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14 May 2013 22:45:31
Swfc have sold highly rated 17 year old full back Hayden white to Bolton. If you ask me it is a big mistake

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Sorry, like you've seen him Mr ferguson

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Agents deed not owls, they still got parachute money, we only want lads commited to the cause, stuff him move on get over it get behind young lads who want to play for owls.

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Shame his gone, looks like he has a bright future!

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Any player that wants out let them go we don't want them. Secondly good to read that we're talking to companies with regards to the shirt sponsor. I said last year when Honda was revealed that we should distance ourselves from it as it's red, our rivals colours so obviously we don't want it and it was never going to bring us any luck.

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Tbh with regards sponsors I'd much rather they bring us pounds and pence than luck.

Hey days that I remember had 'Sanderson' in bright red on shirt.

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End of the day, Hayden white is a right back and Buxton will be there for at least 3 more years if he plays like he has been doing an Kieran Lee is good there aswell, white wouldn't have got a look in, so good luck to him

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He signed a new contract at the end of this season so can't see this being true

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15 May 2013 14:25:41
Sheffield Wednesday praises goalkeeper, Cameron Dawson.

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Regarding hayden white, does anyone know if there is a possible player exchange in place, otherwise can't see why we let him go to bolton, when there were reportedly bigger fish after him with bigger wallets

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How much we sell for? {Ed003's Note - It will be decided at a tribunal.}

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Tottenham and Aston Villa are after Hayden White why Bolton. Seems to a cock and bull story

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Its true, but why is anyone surprised. if he's as good as people say then it was only a matter of time before he left us

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I'm sure premiership teams have better 17 right backs than us surely? He's only turned into a right back this season, I can't see him being a big loss tbh

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16 May 2013 00:06:57
Even though I wish it wasn't it is definitely true

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14 May 2013 22:14:30
On Twitter we are going to sign forward Steve Davies at Bristol City. Played well for them when we played down there!

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Prefer jimmy white

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13 goals in 34
2. 6 games for 1 goal on average not bad depending on how much we pay or is it a free?

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14 May 2013 20:50:49
Out of favour Southampton forward guly do prado could join Wednesday for Half a million. What I've seen of him is that he can't shoot and is a lazy ****er.

Concerned owl.

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Rooney COULD join us but he's obviously not. put rumours that are true

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If we only put thing that were true on here it would be a fact site. the clue is in the name. a rumour is a rumour

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Put rumours that are true? ha

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Do Prado gets linked with anyone and everyone every single year

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14 May 2013 20:47:02
Wednesday looking at a number of new cb's. Not going to say names otherwise I would be lying. But llera struggles under long ball pressure. Went to Ashton gate this season and the back 4 crumble under pressure at the end of the game.

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At last someone admittin they could be lyin!

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14 May 2013 16:43:26
Read a twitter feed saying that Chris Brunt is coming back. Personally don't believe it but if it was true then I will run down the street naked UTO

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Send me link on here please to check out uto xx

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MM saved our club going off the horizon only a couple of years ago which some fans seem to forget. He, s delivered what he promised getting into the championship and then looking to build over a couple of seasons to mount a challenge to the premier league. if we had won three more points last year we would have easily hit mid table. Some loan signings work while others don, t which is the nature of the beast. If you want examples of clubs that throw money at the problem look at wolves, Leicester and Qpr. The season has just finished and yet certain fans are being negative for next year. let's wait and see and get behind the boys!

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It says we are chasing brunt

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Well said

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14 May 2013 08:52:32
Joel grant will be unveiled soon. Tricky winger from Wycombe.

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You been reading owlstalk

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No nothing to do with owlstalk heard off a good source.

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14 May 2013 00:15:02
To true wednesdsy set to sign blackman from reading. 100- 10 percent. just watch.

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