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15 Feb 2013 20:30:06
Could be some truth in the rumor that Ross Barkley is coming back as Warnock wants to take Prutton on loan.

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15 Feb 2013 21:43:16
What rubbish. Barklay is a luxury player in this division whilst Prutton has offered us solidity in cm.

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Don't get this obsession with Barkley. How many games did we win when he was here? The defensive side of his game is very poor and he is definitely a luxury player we can't carry.

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At last our fans are talking sense! barkley may have scored 3 or 4 goals but he farkin gave away about 7! he toshed the leeds game up with giving the ball away! he did the same at borro wolves and other games! but he is a talent yes! but you must ask yourself! why would dj give him so much time?

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At the time, who would you have played instead of Barkley?

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Barkley is better offensively than defensively but above posts are too extreme in blaming Barkley for woes we had. Lee, Halen and Reda in team have made a large difference. Prutton and Coke have benefitted from this but have also played part. Quite certain he would use Barkley to replace Coke, but agree best to keep settled side. We have Semedo and McCabe to come in. Out of current central midfielders you would only see Coke as being real offensive threat. If we do recruit Barkley suspect this is reason. Should remember Prutton likely to pick up cautins and could be banned again.

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Barkley, wickham, lita, antoinio, jj and mcabe! no brainer!

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McCabe hasn't had a game for yonks. Coke and prutton immovable at moment and rightly so.

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I would personally like to see mccabe back in the starting line up.

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No prutton is no good either mcabe and coke and helan lee antonio jj wickham and lee don't need barkley really have him anyways over coke but we need to save funds for a decent centre half as if owt happens to llera or gardner we got tayler that it tbh all old injury prone and can get suspensions etc

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18 Feb 2013 21:19:57
who would u play v birmingham

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Kirkland Buxton Gardner llera Pugh Antonio prutton coke helan
Lita wickham

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reda or for na pugh or helan
gardner or taylor or even semedo for na
helan or jj if helan play lb

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19 Feb 2013 19:42:29
y would u want prutton anyway

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Does a rate job at centre mid, does semedos job better than him this season and is also better attacking wise, puts in a rate shift every game, why wouldn't you want him?

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Ye cause semedo doesn't play and he comes on when wer losing so wer already not happy so we see his negatives and prutton puts a shift in but that's it anyone can run round for 90 mins don't make a good player and I said him as cb if u read what I said

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And why you think semedo doesn't play? Was a god in league one but been poor when he started pretty much every game at start of season

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I said to play him as potential cb for cover it helps if you read the comment

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Taylor played against Birmingham and did well. He was woeful in earlier games but played much better against Birmingham. Still needs to do a lot more to convince me he is ok.

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Few weeks ago we started to turn our fortune and getting wins and above all consistency with confident squad. OK we added Lita and Pugh few weeks ago due to Reda's continued injury problem and a lack of good striker. These two are experienced players and have helped or not no one can really comment on that, due to the fact that we started doing well anyway with JJ and MA up front with Keiran Lee on the wing etc. I SAID FEW TIMES WE DO NOT NEED ANYMORE SIGNINGS AND STILL BELIEVE THAT EVEN MORE STRONGLY THAN BEFORE. We have had a good jelled team who can produce results now after months of great worry, Lee and McCabe show good and consistent play with the rest of the team. WHY WE CHANGED THAT AND LEFT THEM ON THE BENCH AND MORE RECENTLY JJ ENDED UP ON THE BENCH TO ACCOMMODATE WICKHAM (a new addition who has not played football for awhile although talented). Birmingham game proved that leaving JJ and used Wickham is not wise, when JJ came on in the last 20+ minutes he turned the game round, much better than what Wickham did! Does that prove anything to you my mates? As the saying goes: ( (Never change a winning team )) We could have easily lost Birmingham game if Zidic put his easy chances away, missed easy targets. When you leave JJ and taking Lee off what message does this give to players who have been doing well lately. WHO COULD SAY IF WE KEPT JJ AND MA UP FRONT AND KEEPING LEE IN THE TEAM WITH MCCABE ETC (AND NOT LOANING OGRADY WHO IS DOING GREAT FOR BARNSLEY)WE DIDN'T BEAT BIRMINGHAM AND DERBY AS WELL!!
People/players need time to settle in a new team and we do not have that time now to take any risks not for Wickham or anybody else. we are battling relegation and we need to survive not giving games and time to new players who have not played for their parents' clubs for a long time. WE MUST BUILD AND PROMOTE FURTHER THE CONFIDENCE CURRENTLY EXIST IN OUR EXISTING STABLE TEAM AFTER ALL WE NEED THEM FOR NEXT YEAR AND POSSIBLY BEYOND :-)

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Semedo assists in the recycling of the ball in midfield; when he's not playing, we either hoof it forwards or hope Coke carries it forwards. Prutton, as much as I like him, does not do enough.

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We need to improve our team or WE wouldn't BE NEAR BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE. just used the capitals to illastrate a valid POINT.

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See everyone agrees wi me

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Agrees that pruttons poor and semedo better and the line up I put on wi lee and mcabe helan etc no pugh or prutton

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I was lost at Buko.

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Helan or jj or lee
or if we use wickham as a sub and start lee and helan and jj and wickham come on as subs

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Nah bit of a head ache yes? let's leave it to dj as that's what he gets paid for and i'm sure he has been playing football more than anyone on this site.

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That's only a 6 man starting line up. I agree, let's leave it to DJ or we could end up 6 men short.

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The people that say we don’t need new additions to the team are not seeing what I and many other seasoned supporters see. Contrary to other posters who say we need strikers, it is midfield that is still our weakest area, Coke and Prutton have done well since they came into the team but nobody at the start of the season or up to Christmas even would have said that they would become our first choice central midfield pairing, neither are they midfield players that would walk into any other Championship team. Since they have come into the team have seen what two ordinary but experienced midfield players can do for the team, just think what two real quality experienced midfield players would do for the team and don’t anyone forget that before they came together we had to play a team consisting of four defenders and six midfield players just to compete in midfield. It is the area that should have been concentrated on during the summer but Jones with his obsession with young inexperienced players brought in quantity not quality and experience.

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Coke is clearly good enough, he's been brilliant

literally flawless in couple of matches, absolutely wonderful to watch

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Bothroyd and Sidibe where not young signings so I think it's just another angle to fault DJ, who I believe is doing a good job.
It was also documented that we are also trying to build a young development squad, so surely buying older experienced players would be contradictory.
Since then he has brought in Pugh and Lita who are no spring chickens either, but they have done a good job.
In my opinion McCabe has the skill to turn matches around and I would like to see him in the first 11, but when we are not losing, why change the formula?

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I was putting mid and striker as some one didn't understand my mid or st

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And u mean 5 men short

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Your correct 6 was a schoolboy error.
However, I can't see where it says 'mid or st'.
Not only that it was just banter and not meant to offend.
Great result.

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How can someone disagree with one of the posts above about giles coke!? Its almost like sighning a new player man of the match at palace. Looked like an own goal but he new what he was doing. Timed perfectly. Defending attacking he everywere at the mo. (what the hell were they feedi. g him on his loan spell?) don't forget we also have liam palmer.

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Haha ik and cokey good gi ball away but always won it back good determination

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15 Feb 2013 17:20:26
Corry has gone on loan to tranmere

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01 Mar 2013 21:47:23
Think our squad is almost complete just need 1 winger who can cross in a good ball e.g a craig noone type player, a quality central midfielder like richard chaplow who gets stuck in and an eye for a pass, a strong striker like vellios who can hold it up for lita if he signs permanent. and a younger centre back e. g. ignasi miquel from arsenal who could potential be very good therefore after all these signings our team could go and push for play offs what do u think. and score predictions for forest match!im going for 2-0 wickham and lita to score!!

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02 Mar 2013 15:47:36
your wrong

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15 Feb 2013 07:54:30
Madine should be finalising a loan move to Doncaster rovers by tea time today. Should be a good move all round he needs the game time and they need a striker.

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Good I don't think he can cut it in championship I know he hasn't had many chances but when he does he looks lost and panics

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When given a small chance madine has always scored ie middlesboro game so given him not enough chances is more like then he can't cut it at this level, FACT! xxx

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How many people wrote Prutton and Cooke off b4 they returned rejuvenated from their loan spells and have since put in some good performances which many people thought they also couldn't cut it in this league

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Think Madine lacked fitness at start of season and lost confidence, strikers thrive on confidence and without it they are liability. He has been lacking when played this season and this could help restore his confidence and with a few goals could start finding the net at Championship level. For a player to get a start they have to show something and the sparkle has not been there. I should also add or have a loan agreement which says must play when fit.

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Prutton is awfull pal all he does is kick it in hair

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Wednesday will not loan madine out he is back up for lita and wickham

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One "L"

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No 'h'. Unless unless the ball does have hair. Never noticed though.

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Madine's mind isn't on the job, he is worried about court case.

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I think Madine has reached his limit. Doubt he will feature for us in the future and will end up playing for the likes of Carlisle and Hartlepool.
Simply down to his mentality and intelligence.

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