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15 Mar 2012 19:35:10
Dave Jones off to Millwall in the summer

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Wheres this come from?

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Haha, ....I love jealous blades

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Only for his holidays...u ickle grunter u. Next year he's going to Meadowhall.

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And your bad luck continues BREAKING NEWS DANNY WILSON will stay at lane

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Owls cumin from 7 points and 2 games in hand to finish above oinkers just tastes r8 sweet dont ya think lads

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SUPER MILLWALL fan actually youths

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Why the hell would jones o to millwall , they may be in the championship , but sheffield wednesday is such a bigger club that that s**t h*le

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Youths?......... Yep, cos going on other clubs pages and posting a steaming pile of sh1t is the action of a mature adult?.

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Blades are just depressed that theyve got a blue manageing them , they come on our site and talk s**t! cant stand the mucky lot. hope wednesday do a job on county this weekend , show charlton how its done , owls for top spot end of season . ( i hope lol )

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Dont they say youth in chesterfield so its a bitter spire-ite or a bitter blunt from chesterfield

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Youths, whats that, some my old man cockney bulls#@t

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Yeah its normaly some old scally guy that says " youth " my money is on the mucky blunts that come on here , anyone agree? lol

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Youths cockney !!! ...I take it your not well traveled then lmfao

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Youth is chesterfield's a saying I've used all my life being from that area

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Danny wilson to stay at the lane until he is 75 hoping to bring in megson as his is assistant with waddle and sterland as coaches
up the owls

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Agent danny wilson your assignment to f*** blades up is working big style well done lad

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Dave Jones off to Millwall in the summer! (who is he bring back with him? lol)

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I think we should give this blade some credit as he realises that Jones is a decent manager and release of Megson has not had negative impact many at the lane were hoping for. Personally I think when you got individuals posting rubbish like Koumas and this story it shows they are concerned about us and gives me fortification. Also shows they are too dim to realise we treat the rumour and them as a joke.

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Whats even better is his constant "mispelling".
Obviously Kumas is his Blunt joke, he has with himself.
Oh nearly forgot... 0 points difference.

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15 Mar 2012 09:08:34
Wolves to appoint Megson if they lose again at the weekend

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Poor Wolves fans aint they been through enuff already this season

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Hope so for gm, as he deserves to fall on his feet.

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15 Mar 2012 09:02:16
Jason Kumas to sign on the dotted line today! What a player

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Bore off.

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For some reason I don't trust rumours from people that can't even spell the name of the player they're talking about {Ed013's Note - That is the wrong attitude to have, some people can't help it if they aren't great at spelling}

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I can spell but I cannot always type accurately - clumsy fingered ! Our friend above may be the same !

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Sick of hearing about kumas the guy is old washed up and injury prone im sorry but he isnt the answer to out problems !!!

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Ed013 maybe you should incorporate a 'spell check' onto the site.
Also, sell extra large keyboards at the superstore, for those with sausage fingers. {Ed013's Note - I will ask about a spell check, but a lot of the foreign based players wont come up on there}

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To be fair the dictionary doesnt contain names so origin wouldnt be an issue. :)

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Jason Koumas will be our saviour!

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It doesn't matter how people's spelling is does it ? We still get the jist ...some people in my opinion want to take there heads out there arses ...were not all university graduates or blessed with spelling

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Some would struggle passing a certificate for swimming width of baths unless it was to rescue Jason

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I think the spelling jibes where a bit of banter... but yes, some people do need to take their head's out of their arse's. {Ed013's Note - The dictionary doesn't contain names, but spellcheck lets you add them. ^^^^}

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Have you all got nothing else to worry about? Suppose everyone else on here is a barrister? Get a grip!

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Barristers? ill be the judge of that.

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YAWN! Jason Koumas, YAWN! So so bored of hearing his name now, was relevant about 9 months ago when Megson spoke to him over the summer and offered him the chance to train with us and he turned it down cos he was holding out for a Championship or Premier League team, MOVE ON, next

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