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16 Jul 2012 21:28:46
Joey Barton seen at hillsborough today good source {Ed046's Note - And that source is???

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Trust me it's a good source can't reveal but I questioned him and he says it's a definate {Ed046's Note - Time will tell!!

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Dave jones confirmed today that we havent even spoken to qpr about him. so some one is telling porkies

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Barton to sign on loan source yorkshire post

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Cus thats reliable?

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Check sky sports news do u think dave jones is gunna show his cards all the time

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16 Jul 2012 21:27:34
Just read that Dave Jones wants the Antonio deal done before Portugal. Source: Daily Star

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Not a chance he was best player in the first couple of pre season games for reading.

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Doubt it they are off to Portugal tomorrow !

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Brian McDermott said he doesn't feature in his plans, and that he doesn't fit in with tw style of football

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You talk rubbish pal

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16 Jul 2012 18:27:00
Has Chris Kirkland cancelled his contract or not? {Ed046's Note - Statement due tomorrow!

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From reports it seems he could not hack the travelling and did not want to move is family to Sheffield his loss we don't need players that can't be bothed

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Sounds like a yes then.

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Yes he left yesterday. Claimed the journey from Merseyside to South Yorkshire every day was too much so asked for his contract to be terminated. What a waster!

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I think we might have got away with one here, though from what I hear the primary reason is that his Wife is in a bad way health wise. Goodbye Chris Kirkland - Hello Tom Heaton? (is he still available?)

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If his wife is ill I hold my hands up and say good luck and it was the right decision, if it's because he can't be arsed, then I only have 4 letter words that can't be posted.

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Why didn't he realise this before he signed!

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If this turns out to be true i will be very suprised. We have a gk who said he was desperate to kickstart his career and we gave him the chance to do this at a club on the up. If it is the distance thats causing him the problem then he doesn't deserve the chance to play for our great club, If on the other hand his wife is ill and needs him at home then fair enough. Look forward to getting some concrete answers.

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What a waster, hope mm makes him pay back any wages received {Ed046's Note - Lets hear the reasons before making a judgement!!

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According to rob staton he has been given time off. He hasn't left us for good.

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I think you should all stop calling Kirkland a 'waste of time' etc, if his wife is seriously ill then fair play to the lad. some things are more important than football..lets hear the facts first..

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16 Jul 2012 17:26:54
heard a rumour that Mr Jones may have ignited interest for Peter Whittingham from his old club cardiff, has anyone else heard anything ? {Ed046's Note - Cardiff do not want to sell. But if he were to leave it would be for the Premier league.

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Premier league and a lot of money

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Milan doesn't dospending lots of cash on individual players so I would doubt this one!

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He won't come to us just because Mr.Jones is interested, we might be massive but we aren't that massive yet

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They have already rejected a bid from fulham for him.

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16 Jul 2012 16:43:25
RUMOURED! that Saha OR fuller could be on there way to hillsbourgh, one problem being wages {Ed046's Note - Where is the source!!

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Fuller rumour is doing the rounds on SCFC forums, nowt confirmed though!

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Some of us are deluded! We could never afford their wages! post facts not fiction please

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Its a rumoures site right? but you only want facts! haha tool

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16 Jul 2012 16:32:06
any news on regula ned its gone a bit quiet on that one??? {Ed046's Note - DJ has said that the Regula deal is on the backburner for the time being!

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With the signing of pecnik dj says he wants two bring in 5 more players who are

Another striker
Another defender

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16 Jul 2012 15:53:25
Sheffield Wednesday interested in Danny Gabbidon of QPR. Source - Sky Sports

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16 Jul 2012 12:03:15
Sheffield Wednesday have signed 26 yr old Slovenia international midfielder Nejc Pecnik subject to international clearance (from the club website)

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Check out nejc pecnik presentation on you tube he does look like the guy can tear defences apart his passiing looks good and he can score from anywere. Dj have you just found a diamond?

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16 Jul 2012 10:34:29
Het Laatste Nieuws claims that Sheffield Wednesday have expressed an interest in Club Brugge's Belgian international striker Bjorn Vleminckx. sky sports news

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Yeah yeah,his current club paid 3.3million for him in 2011 so where's our money coming from?

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Ye he looks decent on You Tube, he's scored alot of headed goals.

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Its in the French press as well, looks like a good buy

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16 Jul 2012 10:09:34
Have I just heard correctly that joey Barton is to serve his 12 match ban at Hillsborough.what is the point in that if TRUE ?

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If true it will be due to the fact that we will play 12 games faster than any prem team due to how our fixtures work out .In short a nice little back hander or a decent player on loan and the get JB back a month early.

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Ground needs a lick of paint so we have employed him

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No point because its not true

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Season long loan, available by October, effectively misses 7 weeks.

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He serves his ban faster, we get DJ Campbell on loan and a nice little payment for the service! It might not be to favourable in the football leagues or FA eyes but ah well I want to get to the premiership and money and players like DJ Campbell are the kind of thing we need to get there!

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First Ranger and now Barton -- be changing kit next to arrows rather than stripes !

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I said as a joke will only be a matter of time before we are linked with barton now wwill vinnie jones be taking over from mcauley?

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We'll be called the dirty dozen soon!

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Wages would be very high, seem to remember 35,000 a week being mentioned at QPR.

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16 Jul 2012 09:55:29
Reading fans seem to think that Antonio is still 'set to sign'. They seem disappointed they are letting him leave. Hurry up and sort this one out!.

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I live in Reading and can confirm this. Apparently manager has a very mechanised way of playing and Antonio does not gel with this.

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He's certainly set to sign for somebody

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Looks like he's going to Burnley

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16 Jul 2012 09:50:48
Het Laatste Nieuws claims that Sheffield Wednesday have expressed an interest in Club Brugge's Belgian international striker Bjorn Vleminckx.

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Dutch and Belgian press saying he came over to Sheffield last week. Was transferred for over 3 million Euros last summer but was not success at Club Bruges. Apparently want to offload. This chap had 2 successful years in Eredivisie (Dutch Premier) where one year he was top scorer in League. This chap would be decent, apparently work horse in Dirk Kuyt mould.

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Going to be a massive culture shock moving from Brugge to Sheffield.

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The same reports also say he spent most of his time on the bench in Belgium, has personal problems and the club are desperately trying to get shut. Gilles de Bilde anyone?

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Perhaps explain culture shock, I have worked in Brussels last year and would have Sheffield any time over Belgium. Very boring place they get high eating chocolate (or thats what they call it).

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Yes but Brugge is one of the most beautiful places Iv been too.

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16 Jul 2012 09:38:08
joey barton ??

Herd this on radio hallam !

Any truth ??

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16 Jul 2012 01:30:25
I don't know where all these rumours have come from about Joey Barton but would love to know a source? I can't stand the person but to be fair is a good player! And no one can disagree that it would attract other big named players to the club!

Think we need to get looking for players in the strikers apartment! Heard rumours of Bothroyd but highly unlikely! We need a rapid forward who will cause the defence some problems and also someone who can finish!


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Barton rumour in London press, believe West London press has online version. They do not run gossip as such and usually material in is factual. Seems widespread knowledge around Llondon at the weekend, pal told me on Saturday in Portobello Road.

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That rapid striker who can finish you are on about is the same striker most teams look for tbh so i think dj probably knows this already....

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16 Jul 2012 01:27:59
Just seen Dave jones walking on water. Not penistone road but close. New slovac kid looks great on YouTube. Some of the games look like its against the rose and crown but he's got a great hit on him from distance and could cause teams serious problems. Looks like a 6'4 modric/nedved only he's a forward so you figure it out. Happy days!

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