Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive December 15 2012


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15 Dec 2012 19:47:46
It's a Christmas miracle, 3 points

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We was poor but who cares 3 points what we needed

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For G sake let Pecnik or Rodri have a go. We won't play Barnsley every week.

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3 points but we still want jones out

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I want jones out but its just gone too far now.
Unless the massive dream post of zico comes true or Megson came back, i think we'll have to stick with jones.
He's finally realised last seasons players are better than most of the ones he's brought in.
If he'd played them all season we wouldn't be in the bottom 3.Ok we'd not be very high but not as bad as we have been.
But its too late now unless he works some miracles in the window.Which i am very pessimistic about.
If he could just have brought a couple more experienced players in the summer,instead of players he doesn't want to play ,then we'd have been fine.
But anyway he's going to have to stay and maybe he will privately admit his mistakes and things will pick up.

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I think we'll swap cog for craig davies because davies is in the last year of his contract. also barnsley want cog and he did not celebrate as much as usual when he scored against them.

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The Zico post was a pee-take wind up from a blunt !!

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Yeah thought so.
Knew it was a dream but wasn't sure if it was a blunt

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Not gone too far if we get right man in, look how quick McCarthy turned Ipswich round, 5-6games? But will be too late if we wait while last 5-6 games .

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Dave will work his miracles in Jan window ? I heard he can turn wine into pee !

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15 Dec 2012 16:53:57
Bottom of the league, 15 points from 21 games, 7 straight defeats, lowest points total in tens years at this time of the season and still Jones is in a job. What is goodness sake is going on

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Beyond me.

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We`ll lose to dingles and dj WILL be sacked

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If MM sacks him hes saying I got it wrong so I think he'll stick it out chose what happens 1

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Joint WORST EVER losing run if we lose today

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Robbed em lol.
We can defend now but have absolutely nothing going forward.
Lads gave their all but its last seasons team really and we need some more quality.
Can Jones bring the quality in during the transfer window?

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We are shocking, we are down

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Get to specsavers, wednesday are terrible

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I predict that MM will bring in some quality in Jan and hopefully let Hemroyd and Sible go.
I just pray that DJ is the first out of the door, but I have a feeling he won't be.

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I thought we was playing cops and robbers and we wasn't the cops

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Specsavers? Nobody said we where good.

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Great to see the bigs didnt win.

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No they didnt, that would be liable. 3 teams have got to be worse than us, there isnt 1

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10 wins and 3 or 4 draws and we stay up, ooh a big pig just flew past my window

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Was tony currie

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Wont get 5 wins never mind 10

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Keep prutton, he works as hard as anybody, we just need a centre half and a goal scorer. maybe wood. i think DJ will get a couple in, a young prospect and a big name. need to up front, madine included

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