Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 16 2012


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16 Jun 2012 22:07:30
We have bid £500k for Luke Freeman .
Great signing if we can pull it off.

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The striker we will sign is Simeon Jackson from Norwich

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Junk report which originates from same surce as previus one. We are not interested in rubbish players.

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Simeon Jackson great as an understudy/role player. Can he lead the line week in/week out?

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Simeon jackson is a good player, and itd be good to see him here, but cant see it

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How do u know that it is jackson?

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Someone told me they gave him a mortgage
For a house in mill houses he told them he was a footballer that's all I know

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Maybe I should go to an estate agent and say I am a footballer if it's that easy to get a mortgage.

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The one man we should have had here was alf but he was going to cost money, 20 times the player maguire could ever be, if we ha signed him last year we would have sealed promotion by march, look at his record thats what a strikers record should read

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16 Jun 2012 22:00:39
The rumour about odonell is true went a while ago ! Uto anyone else think that chris McGuire is a waste of time. ? Seen him play 3 times and always the same ! Terrible ! What about beavon from Wycombe ?

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Chris Maguire, if thats who you mean, would be a top signing .
Trust in Dave Jones he has a good habit of developing promising players like him and turning them in to the real thing.
The majority of players we're being linked with are of this type.
The future is blue&white !

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Beavon completely unsuitable for Championship.

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Beavon signing for the blunts

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Yes we have to trust in DJ & MM, but from stats and feedback on Mcguire! He sounds pretty average and we will need a proven goalscorer at championship level.

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The standard of signings tells me we arent trying to compete at the top of the championship, just a mid to lower end season in sight very disapointed so far

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Why not support a new player thats coming in? We haven't seen him play much so back him then judge him! Hes young so it's like madine again.... Support a player and stop slagging him off when he hasnt played for us yet

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Mcguire couldn't get in derby team, where did they finish last year nowhere and he is obviously worse than what they fielded last season really poor signing if this happens and not that young either, if he was good enough derby wouldn't want him out

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I don't think that saying I have heard reports that he is average is 'slagging him off'. It's just a show of concern.

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One statistic matters in football goals and goals=points can be as creative as you want but if the ball dont go in the back of the net your in trouble

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16 Jun 2012 21:53:17
Yes I don't understand that one! Also did anyone else know that we have sold paulo do canio to west ham! What has the world come to.

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16 Jun 2012 21:23:09
Anyone heard that Richard o'donnell has gone to chesterfield? Heard it today, hope it's not true, decent keeper, good backup!

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We have sold Gerald sibon aswell you know

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Are you kidding me.. he got released by us and then signed for chesterfield like a month ago

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Knew about 4 weeks ago lol

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He went a month ago

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Forget about him we got the Bart man

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We sold Owusu other day n all.

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16 Jun 2012 14:28:30
is there any truth in this jj moving to the blunts rumour

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No thats just daft he wouldn't go to our biggest rivals

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Biggest rivals in a league below naaah. one of our lower league rivals who dont matter more like

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I only put this up cos it says something on swfc news now

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He is a free agent got to earn l living if he gets the best offer at the lane he will take it like anybody else moving jobs most footballers have no loyalty to the clubs they play for as the clubs have no loyalty to players if they become surplus to requirements

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Yes it is true jj going to blades but Wednesday taking McDonald, i know McDonald is a free agent but it's not a swap, it's a separate deal altogether!

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If they have JJ and we have McDonald we have the worst of the deal.
Good luck to JJ he is wrong age to mess about and with his injury record if anybody offers him 2 year deal he has to take.

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100% not true! from someone who definatly no,s.

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Mcdonalds miles better than JJ, i hope he does go, and if we get mcdonald then weve got the better half!

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16 Jun 2012 14:07:19
Just seen something on the Owls page suggesting that JJ could be heading to The Pig Sty on a 2yr deal!? It does suggest its a rumour but even so.... Will definately need some new wingers then!

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If you read it you will see it comes from Blades Mad a fans forum for the deluded. The writer obviously flirts with good football he says he got it from an Owls forum. Either way it comes from fan speculation and there is nothing to confirm it. Wouldn't be sorry to see him go though far too inconsistent.

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16 Jun 2012 12:05:38
Swfc set to sign Chris maguire from derby county source the star news now

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Don't know if anybody else has heard this but were going to sign Antony Gardner!!

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No point in asking about gardner he's been signing for us for weeks now apparently yet he's still not signed forget bout him i'd say

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Really ?? ..... When ??

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16 Jun 2012 09:12:25
Michael Chopra to sign before the end of the month!

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How do u know? This would be good but can't see it myself!

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Chopra wants 15 grand a week

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Hes not worth that much a week

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I would rather take sam baldock any time and cheaper wages

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