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14 May 2012 22:22:55
Dave Jones is set to sign Tom Heaton, Danny Guthrie and Grant McCann on free's. Also Wednesday may capture Andrew Davies, Chris Burke and Ross McCormack on big deals to show their intent on returning to the Premier League soon.

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B.S Barry has been doing his rounds again lol

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Hilarious good one this has made me laugh

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Big signing- Andrew Davies? Sure he was on loan to Bedford in league 2 last year lol
Danny gutthie been injured that's only reason why newcastle havnt gave him a chance

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14 May 2012 22:04:58
Johnathon Tehoue of Leyton orient will be released within the next two weeks.

AFC Wimbeldon, Gillingham and Rotherham all intrested.

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Your point being what exactly?

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This is a sheffield Wednesday forum not a rotherham or any other team

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14 May 2012 21:50:57
wednesday may get tottenhams young striker on a season long loan deal

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The striker with no name? come on , if your going to talk B.S atleast give us a name .

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Harry Kane is the one were linked with.

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14 May 2012 19:35:43
wednesday have signed coalon lavery

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14 May 2012 18:24:36
Dave Jones is top of Norwich's list to replace Paul Lambert according to local media in East Anglia.

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Utter rubbish!

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That's funny lambert just said there no chance he is leaving yet they have lined jones up!!! Really

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That's fine we'll take pep guardiola

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14 May 2012 17:00:59
According to twitter and facebook:

'SWFC Have offered a contract to Tom Heaton (GK) at Cardiff'

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14 May 2012 16:59:52
Dave jones has enquired about ishmail miller

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Maybe he wouldn't want to stay at forest, they won't do very well this year! And we are ambitious this season so maybe a good rumour!

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I like miller he's a all round player just needs the right passes and he'd score 15+

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14 May 2012 12:21:03
Tom Heaton, Glenn Loovens, Hamer Bouazza, Chris Burke, Simeon Jackson and Billy Sharp to Wednesday. {Ed013's Note - Billy Sharp, no chance! He is in the Premier League now}

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I've got an idea, let's just name random players without anyproof, I've heard were gonna sign demba ba

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C'mon guys lets have a bit of sense on here - i fear a blunt smokescreen

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About time Ryan lowe got a bite of the swfc apple, 2 other strikers needed to assist madine & lowe

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Glen loovens, bouazza, Burke yes but the rest NO

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If you think Ryan Lowe can play any part in Championship success you need to watch more football - above Lge1 level.
A lot of our players have over-performed brilliantly this season, but unfortunately won't have any part to play this season .

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I rekon these are the players you signed on FIFA 12 for Sheffield Wednesday

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Seen lowe play for Chester, bury and Wednesday he is composed, and an excellent goal poacher. Scored goals when needed. and Wednesday fans have stood by him, but obviously I need to watch more football

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You said it yourself, Lowe is a cracker at Lge1 & below.

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Same was said about le fondre now look at him

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I agree with the Lowe doing well guy. A very clever player. He makes great runs but never gets the service. Always finds the right space in the box. Maybe the bew fox in the box? Really hope we take him along with us next year. This is all this when actually got a chance. Better than ranger and I've have him back too. Can't wait ain't it great being linked to spending money again an we actually made the tabloids. That ain't happened since 98! Up the wizards!

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13 May 2012 20:33:53
Just lifted from twitter...

@FootballNews210: Sheffield Wednesday Look set to name their first summer signing in Brian Stock on a free transfer #SWFC #DRFC

However, is it a risk with him being injury prone?

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Decent player and we know he can play in championship

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Kinda - relegated not sure I want that kind of player.

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Who is he? was he at doncaster?

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We already signed coalan laverey so its not the first

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