stronger on ball than madine, and he was smaller, uto and Talbot

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Madine needs to grow up.

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So madines goals in league one didn't help us up table to win promotion?

talbot in league 2 sumwhere?

madine plays against boro and scores?

hes not given a chance the machine so stop being so negative! uto x

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Wickham would score goals given a full season with us good players

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