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14 Nov 2012 17:55:30
I spoke to an ex Wednesday player last week but in order to cause no embarrassment I won't say his name. All I will say is that he signed his new book for me so I'm sure some of you will no who i'm referring to. He told me that (he thinks) that Dave Jones as lost the plot and knows for sure that he's lost the dressing room. The conversation went something like this.... (me) What do you reckon to DJ as manager (him) Thought he would be good for us when MM took him on but just shows what I know (me) I didn't agree with Megson being sacked so it was hard for me to accept DJ anyway but I must admit he did have a decent record at other clubs (him) yes but when all the players are falling out with him every 5 minutes how can he expect things to go right (me) I didn't know they were falling out every 5 minutes (him) well that's what I keep hearing but there again it could all be crap. In my view he's definitely lost the plot though looking at some of his decisions. Saying that though footballs changed a lot since my day.....

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No real surprise to me tbh.
Every time DJ has been intrvwd over last 3-4 weeks at some point in that intrvw hes said something like - the players know what we have to do - the players all understand - we have a strong dressing room. Which is usually "code" for something like - I've told them how its going to be and they dont like it.
For a manager with such a previously good CV, his team selection, tactics, and denial of the obvious problems with the team, are mind-blowing. So obviously somebody like your Mr Anon who has played at the highest level, as well as our team, will be mystified.

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We had it all 6months ago success passion pride and confidence for the future.
Look at us now - how as one man managed to get it SO wrong SO quick

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I know the ex player your talking about we got our books signed too. My missus asked him what he thinks of Wednesday this season and he said "he was astounded how it's all gone wrong so quick and would be amazed if we stayed up this season".

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The fans know the inevitability of the outcome at the end of the season or possibly even a month or two before and ex players know the outcome too. The only person who doesn't seem to see it coming is MM. Is this because our value will drop once we're relegated which makes us easier to sell during the current climate?

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MM wont be happy with how things are and I bet he wont be patient much longer. If things dont improve before xmas DJ will be gone, he wont trust him with wasting more transfer money in Jan xfer window he'll get somebody else in and give them the money to try and salvage the season.
Your club value idea doesn't work though, MM will obviously want the club to be as high a value as possible when he decides to sell us.
He can always accept less than its worth but nobody is going to offer him more than its worth ?

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It's not the players that are crap it's the negative crap tactics that is costing us this season so c'mon Milan Dj out and a good manager in who like to play good attacking football get Carl Robinson in as manager from mk dons

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To be fair to dj , when he started with us he was a breath of fresh air ! and much more attack minded than megson ? so why hes gone all negative this term is beyond me ?? i think hes playing to many mind games with himself !

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Any new manager coming in would need a couple of weeks before the transfer window to assess his inherited squad and possibly rejuvenate some players, thereby saving the club money. I say if DJ is going it should be sooner rather than later.

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No he's just a very bad manager!!!

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Playing mind games with himself ......... hes certainly doin my head in !!

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Milan is very quite,my fear we go down does he just offload us to anyone,DJ could end up the manager who broke us BRING BACK STURROCK.

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Sturrock or Megson. What about Big Ron? We'd get him for no money, he's available, he loves this club and it's fans, and he wouldn't stand for what's going on on the pitch right now. He would also attract good players to the club rather than average or worse.

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Jones out sturrock in ,jones out sturrock in .

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What jones needs to realise is that we need to play 2 upfront again at the start of the season we had 7 points out of 4 games then the defeat a brighton has shot his confidence
if we go down with 1 up front you deserve to go down
if he has a go chances are we will win more than we will lose

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My girlfriend says she'd like 2 up front rather than going down with 1 up front ............ which is strange because shes never shown an interest in football before?

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16 Nov 2012 00:16:28
we ought to put a bid in for Falcao

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Oh the humour.

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Roland nillson. proven manager at a higher level than ours. great footballer. a true legend. a gentleman.
he is the one for us. sturrock was no good at all in this division.

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Could only be pig fans calling for Sturrock, as he was crap.

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Most people on ere want to get real expectations were too high at start of season i never expected nothing else but a basement battle give jones time he will keep us up n then hopefully push on next season UTO

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You'll be delighted then wont you cos you deffo got your basement battle.
Most of us were hoping to be comfortable mid table so would be no sweat. But gonna be hard to climb out of bottom four now.

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I don't think that many fans thought we would be challenging for promotion but mid table should have been well within our capabilities with the influx of some quality. That is where DJ has gone wrong, he should have concentrated on getting the quality we needed rather than bringing in youngsters that, may or may nor prove their worth. It has been said on here before Jones has brought in 15 new players none of them have the quality we need right now. Jones has virtually said in the Star today that Bothroyd is the only quality player at the club, so what about the other14 he has brought in and the players that got us promotion. UTO

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14 Nov 2012 16:26:48
if wickham is coming surely we have an
option to keep him for the season,
cant see point in just a month especially
if either madine or cog are going out on

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You would hope so

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I have given up trying to understand DJ's transfer and loan policies. They make no sense at all.

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Wish we had got Tudgay back, better than anything weve currently got
And if Ogrady makes the switch too were fecked

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Ogrady has a failed a medical at Oakwell today, deal off

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O'Grady never went to Oakwell hes injured

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He went

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Definitely right he didnt go got a foot injury in training the day before.

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14 Nov 2012 08:59:08
Today's Star says that Barnsley have spoke to Cog's agent with regards to taking him on loan. He's our leading scorer this season so you can bet your bottom dollar that Dave Jones will out him.

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Apparently Connor wickham has pretty much signed for us we just need to offload a striker so it looks like madine is going to Swindon or o'grady is going to barnsley, personally, I reckon madine would probably come back as he has much more room for inprovement and o'grady would probably go permanently which could be a good bit of business seen as this is the time we are likely to get most money for him, o'grady is far from a championship striker aswell, the work rate is there however the quality is not

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He'll prob lift Barnsley up table too , like Beevers done at Millwalll , and Palmer done at Tranmere !

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Great bit of business , sell your workhorse striker to one of your relegation rivals and pay 20grand a week for a Bothcrap statue and another 20grand a week for another member of the creche ??

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Regarding madine going to swindon in telegraph it says swindon have been given no encouragement from owls so I cant see anything happening on that front, but not sure about ogrady - has anyone else heard anything new ?? - eric the owl

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Well if mandaric wants to get to the prem and in the summer he made us aware that he wants to do it, do you really think o'grady is the man to fire us up the league? Bothroyd has far more quality than o'grady and a lott of others in the team, he's been poor recently but then again llera has been awful bar a few performances and he has recieved no stick whatsoever, I'd rather have wickham or bothroyd as a lone striker rather than madine or o'grady at the minute

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I know COGs not perfect but he works his socks off , but why would you get rid of him to bring a kid for a month, what do we do then ?

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Tudgay to Barnsley Sky Sports

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How can you take a pop at Llera specially when you look at the defences he's played in ?? Hes put more blocks in than anybody and hes popped up with priceless goals at other end .
Gardners still wearing same pair shorts not got em mucky yet, n Jones at LB he must be related, only explanation!

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Barkley has been one of our best players if not the best player for us this season, wickham is proven in the championship aswell, doesn't look like o'grady will go seeing as they've signed Tudgay but id rather have wickham than anything we've got up front at the moment

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Lets re sign tudgay xxxx

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Llera scores more goals than Bothroyd. If this was the case at any other club where your centre half scores more than your first choice striker then the manager would either drop the striker from the side and give another striker a go or in the case of Bothroyd who is a loanee the manager would send him back to his parent club having realised his appointment simply hasn't worked out. If Dave Jones continues to pick Bothroyd for the rest of the season then going by his goals per game ratio he will end the season on 3 goals. This shows him to be one of our worst striker signings in our history.

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How can you defend bothroyd on silly wages scored once shows no heart or passion and you must have bin watching another player cus there's quality and you want him to lead line

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I'd rather have llera helping the defence keeping clean sheets than scoring goals to be honest, if you've noticed bothroyd has played majority on the wing since he's been here, doubt he wants to be there tbh, I'd be very surprised if llera started against forest tho along with bothroyd

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Llera has been one of our better defenders all season, but all of team needs to be set up to keep clean sheets, not just defence, and DJ not done that all season , hence two goals a game in back of our net.
Not noticed Bothroyd playing on wing or anywhere else much since he came , been a total passenger since day1 for me. Odd touch here and there but deffo not enough to be first name on teamsheet.
So you reckon Taylor coming back in for Llera .... thats great news int it ? and DJ gonna drop Bothcrap ... you dreamin mate, he'll get sack before do that !

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Ogrady will be joining Barnsley who along with Tudgay will score the goals to get them up the table

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There are some stupid people on these boards, Bothroyd in preference to Madine or O'Grady, think you ought to go to see a Doctor or an optician. Bothroyd has scored once in 11 starts, O'Grady is the clubs leading scorer with 5 goals from 17 starts, although I admit it is not good enough. Madine has scored 2 goals in four starts. Look at Bothroyd's career scoring record, 245 games played, 78 goals that equates to .23 goals per game. Last season Madine scored 18 in 41 starts that's .44 goals per game, whichever way you look at it, it is almost twice the number of goals per game that Bothroyd has ever scored and Madine is yet to reach his prime. Bothroyd might have some quality but if you are not prepared to work it's a wasted.

Has for Llera, to say he has been awful just make your comments all the more silly.

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14 Nov 2012 20:39:14
Bothroyds rubbish

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Llera has cost us a lot defensively this weekend and id be very surprised if he started on Saturday. Wow I wish I was as cool as you calculating pointless stats that don't mean much

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People who call bothroyd bothcrap you sound like you need help

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Thanks but I think it's you and the previous poster who thinks stats are pointless who might be in need of some assistance

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Stats can be twisted like the ones previously posted, bothroyd has achieved .23 goals per game playing mainly in the prem and championship his entire career, I'd rather him start than madine because he always shows glimpses of quality even if he has a bad game, if madine has a bad game we are practically playing with ten men and his goals per game stat was calculated from playing in league one. I reckon if bothroyd played in league one in his career he'd have got way more goals

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Not the guy who posted the stats but having worked with stats all my life I have to correct the last poster.
The fact is the stats are accurate, how you interpret them , by applying conditions and comparisons that suit your case is down to you and the case you want to make I suppose.
But the point I wanted to make is DJ shouldn't be picking his team on career stats, or reputation, he should be picking it on form and contribution to the team.
On that basis I think I know that at least 15000 of the 20000 that regularly attend matches would say that Madine deserves his chance in front of Bothroyd ?

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Can't we offload Bothroyd then get Wickham, even Wycombe would be better than Bothroyd

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