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16 Aug 2012 21:37:31
Bennett is off to Rotherham on loan. DJ and MM still working on clearing some of the dead wood out.

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Julian Bennett is too good for league 2, why would he go there?

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Why the f**k would I know why he is going there. I just got told he was. We certainly dont need him.

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He certainly wasn't good enough regularly for us in League 1, why not league 2? Rotherham are a team with new investment and it might do him good to get some games.
I know if I were a current league 1 manager with a team that played against us last year, Julian Bennett would not be on my wishlist, and he can forget being good enough for the Championship!

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Bennett was injured alot of the season, therefore couldn't put a run of games together, his long throw came in handy when he played, you need games to be consistent something he didn't get,
Someone told you he was going to Rotherham so just a b******t story with no facts about it then!

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Bennett is defo L2 standard!

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I totally agree that Julian Bennett didn't play well for us but some players don't suit certain teams look at Michael Morrison he was absolute garbage for us and a class act for Charlton he got voted as best Centre Half in League 1.

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16 Aug 2012 20:36:34
DJ says maybe two three in before weekend
Interview on radio sheffield
He then added maybe none

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16 Aug 2012 15:11:21
Dave Jones has admitted we are speaking to preston about Danny Mayor (source: Rob Staton)

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This is looking close now, does anybody know if he is good? Bothroyd rumours seem more implausible, no doubt he would be a good player but it feels like we are lacking pace up front if anything!

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Looks like the 2 strikers are the Barca B player and this kid from Everton - fingers crossed these other clubs have missed something in these kids

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My reading of Jones interview was that Mayor was done deal. Boothroyd was unlikely. Rodri they were certainly in for and Corry was a possible (too dismissive). I am probably wrong but good guessing game. Wish he had asked about Baxter.

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Danny Mayor's wiki page = senior playing career 2008-2012 Preston, 2012- Sheff Wed, (someone been jumping the gun or do wiki know something we don't?)

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16 Aug 2012 15:06:49
Mayor bothroyd and rodri will one more player

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No they won't!

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Dj just been on radio sheffad said not even spoken to bothroyd and never heard of rodri

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Rhodri signing on season loan according to (note you'll have to use google translate if you want to read the article)

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Is Rhodri some Welsh bloke cos Rodri is the Barca B player

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Some disgruntled english teachers on this website! You clearly no who I mean! ;)

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16 Aug 2012 11:33:26
Jose Baxter having a medical, ex Everton striker

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Radio sheffield say deals done

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Doesnt exactly look prolific :o(

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Would be interesting but I've heard nothing about it

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Prolific ?? - he's 20yo ?
All the prolific 20yo (if there are any?) are at ManU, Barca, Real or similar and not available on frees!!
He's got great potential and thats what DJ is buying in to .

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Radio sheffield say deals done lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie

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Lee Hattersley training with SWFC after recommendation from Mo Farrah

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Was great against us when he was loaned to tranmere

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My mates an everton fan and he was impressed with for the future.

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16 Aug 2012 11:20:17
Rodri (Barca B)
Baxter (Everton)
Mayor (PNE)

All set to sign.remember where you heard it first.

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Yeah, I'll remember.... it wasn't on here tho!

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Yes on the posts below yours

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16 Aug 2012 11:17:38
According to a Barcelona source on Twitter, Barcelona (B) Striker Rodri a 22 Year old forward will sign for Sheffield Wednesday with thought to a permanent deal. The 22 year old has no chance of breaking into Barcelonas main squad and is reaching an age that will be considered to old for Barcacelonas B team.

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16 Aug 2012 11:14:48
All over twitter that the owls are clos to signing former everton striker young Jose Baxter, previously on loan at Tranmere. Also 22 year-old Barcaelona B striker Rodri is meant to be signing on loan. Jones say Bothroyd will be unlikely to prize from the prem.

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Covey got a first contract with the massive .. Merton owls

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I fear if this is true our strike force is weak none of our strikers have much experience in the championship

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Twins rich and Jon bailey having trials

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16 Aug 2012 07:26:37
Surely we will sign somebody today! Hopefully jay bothroyd, proven at this level.

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Jay bothroyd a no go, for 1 million as well! we will probably offer 350k

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Bothroyd on season loan!

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I am being very patient but I wish I weren't

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Says in sheff star we could be getting him on loan.. let's hope so, can't understand why we giving koumas a place to train though. If he still had it someone would've snapped him up last summer or after Christmas. I'd approach Bullard for some experience... Bullard, boothroyd batth and treacy would do for me

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Wednesday set to sign a player called roderi from barca

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Dnt need to sign some one every day its not like footy man, it takes longer than 5 minutes

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I heard michael owen was at Sheffield Wedneaday today! Any truth in this?

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