Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive June 15 2013


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15 Jun 2013 20:39:34
Season long loans for Jamie Vardy and Connor Wickham in place according to ex player who's supposedly "in the know". Then o Grady can finally go to Barnsley. Madine set for Bradford city.

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I wonder how much sunderland would want for wickham they are never going to get anything near what they paid for him 8 million or so, why in the first place did they pay 8 mil for a championship player who scored 13 times in 65 appearances, anyone know different.

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Perfectly happy with that even better if we could include nahki wells.

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Another poster who knows "someone in the know". The only people in the know are mm, dj an possibly pa. Everyone else knows FA

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Jamie vardy poor last season

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Could someone tell me what type of player this wells is, i, ve heard his name talked of but not seen him.

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Jamie Vardy definitely on the move to SW.

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St. Ledger also coming from Leicester City.

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Vardy a wednesday fan from sheffield, and would love to see him at s6 thonk he would be a good player to bring in

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Vardy not god enough for Championship. Will be moved on by Leicester to League 2 club.

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St lehger no interest from Wednesday (Rob Staton).

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15 Jun 2013 13:15:56
Heard we have asked to speak to Jennings agent but due to Huddersfield and Barnsley already being close to agreeing a deal it is unlikely we will get him

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He very overrate so do not care

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Jennings who?

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If its pat Jennings. I think he's past it

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Dale jennings

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Think its dale from Bayern munich.

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Past it? he's only 20, give a chance

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20?. pat Jennings must be 60

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15 Jun 2013 11:43:55
Nhakki wells will join the owls before the end of the tranfer deadline

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Fiver say's he don't.

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No chance he will sign cost to much to buy him

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Heard we've already met Bradfords asking price up to player who he go's to with a couple of other champ clubs in for him as we'll

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Mandaric cutting cloth so doubt we ll sign anyone decent anyway

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No chance mandaric only looking at freebies

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Better than touching cloth

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