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14 Oct 2013 22:06:50
We have signed young Arsenal goalkeeper Damian Martinez on a 28 day loan, I must say I think he is just what the team has been missing, a goalkeeper to sit on the bench! on the plus side Prutton is out for 4-6 weeks, hopefully this means we will see more of McCabe and Corry who seem to have been forgotten.

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McCabe is ****

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Trying out options before CK is sold to Reading in January?

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Who knows its all secret handshakes and our secret team we got called the "development squad" were they dissappear into the wood work. Hopefully come january they are like somthing off universal soldier. Unless somthing more sinister is a foot eg experiments and we end up with thingys from residant evil! Like yoda (francis jeffers)

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The signing of a goalkeeper on loan is a masterstroke by MM. It sends out the message that all isn't well between Wednesday and Kirkland so this puts Kirkland in the shop window to enable MM to pocket some cash from selling him before finally selling the club. A crafty move MM.

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Showing his true colours by squeezing every last penny out of club, bring this takeover on and let's get a manager who knows what to do.

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I've never thought I'll ever see those days again. Struggling and not knowing where we are going! Another sucking blood investor who wants to get his money back as fast as he can with profits and run away. Same old same old! Pure capitalist greedy thinking. What a shame :- (

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Dave Jones does not rate Kirkland say on radio Sheffield he wants to see more from him. If it was not for Kirkland we would have no points at all. Why have we not got a new forward in because Fryatt is going to Nottingham forest at the end of the loan deal with us.

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MM obviously intends to sell off the family silver before selling us. Mark my words he will drain us of everything before selling us off. This is what's delaying the sale. By the time he's sold the club the team will be in an even worse state than it is now and if the future owners are like MM and refuse to spend then we'll have real problems. The future looks bleak.

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SELL SELL SELL please Milan we need a new owner and board immediately before you kill us off.

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The sooner MM sells our club the sooner a hopefully ambitious owner can take us forward and get rid of DJ and replace him with a good manager. Your holding our club back MM. Please step aside before you become a hate figure.

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There are some prize munpties about, why would MM sell off the “family silver” before he sells the club, that would only devalue the club and then he would get less for it. He is a self made multi millionaire not an person. And another thing if somebody is seriously looking at buying the club they will have entered into a “heads of agreement” and that will mean that there will be restrictions on what the club will be allowed to do. I wish these fools from S2 would go back to their own site; they have more problems than us.

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Cant believe these people saying its Milans fault for not selling. He is trying to sell! just nobody who wants to buy.

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CK will be sold, because he will bring money into the club and be a sound investment for us and because he wants to ply his trade at a top club with an eye on squeezing into the England squad for Rio. It's not fair on the lad to expect him to give up on that dream now he has proved he can play week in week out again. He has my best wishes when he leaves. As for MM selling the family silver, ummm regardless of how lowly you rate the incoming players how many have been signed under MM? Blame DJ for his poor judgement.

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We have very limited money to spend on new players but we now have four fit goalkeepers, one of whom is the best in the Championship on our books to cover one position. But only three strikers (and one of them never plays) to cover two positions and we can't score enough goals. Am I missing something here.

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Problem we have got here if Milan does sell or doesn't sell that up to him he knows he will be loosening money on the club if we do get relegated hope we don't but I wish he would spend some serious cash and sign full players not loan players he keeps bangin on a bought wanting a promotion push well not being funny but he needs to spend money for this to happen I mean look at qpr and outher teams money talks in football always has always will

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Would love to see corry in the team

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14 Oct 2013 19:03:35
Bolton away = lose dingles away = lose = end of jones and that's what will happen you seen it here first

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have a bit of faith I know its hard but let's back the boys and you never know we did it last year and we wasn't much better then

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We r stuck wiv dj until mm sells club by that time we could b nearly down by then it's really hard trying to take positives from our club while dj in charge he one of the worst we have ad at Hillsborough

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He's got a job here for life we're stuck with him.

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14 Oct 2013 21:17:14
Anyone heard about red bull wanting to takeover over and english team, and also have their name in prem.
NOT saying it will happen but heard they're planning a takeover in january. But if they changed the name what would it be? Wouldn't fancy losing the sheffield wednesday?

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Hearing a lot of rumours that redbull want to buy us could be true or false it's on twitter

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Sheffield Wednesday Red Bull? Sounds crap. No truth in it.

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The newspaper report said they were looking for a Premier League team, possibly in London or Liverpool and looking to take them into the CL. In fact, it went as far as to say specifically there was no interest in the teams in the Champ. Stop posting tripe. {Ed003's Note - Everton and West Ham apparently (courtesy of Ed 002) }

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I think there after every club tbh who knows what will happen

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Just read the bloody paper, even the eds note on the post above confirms it. No interest in SWFC at all. Utter bulls**t. Why would they waste £150m trying to launch a global brand from the foot of the champs when they can buy Everton or West Ham etc? Wishful thinking OP? Either that or you are in cloud cuckoo land.

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Red Bull wants teams who can win things we are not that team.

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The F1 team that Red Bull took over weren't winners when they took them over. They got the best designers, engineers, drivers and invested a lot of money in development. We could be their team.

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I will say it again. Read the bloody newspaper report. They have specifically said a PL club in Liverpool or London, they have gone as far as to specifically state they do NOT want a Champs club! This has been confirmed by the Eds here. Do none of you read or do you just choose to ignore the facts? Get a grip. They want to build a world class team, a top 8 PL club such as Everton is still some years from winning the Champions League year in year out, that is the type of project they seek. They will NEVER buy us.

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DJ to be sacked if we lose on Saturday and will be replaced by Andy Saville

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