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16 Dec 2012 20:20:56
Yesterday's game and the one against Bristol City showed exactly what is wrong with Jones managership of our club, we saw have seen the gulf in quality that our main rivals for relegation have got and we haven't got to survive in this league. Jones did most of the damage in the summer; he brought in twelve players then four loan players. Now, it seems that he thinks that eleven of them are not good enough to be in the team, which is a terrible indictment of his recruitment policy. So bad is his recruitment policy that after bringing in sixteen players we are still playing a player in midfield (Prutton) that couldn't get in the team last year and was sent out on loan to Scunthorpe.

Fans keep criticising Madine but given the same run in the team that Bothroyd has been given he would have scored a lot more goals than Bothroyd, after all he would only have to scored two, but Jones says we have missed Bothroyds quality. Fans also keep asking for Rodri and Pecnic to be given a chance, even they would be better than Bothroyd but they are not the answer at the moment, they would be a risk we can't afford our position.

At the end of last season we needed a few quality, experienced players to give us a chance in this division those players have not been brought into the club.

I think the fat lady is not only singing but taking an encore. Time to say good bye Mr Jones.

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I agree with most of what you say but i don't think rodri is a risk.
He should have been given a run weeks and weeks ago.
He will not do worse than bothroyd.How could he.
Any new striker that comes in is a risk unless its a proven striker,which we wont get because we wont pay the money for one.
Jones has bought some average players and some for the future but the only way he will get quality is if mm backs him with some money.I don't think he will.
But he wont get a new manager either.
So we are stuffed.

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We were lucky to win yesterday having said that the game would have changed if foster was sent off for that horror tackle on madine.
Anybody else fuming with peter beagrie at half time ? he was nearly in tears because we scored the tackle by foster never got the same coverage
A win is a win though and we needed it

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In response to the first two posters , I also agree with most of it , but fail to see how playing unproven strikers constitute a risk ??
Unproven goalkeeper, unproven defenders , even unproven midfielders to some extent, but how can an unproven striker be a risk when we're struggling to score anyway?
All he can do is miss any chances we might create, but thats happening anyway - I've seen Bothroyd miss two golden chances in same match, (Forest) so even "class" players miss chances !
As for the other poster who says "believe" .... believe me, I would love to, but DJ has yet to give me something to believe in .

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Because we are struggling to score goals and attacking is the best form of defence.

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Totally agree , but thats tactics ?
We were talking about which players get picked to play those tactics, thats team selection ?

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Surely playing proven goal scorers constitutes more of an asset than playing unproven goal scorer.

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Which proven goalscorer?
This discussion is all about the fact that we haven't got one ?
DJ persisted with "Bothroyd" (our asset?) every game until he was injured - he got one goal ?
Rodri got 1 coming off the bench as sub? Madines got 3 ? Pecnic has got 2 international goals in same match ?
Llera is leading scorer ?
So the point of the question is .... why is it a risk, as the OP said to play somebody else up front ?

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Madine and COG have scored at least 5 times the contribution of Hemroyd and Sible.

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I said that Rodri and Pecnic are a risk at the moment because we needed quality experienced players at the start of the season, not untried prospects. If Jones had brought a few quality players and I don't mean over the hill, unfit players who just want to strut about and collect their wages, we could have blooded Rodri, Pecnic, Mayor, McCabe, Corry and Lee etc. But they do not have the experience in this league to get us out of trouble now.

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Thats the OP I guess? Not other chap.
I agree that DJ should have brought experience in at start of season, hes tried to recover from that by bringing experienced Bothroyd in , and more recently Sidebe , which have hardly been a success.
What me and I think another poster were saying is if they are not working , which they are not, why is it a risk to try what we've got until we can perhaps buy somebody in January ?
Its an old saying in sport if you're good enough you're old enough.
We won't know if Rodri & Pecnic , for example, are good enough until we try 'em.
Rodri scored on his debut within minutes of coming on , thats a lot more productive than our experienced loans have done, and if Pecnic can get two at intntl level he can't be a mug can he?

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Sorry my bad, I thought you asked who our proven goals scorers are.

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16 Dec 2012 22:12:13
No they dont but we cant or wont buy a proper striker in this window. So we either try the foreign lads,stick with what we have or get some cast offs.
Not ideal but thats the way it looks.

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I hear ya, but Rodri and Pecnik did get chances and after a few blinders became obsolete. COG and Madine, despite the fact that they are not world beaters have provided more up front than any others in our squad.

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No problem whatsoever with COG & Madine, its our "first choice" loans that haven't performed!
But I must have slept through Rodri & Pecnic getting their chance ??

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Also, is it possible that DJ for the fool he is recognises that Pecnik and Rodri are not up to it during daily training sessions?
He obviously has issues with Madine and COG, but has been left with no options, and has seen that they are the best we have?

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And we're really confident that DJ can spot a player .... end of for me I'm afraid, I can't follow that !

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I see what Rodri / Pecnic fans are saying .
People mixing up quality & experience , Rooney had more quality when he was 16yo than lots of players with 10yrs experience of playing in top level .
As you get older you get experience, doesn't follow that you will get quality from that experience.
Some of our younger players may have the quality we looking for even if they don't have the xperience

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Some good posts but the second hits the nail on the head. I've thought for a while that MM sees DJ as the man for the long haul. I don't now expect him to be replaced. (I've only said that in the vain hope that it gives you guys the chance at 5.00 p.m. Monday to post "got that wrong didn't you mate"). I think anyone coming in now doesn't have time to assess and use the January window to best effect. We may well sign Bothroyd and Sidibe because DJ, (alone), sees them as quality and the route to our salvation. He won't use Rodri and Pecnic as posters here want though heaven knows why. If he was going to do it he would have done it by now. What other team, struggling for goals, would leave a proven international goal scorer at best on the best and at worst at home: only a team managed by our far sighted manager. Its distressing, disheartening and demoralising enough for us as fans, can you begin to imagine how the players feel. What on earth must Rodri think coming from Barcelona's management regime to what he'll have experienced at S6. It makes you wince: can you imagine what he's saying on the phone to his mates back home. Statements to the effect that the squad is together just can't be believed. Going back to the second post I think you've got it pretty well right: I predict DJ to stay, no money in the window, Bothroyd and Sidibe signed and us staying up by the skin of our teeth with a following wind or going down. Roll on 5.00 o'clock.

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I think you should replace MM and DJ as you are convinced that you know way more than what they do. I bet your top score on football manager is amazing.

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Good post, encapsulates what I was trying to suggest all night last night !
Sadly tho I think you right on all counts, although wont be sorry if MM doesn't give him money to spend , he would only buy more of the JB / Mama type players and make things worse than they already are, if that's possible?
As for 5pm - don't hold your breath , I think he'll be here to try to get us out of lge1 again next year! Problem is he won't have Megson here to put a team together for him this time !

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Just keep guessing.

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I agree with all posts above, and all owls fans agree with you too. DJ has made terrible signings but never admitted to that, which is not very professional of him to say the least. Our game against Barnsley was embarrassing to our club! After all the 12 summer signings DJ made, the match against Barnsley had only two of them Gardner and Kirkland and one on loan Jermy Lehan for the starting lineup ..... and to those three we have and had similar or even better than them, such as Rob Jones, Mark Beevers, Reda Johnson, Steven Bywater etc. WHAT A WAST OF MILAN MANDRIC's MONEY!! And I agree with most of you guys we should have only had two or three high quality additions in summer and kept our good old players who gave us the promotion and who were confident and commited and played attractive football (never enjoyed it before for a long time with the owls in recent years). Now we are back to square one, got rid off the good ones , brought wrong signings, destroy team confidence, spirit and commitment ...WHERE ARE WE GOING FROM HERE MM?

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We won who care how crap we was on sat

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Everybody cares but you

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It was a lucky win, really should have been hammered
Having played relegation rivals in the last two games and been played off the park by both then relegation is a certainty

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We won sat and got 3 points so who care how crap we was.
I care about us winning games not how good we play at this time.

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Well you'll be happy every 8th game then cos the other 7 will be losses

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16 Dec 2012 14:48:00
Wise Old Owl again here

I have waited to let the result sink in but I am sorry to say I actually feel sorry we won, because guess who will get all the credit for that hard earned effort

Dave Jones is still here and once again is having a dig at the players for winning a typical Derby game

The team was changed due to circumstances beyond his control and at last some of last season's players got a game it wasn't a classic but we got 3 points

He will claim it was all his doing and he pulled a master class in man management and getting the best out of "his" team

I am actually gutted that he is still in charge because this will convince him we have turned the corner and will make the play off's

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Just be happy we won, let's get behind him & team! If we go down then so be it, were still Wednesday no matter what league were in, who wants to be in prem anyway, we will just end up with no money again! I say be the best team in a low league! Were never going to be owt else! Wtid

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Wtid - I'm sorry mate but I dont think majority of Owls fans see it like that.
If you want to support a big fish in a small pond you should go to lane or New York , or R2D2 or whatever its called now at Chesterfield.
We're a big fish trying to swim upstream against current to get back in big pond where we belong , thats how most Owls feel.

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Every sympathy with the original post. Strikers and midfielders needed in January if we are to secure our place for next season, but the deals should not be entrusted to DJ. His buys so far have been abysmal.

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His loans have been even worse !
What if he buys them ?

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I feel sorry for Antonio.
He works his socks off but often he has nobody to pass or cross the ball to.
We need a striker and 2 more midfielders to come in for prutton and jj.They are good players but we need better in those positions.
A good centre back but we can get by if need be.
Ideally a new manager but jones knows about football even if it looks like it doesn't(it doesn't lol)
If he says to mm, "look we need some proper players not gambles and has beens" then we 'might' have a chance.

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16 Dec 2012 17:35:53
any rumours of players comingini january?i think we need a centre half central midfielder and centre forward.otherwise were gona carry on struggling

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I keep saying this but i am certain Rodri or Pecnic could do a job if given time.
Their confidence and morale are probably low at the moment with the way they have been treated.
But i'm sure if they were given a run they would become fan favourites.
Surely with the lack of goals they should get a chance not just 10 mins here and there.
Madine is never going to be the player many thought.If he is,it wont happen till he matures a bit.
I'd get him out on loan.

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You keep saying n I keep agreeing.
Rodri scored on his debut n not had a full game yet?
Pecnic is intntl double scorer a few weeks ago n not good enough to get in our struggling side ??
This decision alone should make everybody question DJs judgement - if you don't already?

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They might have had a bad game but so has everyone.No reason to drop them for the rest of the season.
I can't see that they would score less goals than Bothroyd has done or madine is going to.
Yesterday was proper hoofball.
I don't want to be critical of the players because they did try and battle but we need to get back to early season on the floor football.
Rodri looked promising until jones dropped him for not being messi.Well neither is Bothroyd.

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Couldn't agree more, it was uncultured route one stuff which isn't good enough by a long way in this league. We were fortunate to get three points. I've said similar to what the first post in this string says about a win being a double edged sword and been torn apart for saying it but you have to wonder whether it will be seen as DJ turning the corner and may not work for what most fans seem to want. The mystery of why Rodri and Pecnic don't get a look in can only be answered by one man. As for wanting a good centre back, we've just sold one!

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Torn apart. You seem to be persecuted. Can't understand why.

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