Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive August 15 2013


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15 Aug 2013 20:51:56
Dale Stephens is interested in joining wednesday

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Unless he's your mate, who in the blue hell is when he's playing? Uto xxx

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Charlton midfielder, wants to move back north

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A second rate Charlton midfield player.

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Fandabidozy! xx

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Second rate? He'd be a regular in our side then!

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Told he can leave for a reason! We need to aim higher than chuffin charlton UTO

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The reason is cause he is homesick

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Unless he's 6 foot 6 no chance

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Much better then what we got. Playmaker that John Sheridan hand picked from Bury youth squad for his Oldham team. Said he reminded him of himself. Excellent passer of the ball with thunderous shot on him.

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15 Aug 2013 17:57:05
Just to clear all these rumours up! DJ says we need to get rid before we can sign anyone. Clubs don't want our players so it is hard to get rid of any of our current players that's why there isn't much happening on the transfer front. Simply as that so all these people saying were signing players it ain't guna happen. Sick of the crap people are putting. let's keep it real please. This City Is Ours!

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Owls have agreed a deal 4 kiki musampa's (ex man city) brother. The deal will b concluded in december and his name is chris musampa! Uto

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I said this last week, and yet people still disagree even though DJ has said it himself

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How can that be true. We have one of the smallest squads in the league and I can't see anyone's wages being astronomical. We have less players than last season so is dj saying we have a lower wage budget? I doubt it. We may not sign anyone else on a perm but I can see loan signings coming in soon

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OK Milan, don't spit the dummy out! I am asuming you are Milan and have insider knowledge.

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I thought the chris musampa comment was a bad joke, "to be concluded in December" chris musampa. eh Xmas Hamper!!

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Owls are also interested in demba ba's brother bob ba but he's nt ment 2 b very good! Uto

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15 Aug 2013 15:55:27
We had a scout looking at Jamie O'Hara the other day

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Yes of course we'd send a scout to look at Jamie O'hara. A player that would waltz in to our side would not be assessed by us.

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If we could get Jamie O'Hara or Stephen Ireland on loan it would be the type of player that Wednesday have been needing for the past 10 years.

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He's on more then billy sharp how can we sign him?

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