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16 Jan 2012 21:23:36
Swfc in dialog with swindon today about matt ritchie. Expect a bid to go in tomorrow. Jp

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He as still a year and a half of is current contract to run can we afford to buy him out of that?

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Yes money is there. Jp

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And how do you no that and makes you so sure Swindon will want to sell one of their best players I think alot of people forget on here we are a league one club and we don't have the clout same as championship/prem clubs

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Hope so great replacement for marshall, although havent jet seen that jones missed the charlton game, any good?

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I live near Swindon and can confirm rumours on street down hear indicate Ipswich and Owls have both enquired about Ritchie. Ipswich can not meet Swindons demands. Bournemouth had a bid of 400,000 turned down. Will take considerably more than this to prise him away but Swindon have bids and offers in for several players and it is thought sale of Ritchie will fund this.

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If ipswich cant afford him then we cant manderic wont spend more than 150k

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The above comment about mandaric not paying more than 150,000 is ridiculous. On five occassions since joining the club he has paid out in excess for a player (O'Grady, Morrisson, Johnson, Reynolds, Madine).

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So I thought the offer was going in today?

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Wendies are skint,Marshall is joining hudders as we are in talks with stoke as Clark was at stoke reserve game today where Marshall scored and impressed him.

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16 Jan 2012 19:09:19
I used to work with Lee Holmes's Cousin, rang him Saturday night and he was out with Lee and there is no truth in the link to Wednesday, I am Honest? the family all live near to Alfreton, Not Lee now obviously-would be a bit far to Southampton every day !! check this out its 100% truth

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How on Earth could anyone 'Check it out'? Its only too your knowledge soo with the looks of it we have another bulls**tter

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So Ipswich can pay Michael Chopra and Jimmy Bullard but can't meet Matt Ritchie's demands......?
Expect a knock on your door very shortly from some men in white coats. UTO!

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Either that or Coccos travelling circus.

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To the guy whos just called me a bulls**tter.....instead of just slagging people off try believing some of us! I know 99% of stuff on here is people just guessing but some of it must be true and this one i can guarantee you is the truth!

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Its quite clearly the truth im currently sat in the same room as pele who says neymar will sign for us

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16 Jan 2012 18:38:20
I know a piggy fan that got hold of Marshall's number for a fee as far as im aware and asked him if he'd be going to united, Ben replied, if im going to sheffield wednesday is the only club for me!

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My cousins mates sisters boyfriends uncles Great grandfather has apparently heard on the wireless that the majority of these marshall rumours are pap. not 100% sure though only what ive heard. if, but, maybe etc

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16 Jan 2012 17:02:46
Wednesday looking at an audacious move for Bradley Wright-Phillips after the Marshall talks have broken down.
Sources close to WP say he is looking forward to moving to such a massively well supported club (home and away) with massive Premier League aspirations.

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I do not believe that! But it wouldn't be a bad signing.

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Where do you get such rubbish from

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Jesus christ.its fans like this what give us the stupid reputation

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Has it not crossed you mind that it mite be a Charlton fan taking the pi$$ ? Just a thought !!

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His mind

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Why would charlton sell there top scorer?

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They do have Danny Haynes now don't forget so it might have a bit of truth in it

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16 Jan 2012 14:11:42
Sheffield wednsday in limbo over ben marshall move
Source- bbc sport

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Come on wednesday pay up!!

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I don't think we need any rumours such as Ben Marshall's my best mate and he said... to realise that A: we can't afford to buy Marshall which Megson admitted on saturday after the match B: We will only get Marshall back on loan if he signs a new contract with Stoke.

Why? He's not at the level yet where another premiership team will come in for him so if talks break down he will go to championship level and they will buy him to start not loan him out! Fingers crossed he will stay at Stoke as the reality is we need him this season, yeah there are other players but we all of teams know how hit and miss loan signings can be!!

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I'm sick to death of hearing and reading about Ben Marshall ...move on girls

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Ben marshall to sign in next few days.

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He has already agreed to sign for hudders so move on and give him a clap when you play us even if he puts the ball in your net.

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