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15 May 2012 23:08:50
Oldham's Kieron Lee has had medical at Hillsborough this afternoon - April 2011 Lee picked up 4 'Player of the Year' awards for Oldham Players' player of the year and Fans' player of the year, also honours from Boundary Blues and Oldham Athletic Supporters Association

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He picked up the same awards this season aswell.

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Just waiting for paperwork to go through. Should be announced around 11ish.from what im hearing there could be 2 unveiled.

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If you look on Wiki @ Kieran Christopher Lee it says current club Sheffield Wednesday but in the text says Oldham??

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Sounds a solid player to me

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Oldham fan here. Lee is a very good player and is also versatile as well. Can play left back and midfield. RB his best position. He will do well for you if he has signed, he's a good player. One of our good young players only 24yrs.

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15 May 2012 20:37:44
kirean lee has had a medical and is singing in next 24 hours

source bbc radio sheffield

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What's he singing?

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Hi ho Sheffield Wednesday (0v0)

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15 May 2012 17:20:27
Dave kitson and kieran lee to sign, watch this!.

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Kitson past his sell by date.

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Pigs seem to think kitson would sign for them.

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Also was at the lane and is apprently signing for them!

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They can have kitson anuva striker tht crnt find net anymore

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We dont want kitson hes never been any good

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15 May 2012 17:48:12
Wednesday are on the verge of signing Tom Heaton and Kieran Lee after the release of the player retention list. Dave Jones is also targeting offers for Glenn Loovens, Chris Burke, Michail Antonio and Paul Taylor.

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Lots of info linking first two mentioned. Others more speculative.

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15 May 2012 17:32:40
i dont know how true it is but apparently dj has been to reading for a meeting about 2 players probably antonio and the other one is said to be alfie because they dont think the 2 are good enough to play in the pl and heard we are interested in harry maguire from the blunts he is an owl fan and has said he would like to play for us he could be a decent signing but dont know if he is ready for the championship but by the sound of it milan is goin to be giving dj a big transfer budget UTO FTB

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I live in Reading and know lots of Reading fans. One of them told me representatives from Wednesdays had been at the ground to discuss players he assured me it involved more than Antonio. I thought the person may be teasing me and now I have read this. If the person who wrote this is in the know the rumour could be genuine. Would the person who wrote this like to say where info came from.

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My mate whos dad works at hillsborough but it could just be a rumour but i would take him with the goals he was scoring at the end of the season for reading

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15 May 2012 16:52:24
SWFC on the verge of signing Rangers left-back Sasa Papac.

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Decent player

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15 May 2012 16:50:34
According to very strong sources, DJ is in talks with a lot of players, including:
Tom Heaton (GK-Cardiff)
Danny Batth for permanent.
Liam Lawrence (RM-Pompey)
Michail Antonio (750k, Reading)
Brian Stock (Doncaster - Mid)
Caolen Lavery already signed (Ex Ipswich - Winger/Striker)
Leroy Lita (Swansea)
Ishmael Miller (Notts For)

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The net is certainly cast wide but some of these not on list.

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15 May 2012 16:09:19
Nile Ranger WILL sign again next season on a loan to buy deal if he is offered the chance as is expected... he is banned from Newcastle City Centre on bail conditions and likes going to Paris club in Sheffield to get drunk

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Hope not hes garbige and cant score, just put 2-3 milion in for Rhodes

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He is up before the beak in July, so nothing will happen until outcome of his court case.

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15 May 2012 15:51:59
Players released: Jon Otsemebor, Richard O'Donnell, Sean Cuff, Chris Sedgewick, Vadaine Oliver, Clinton Morrison

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Finally, some news that isn't complete bulls**t

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15 May 2012 13:54:50
Swfc on the verge of signing kieran lee from oldham athletic.

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Not exactly very inspiring champ signing.
thought we'd aim higher

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He's a good player, he was there only one against us!

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Rob staton from radio Sheffield has confirmed kieran has had a medical today

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He's already had his medical and is set to sign tommorow according to rob stations twitter (radio Sheffield guy)

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For those who say rubbish on site this was posted on Sunday. The Buxton fans may now realise he is a decent squad player and nothing more at Championship level. This lad is really well regarded and largely gone under radar.

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15 May 2012 12:56:39
Players in:- wittingham will make him captain Cardiff, Roberts huddrsfild, Wordsworth Colchester, freeman Stevenage, stock Doncaster, gray, Barnsley vukic and ranger loan Newcastle, grant burnley he's had a chat w roger jonsn wages could be an issue all depends on MM, Maynard of west hm an Norwich Simeon Jackson are the two he really wants he will try if not he will go with above!!

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Rather have Jackson - Maynard partnership than gray - ranger

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What about Antonio he's not on that list we better off having him then Roberts

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Owls will only pay upto 500k reading want 1m including add ons maybe that's why? Heard liecster interested in him

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As if Maynard would come to you he signed for West Ham in Jan! Plus he is injured!

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The above is absolute drivel, the majority of these players Jones would not want and neither would most fans.

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Your full of s##t, why would we want league 1 players now, did you know we've gone up? It's not even a rumor it's all in your head son!

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Some people make some dribble up reading want 750 grand n we are willing to pay jones as already said hell pay that

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I can't believe some so owls fans who think MM gona spend like mad he's not! get realistic if he's not gona sign good league 1 an championship players u think he's gona go for premiership players give me a brake an grow up stop dreaming of Rooney turning up at hillsbrough!!

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Like i said earlier if you scroll down , B.S Barry has been on his rounds again . lets have some true rumours aye?

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Maynard and Sheffield wed, don't talk daft.

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15 May 2012 09:52:42
Sheffield Wednesday will release six players approaching the end of their current contracts.
Goalkeepers Sean Cuff and Richard O'Donnell will seek new clubs over the summer, as will defender Jon Otsemebor, midfielder Chris Sedgwick and strikers Clinton Morrison and Vadaine Oliver.
From the academy, newly-crowned Player of the Year Jarrod Kyle steps up to first year professional status and midfielder Mitch Husbands also remains at the club for a further year.
Matt Tumilty, Lee Wall, Scott Canham and Tom Rowbotham will be released.
The Owls would like to thank all those players released for thier services and wish them well for the future.

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Think its s shame rod has gone I thought he was a decent young keeper.

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Sedgwick turned down new deal. linked with west ham

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Sedgewick couldnt get a game in league 1 why would west ham want him

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Your having a bubble bath

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