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15 Aug 2012 16:44:06
Danny mayor signing, dunno if that's a good thing or bad? any on seen him play?

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Flatters to deceive....

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Ricado fuller and jay boothroyd tomorow 9am

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Really hope so, getting fed up of hearing 'who' we're gonna sign.

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Iv heard a rumour the blunts are going into administration ? Hope so haha UTOFTB

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Not interested in fuller this was announced about 3 weeks ago! both fuller and wednesday said not interested and there is no official bid as of yet on bothroyd again this was announced monday, they are keeping track on him.

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Well it's 09:31am and Ricardo Fuller and Jay Bothroyd haven't signed...

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There is not a cat in hells chance we will sign both Fuller and Boothroyd (hope i'm wrong)

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Jay bothroyd on season long loan

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That's ridiculous, I hope they don't, I hate to see any club go into administration! Rival or not, its bad for the city

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Dont always trust radio/ dj cause he told radio sheff gardner deal wunt happen the next daybhe signed, i think we will get bothroyd and mayor befor sat game, mccabe insurance shudnt b far away either

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I disagree, I think it's good for the city if the blunts go into admin.

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I agree any wednesdayite worth his salt should despise everything about the blunts and revel in the hope of them going into administration , let's get em in league 2 wi toy town

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15 Aug 2012 08:38:59
I don't believe it, but, The Sun and all over twitter say we are signing Jay Bothroyd for 1 million today....

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Can't see it myself he was sold a few year back for 350k but u never know

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Like it to be true, but i dont even believe the date at the top of the sun

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Been on radio sheff that it's not true about bothroyd coming to Wednesday! Fullham next round of the cup at home!

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Nothing been said on bbc radio sheffield. Hope its true...... Jay Bothroyd would be a fantastic signing. MM and DJ we trusted. 1 Of 4 signings DJ said tother nite on sky.

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Bothroyrd is a reyt player , ppl were saying get rid of ogrady hes been our best player pre season hes a reyt unit , like drogba of championship !

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OMG Ogrady the drogba of the championship,I think someones had to many sherbets

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Cogba is the new Drogba!

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Cogba... Lol... Like it.

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15 Aug 2012 08:32:15
The sun Reporting that Jay Bothroyd will be signing for us in a deal worth £1m - I think that kind of money would be better spent elsewhere. But then we are talking about the Sun.

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On who.

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On someone to help out Semedo in midfield

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It was the sun who said last month we had signed Norris from portsmouth - the following day he signed for leeds

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Y not bothroyd scored in championship for fun and we need some one lik him the sun have been right on sum stuff wrong on others

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Rhys McCabe should receive international clearance in the next few days, isn't he a central midfielder? Coke did well when he came on Monday night and then theres Amado, Lines (tho injured for 2-3 months) and if all else fails Prutton, am i missing anyone?

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It may be 1m but that will be spread over time and will include bonuses if we get promoted etc

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Recount on midfield: Prutton unlikely to figure, Lines out till Christmas,Amado bought to be on borderline of development/senior squads,Coke honest pro but championship ? That leaves Semedo and McCabe for the first half of the season.
Enough if we are counting numbers but we have moved up a division

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I think Coke may surprise a few in this League - if he gets his head right.

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Jay Bothroyd signed for QPR on a free. nice bit of buisness for them and hes poo in the prem

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Boothroyd would only would arrive for sensible price. He is 30 year old and is proven not to perform at Premiership level. Therefore buying him for Championship level only, hence we would only pay type of money in paper if we were promoted. His wages would be juicy as well hence why QPR keen to offload.

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I dont really rate bothroyd from what ive seen he's had 1 good season thats it think the money could be better spent somewhere else

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Coke was excellent in his first six months, had a couple of bad games and was dropped; the lad has talent and a good sense of urgency which is often lacking in our sides

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Sinced Giles Coke missed that penalty against Yeovil he never had a run in the team form then on

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