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15 May 2013 20:50:57
Tottenham planning £1.5m bid for Rhys McCabe with Tom Carroll going the other way on a season long loan to Sheffield wed

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We really need to plan for better than just championship level if we want to make any kind of push because if we don't then when/if we make it to prem then we would have to unload entire team and start from scatch because not one of current squad is good enough for premiership

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Hope we get Zakuani, quality!

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1.5m for mccnabe is that all? I thought he was worth at least 8 miliion lol!

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McCabe and Madine should be given another season in my opinion.

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Tom Carroll is in tottenham plans been a sub must games

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No way would spurs offer 1.5m and carroll for mccabe! good player but not worth 1.5m plus another player!

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15 May 2013 20:12:50
Wednesday are interested in zakauni from posh, Brayford from derby, green to have trial from Mansfield, bids for helan & Davies from bcfc to go in soon.

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I would also look at mendez laing! uto xxx

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Give over, he's as fat as me

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Reminds me of hulk brazil player use to play for deportivo, mendez laing cause us trouble with his stregth other week on sky too, don't you think? uto xxx

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I thought he was shocking against us! not the type of players we need

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15 May 2013 19:34:51
apparently dave jones is set to release llera, I hope not though

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All llera can do is blast the ball anywhere, the odd good header and take a decent free kick? we can do better and need better

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Only Bennett and weaver released

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If only two released then we would finish with a cast of thousands again and complain about lack of funds for other purposes. Surely can't be true - though looking at last year's transfer activity, can't be entirely out of the question.

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It was Llera's through ball to Howard that created the first goal against Boro.
That said, Llera's not a long term prospect for SWFC. We need youth and pace as well as experience.

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15 May 2013 16:20:57
Leroy lita and gary taylor fletcher will sign before the tranfer window is up

You heard it here first


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Which? Transfer deadline UTO

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15 May 2013 16:53:54
Harry Maguire will sign for owls, he stated he doesn't want league 1 football anymore

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I will believe when I see all this lol. uto xxxx

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15 May 2013 17:57:11
Why would we want harry miguire, he's not proven at championship level and he made lots of mistakes last season

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Only way maguire will sign will be if PIGS get another wednesday fan as thier manager


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Why would we want Maguire, everyone beats him for pace.

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Taylor fletcher is out of contract get him in along with wagstaff

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15 May 2013 15:16:15
Price tag of one of the players (On loan last season) we inquired on is an "Extortionate amount". The only options would be negotiate down, or offer a season long loan.

Source: Backroom Staff

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You talking about helen i'd assume? uto xxx

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Who? Helan, Lita. ?

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I'm guessing Connor wickham if true

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I don't know who, sorry guys. But from my guess it would be Helan.

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15 May 2013 15:14:14
Apparently we will be offering a contract to a young striker from one of the lower leagues (On a youth contract basis). It is unlikely we will be seeing this player on the team sheet next season, it is "One for the future".

Source: Backroom Staff

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15 May 2013 14:55:36
t would appear that the first whispers of the retained list are beginning to come out of the club.

Jermaine Johnson, Lewis Buxton, Giles Coke, Miguel Llera and David Prutton have all been offered new deals at Sheffield Wednesday, according to tv Radio Sheffield journalist Rob Staton.

He also revealed that Julian Bennett and life-long owl Nicky Weaver would be departing the club for pastures new.

The official retained list is expected before the end of the week

uto xxx

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Don't like this keeping of a lot of dead wood

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I think we're holding on to to much dead wood it looks like we will be the lone rangers again this season

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15 May 2013 16:23:39
Ok you may disagree to what I said but seriously who out of the present squad could play in the premier league if and when we get there

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I wouldn't even be thinking that far ahead.
However, Prutton and Coke did a good job, but it's time to move forward and improve.

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With who? You still need your work horses. Coke towards end put his worth in.

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Black beauty? I don't know who, but I'm sure our capable scouts could find better players.

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Deadwood, it can only be removed once we sign other players can't get rid of half the team and b left with no one!

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People putting Prutton on the same level as Coke are unbelievable

Prutton: 31, hoofs the ball all the time, runs around like a headless chicken, technical skill of a hamster

Coke: 26, two footed, intelligent passer, great positioning, good dribbler, technically a few levels above prutton

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15 May 2013 14:05:48
New deal apparently being offered to Prutton. - Source - Rob staton.
I am quite surprised about that one, although he came back from his loan spell and did well. With Coke also being offered a deal I can't see where Palmer, Corry and McCabe are going to pick up enough games to progress next season, unless its out on loan.

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Palmer, corry, mccabe will never be good enough in championship. sorry.

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All 3 young and energetic give them a chance in the team and the will be quality same as mayor needs a run in the team!

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Palmer, Corry and Mayor should never kick a ball in the Championship. McCabe looked the business at the start of the season and then went off the boil. We will struggle next season if Coke and Prutton are staying. We just don't have enough players who are comfortable on the ball.

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Ok then, chief scout at SWFC has spoken, let's just get rid of them with no effort to try and bring them on.
I guess you think Prutton is championship quality? he's far off the best CM's in the champ! In my view, the only difference between Prutton and McCabe is experience.

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How can palmer McCabe and Corry ever be good enough for the championship? You give them a season and play them, to develop, into top players that they and we all know they can be!

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Palmer, Corry, Maccabe will never be good enough for the Championship says a poster, I don’t know why some of the posters come on here spouting their wisdom.

They are such experts in the ability of footballers that I would have thought that Man U, Barcelona, Bayern Munich etc would be vying for their services, they could make sure that they never bought a duff player again (or would they). None of us has seen enough of these players to be so convinced they are not good enough,

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You clearly have not understood my post so if I was you I would read it again. Prutton is one of the worst midfielders Wednesday have ever had. In my opinion McCabe has gone off the boil but still has a future and could develop into a good player. If you think Palmer, Corry and Mayor have a future you obviously do not attend the games or know nothing about football!

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And there is only one way to gain experience.
I think if he played along side an experienced CM, he would improve quickly.

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I've been a season ticket holder for years and I also attend at least 5-6 away games this season. As a fellow fan, how can you say that mayor is not good enough when he's barely featured? To me he looks good in glimpses, as doo a lot of young players. You only get the odd gem who looks the complete deal at such a young age every couple of years when they leave a prem team or have slipped under the prem scouts radar. let's keep it real, with how little we look like spending we may have to rely on bringing through our own youth even though "they will never be good enough for the championship" lol. UTO, in Jones we trust.

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I have been to every home game and many away game’s, I have only seen Corry, McCabe and Mayor on a handful of occasions and have not seen Palmer at all during the last season. So how may I ask, have you seen enough of these players to make such a damming judgement on their ability, they are young players who might not be ready yet for the Championship but to write them off without having seen them is stupid. With your excellent and unrivalled knowledge of football why have you not been appointed the new Man U. chief scout?

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15 May 2013 13:02:22
Sheffield Wednesday are offering Winger Lee Martin a month trial after his release by Ipswich #SWFC

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Have you seen is career stats lol

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15 May 2013 12:28:13
100 percent. wednesday are lukin at getting lita fall time. price I've been told its 5 hundred thousand. and we are defo get Steven horward for 1 hundred thousand. and lukin at a 1 cm 1 cb. I hope we get one more forward aswel.

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Hope not

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100 k for Howard at 37 doubt that he would come for free to take him off Hartlepool wage bill

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Can someone translate please

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