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15 Jul 2012 17:40:18
Some jokers on wiki site have a look, very funny tho.

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Gis a clue, Wiki is quite a large site with more than a few listings.

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Wat we looking for

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I see Necj, knows the real name of our team, he obviously put his new teams name on Wiki himself, normally Slovenians do not have a sense of humour but he must have. Hope he is a success.

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Some people are thick the theme is necj pecnik ok so look on wiki site using his name. you know how to spoil a laugh explain the joke.

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His name is Nejc Pecnik.

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15 Jul 2012 12:14:10
we've got Necj Pecnik on trial, any idea what type of player he is?

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Attacking midfielder I believe.

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Slovenian int'l tells us he's not a bad player !!

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He's signed, following trial

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Yes hes signed a 1 year deal with option of a further year

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Definatley signed source : Sky sports

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Having seen him on YouTube he's a centre forward.

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A centre forward starting moves from in his own half? he is an attacking centre midfielder that will bust a gut to get into the box, just what we need. He can strike a ball as well.

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He is a winger but can play up front as well. Hope hes that glimse of magic we ve been missing.

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15 Jul 2012 11:58:01
pecnik agreed one year deal, watched him on youtube, looks good, strong, can assist players, and use both his left and right foot, promising, {Ed041's Note - saw a video of a talking dog on Youtube once}

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Thats why i said promising, it was in slovenia mate

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If you go down to Hillsbrough today,
You can be sure of a big surprise,
Wednesday are having a Picnic

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Couldnt find him on you tube found the talking dog and a monkey with an ak 47 though!

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No he hasn't

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Ed were you looking for an intelligent conversation?

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15 Jul 2012 11:36:31
Pecnik agreed 1 year deal with the owls

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15 Jul 2012 11:33:17
joey barton on loan source ssn

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Don't want him, he'll send Madine round the bend

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Madine would batter him, the scouse

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I'd love to have Barton :/ he's good but it's just his attitude

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Would be a nightmare and wreck what we have worked so hard for

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Rubbish Barton can't come on loan qpr want to sell him and why would we pay for some1 who will miss first 8 games of new season

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No chance. Very good player though despite his attitude.

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All over London newspapers and heard in bar (in London) he's heading to Owls. See West London news sport section.

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Please NO! Managed to become the most hated man in football and he doesn't even play for the blunts.

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Dream on

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15 Jul 2012 11:25:46
I was next to Marlon harewood at traffic lights last week on penistone road. Looked like he was goin to training as it ws about 9.30 am.

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What a rumour!! Was it busy ?

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No it was half 9

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Have you seen him?

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Are you sure it was about 9.30 am? Theres a rumour it was more like 9.34!

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Heard from a reliable source it was 09 38 at the old fletchers bakery {Ed041's Note - well he was stuck at lights so the time between sightings will be a bit different}

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15 Jul 2012 11:17:43
Sky Sports understands Sheffield Wednesday have agreed a deal to sign Slovenia international Nejc Pecnik after a successful trial at the club

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15 Jul 2012 11:09:18
We have signed nejc pecnik on a 1year deal with option of another year

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15 Jul 2012 11:02:42
joey barton ....

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15 Jul 2012 11:01:05
Swfc have signed pecnik on 1 year deal after a successful trial

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15 Jul 2012 10:58:35
joey barton coming on loan for rest of season source sky sports also we have signed one of the trialist dont know which though

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I'd Give him 'another' chance

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He is banned for 12 games how would he benefit us ?

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Loathsome character - wouldn't want him anywhere near our club.

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In the other 34 games dear sherlock

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Can't see us wanting to pay him his pay check too big for someone like him. He would be great at this level, but given his ban, unless QPR payed a majority of his wages, I doubt he would come.

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15 Jul 2012 10:46:24
Dave Jones interested in signing joey barton on loan but blackblackburn and notts forrest are also keen {Ed041's Note - oh my}

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15 Jul 2012 10:27:38
Look at the job DJ has done for us so after joining the club. He seems to have formed a good bond with MM and by the last 5 games of the season made Wednesday look unstoppable. He might not sign players that perhaps we as fans would like him to sign, but he knows the football as a game and as a business better than any of us posting on this page. Trust in DJ. Stop worrying about who we are going to sign next, enjoy being part of something MASSIVE.

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I agree 100% trust in dave jones!

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Joey Barton coming on season long loan source sky sport news

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15 Jul 2012 07:57:47
What's all these rumours about Keith treacy going to Barnsley how can they get him and we can't it's a joke if he goes there.barnsley are gunna be fighting relagation and they get him and we can't what's that all about

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Relax,if he goes to Barnsley it will be because were not after and have someone better lined up.

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Transfer budget is being used up on Antonio

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Will be unveiled at Oakwell by the weekend, offered more money

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15 Jul 2012 07:51:24
The Antonio saga is getting embarrassing now - we must have known what Reading wanted weeks ago now they are playing him in frendlies , chance of getting injured and also other clubs can now monitor him on the field by all accounts he played pretty well so is putting himself in the shop window.
Someone will buy him because reading won't include him in the 25 man squad for the premier.
Using the status big club,big following,big season ticket sales why are we grumbling over 700k asking price and instead wanting free transfers & trialists so we build a squad on the cheap - if we have any ambition we need Antonio next season wearing the blue & white of Wednesday.

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I've always said anything under 1million would be a bargain for Antonio. I think you're right if this deal is left too long somebody else will snap him up.

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The reason why we are arguing over the Antonio fee is because he is not proven in the Championship. Paying around 750k is a gamble on our part.

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Even though antonio is a very good player if mm does not offer the right money for a deal,think where we were 3 years back in mm and dj i trust we get what we get ,dont spend what we have not got.

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Fully agree we need to sign Antonio but remember he is untried in the Championship he could not get a game for Reading who were Promoted and that is our aim.I have no doubt he will sign but I can understand the haggling over the price it will probably settled with add ons depending on success.By showing desperation will force the price up the management team know what they are doing.Reading are trying to build a team and no one will be sold until they are happy with there squad.As for the price quoted and the offer Wednesday made are figures put out by people on here cannot see either team discussing transfer fees with the press or anyone else other than the clubs involved.We also need to make sure we dont blow all the budget and save some for January when we might have to strengthen just as we did this year which ultimately got us promoted.Trust DJ & MM

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Yes we need to sign him looks in great form scored one and made 2 in last match also should have had another but for a wonder save

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If 700k goes on Antonio, thats it as far as spending on new signings

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What about the 200k for Maguire

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