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15 Jan 2012 19:59:35
Sheffield Wednesday hopefull of extending Ben Marshall's loan after he finally signs the deal on the table at Stoke. Despite this Megson still keen on Swindon winger Matt Ritchie, with Jermaine Johnson possibly heading out.

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I fear what Megson wants is secondary to what Milan will pay?.

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Spot on sadly

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What and see instead of all this mm won't pay rubbish

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How do you know its spot on? you arent MM or Megson so stfu spreading stupid rumours

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We are hopeful of signing marshall and we are after matt ritchie. Mm stated there was the money to buy marshall but stoke wont sell,so a loan for marshall and money to buy ritchie.

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Same guy keeps putting negative comments on site about Mnadaric and claims MM lying to justify this. Sounds like a Wednesdayite clot that almost wrecked club.

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I'm the guy who's "negative" (but factual) about what MM says compared with what he's actually doing.
AND for your info , I didn't post this (ed.can confirm) so obviously other people share my views and concerns??
We're all allowed an opinion , but its always best if its supported by facts?

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You have no facts MM is lying. For e.g MM said he will spend 5m running club not on transfers alone. The club is running at loss. It has definitely cost him 15m so far if that is not commitment not certain what is. There may be two of you with this silly view but certain we do not have idots by the score.

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Let me repeat first of all - I and all other Owls fans should be eternally grateful for MM buying and saving the club.
But we should also remember his decision to buy us was a BUSINESS decision - because the price was right , not because he's been an Owl all his life !
The only problem I have with MM is with the statements he keeps making about what he's going to spend on the team and to date , from the published figures, he has actually spent about 750k.
Thats OK also until he tells the fans, as he did recently, that he will invest 5m in this transfer window, lets see ?
I don't really want to debate the facts cos as I said earlier we all have a view, but I believe one fact is beyond doubt.
MM is 70+ years old and he's not bought SWFC as a "long term investment" .
But , sooner or later, when he sells the club he will make a handsome profit on his 15m ! An even bigger profit if we manage to scrape in to the Championship without a lot more investment in the team ?

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15 Jan 2012 18:39:49
sheffield wednesday sign marshall to end of season sources sheffield wednesday news now

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No he's not just checked it!

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Nothing on Owls NewsNow so assume just another timewaster .

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Aint heard jack anywere else.

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That is rubbish,he is all set to join championship club according to his agent

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15 Jan 2012 18:19:08
Swfc are after matt ritchie from swindon along with crystal palace and reading.

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That's us out of the running then,can not compete with championship clubs while we are in this horrible L1

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15 Jan 2012 17:46:17
just been on sky sports news saying we are in talks with stoke over extending the loan of ben marshall and they are very hopeful of securing that

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Cant see em loaning him to us again unless he signs a contract with them.

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No all it said is Sheffield Wednesday hopeful of extending Marshall loan so dont lie

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Im not lying why would i lie about something like this we are all eager to find out the truth about this move

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