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15 Jan 2013 21:33:27
Lee Williamson to hold talks with owls.

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15 Jan 2013 21:57:00
I'm sorry DJ but all your hard work to get us back on side has taken 10 steps backwards. A really disappointed owl

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Of course he is...and Jose Semedo must be going to the blades then

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You saw he's been released by Pompey so you thought you'd make this up
Not good enough that's why he was playing league 1 football

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He is a league 1 football ok at that level at best

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It's a BS piggy lie, but I'd take Williamson. He's a good young player.

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16 Jan 2013 19:41:46
hes 30 so don't make out you know what your on about least your swfc

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And you do?

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Did think he was younger though. However, still an ar** comment. Hi 5's. WTID.

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15 Jan 2013 16:03:15
madjid bougherra coming back from algeria

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I would love this lol :) xxx

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Madjid bougherra staying in Qatar
he is on 50k wage that where the money is.

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Unlikely. He's playing in Qatar at the moment and there's no way he's going to leave the kind of wages they pay to come back to the Championship. It's not like he's ever shown loyalty to any of his previous clubs anyway

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Sheffied wednesday will sign up to 3 players. Before the hull match you thought we needed a new cb but I have changed my mind down to llera and Gardner playing well. Although a swap deal with Taylor I wouldn't mind . Need an experienced cm who can calm things down there. And and out and out 20 goal a season striker and ship out all dead wood

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Stop lying!! I'd like it to be true tho

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I think every team in the league is after a 20 goal a season striker....

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I think we need 5 players in this window....

a center back (shouldnt have let Beevers go)
a center midfielder
a left winger
2 strikers

I would let go quite a few if we can get anyone to take them off our hands. And the only CF i would keep would be Pecnic.

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15 Jan 2013 14:18:00
Mike jones gone crawley for undisclosed fee, 2 yr contract, bbc text

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Mike Jones went end of last season

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Some kind of joke? he went in the summer.

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I've heard we've signed someone called jermaine Johnson from Bradford aswell

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Yeah that JJ is ment to be awesome but hey lets just not play him, i know lets loan 2 absolute numpties and play them instead then realise half way through the season "oh yeah JJ has flair, skill and speed"

Just goes to show Jones has no clue without a decent coach and we could have got further up the league i think personally by keepin the buzz, excitement and morale going from last season and not changing a thing, not that im saying we would have been that great without a few decent signings but why Gardener/Taylor are captain and not Lliera i can't get my head around that. New bloke comes in at work he's not as good at his job as you are and gets made team leader on a brand spanking new 3 year contract... How you gonna feel, well i wouldn't be doin any over time that's for sure?!

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Mike jones has just left!

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Llera is animated and not captain material, you need a cool person. I suppose you have to find something to moan about.

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Mike Jones went to Crawley last season FACT!

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Id have Leiera as captain he has passion and loves the club that's 1 massive reason taylor or gardner new lads and don't really give a **** here for money and see out career

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I like Llera but he's not really captain material, he can hardly string a few sentences together as it is, i can never understand him in interviews on tv/radio lol

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Mike jones comeing back 250k

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Mark brights lad signed up, not sure how old he his.

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15 Jan 2013 06:41:42
Madine move to Millwall is off as Jackett fears outcome of April court case (source: The London Owl)

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DJ says It's the first I've heard of it.

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DJ is not the most honest manager he never lets on to anyone about anything.

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