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14 Mar 2012 10:11:49
Thats what beattie did he got a month loan {Ed001's Note - no he didn't, he was released and joined on a trial period, no loan. You can't loan a free agent.}

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Ed's a right di@khead that's obviously what the guy ment!

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If he ment that why not say that then?

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Is just me or is Koumas turning into Yozza (Giz a Job) Hughes

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14 Mar 2012 10:03:42
1 of the 3 loan signings -jason koumas if loan goes well signing permanentley . {Ed001's Note - who will you loan him from? He is a free agent, there is no club to loan him off.}

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Thats what beattie did for the blunts ? {Ed001's Note - no, he signed on a free, no loan.}

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You clearly do not know what you are on about, you cannot loan a free agent so we are forced to believe you are making things up. Koumas would not come to us anywaym wages are to high and we are not glamorous enough for him!

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Ooops, The village is missing it's idiot!

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There is a blunt that comes on here and posts things that regularly make him look stupid. it can only be the same guy as he is in a class of his own.
i assume the above comment was by him.

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His wages are not to high as at the moment he is earning sweet FA. Wages are not an issue, the fact he hasn't shown any intrest in playing for anyone for the last 9 months may be.

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The chap who keeps mentioning Koumas is at least one of the following:
1. Koumas himself
2. A close relative
3. His lover
4. Little comprehension of football its rules or the issues faced when someone not played for months.
5. After a period out would a player of Koumas standing subject himself to a months trial, which would insufficient to reach match fitness.
6. Does not realise Koumas is not player he once was, when last seen his legs had gone.
7. An imbecile.

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Or number 8. someone with amnesia who can only remember one footballer which is Jason Koumas and one football team Sheffield Wednesday

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I would say he is number 7 lol
Lets be honest were rubbish, we might get playoffs if were lucky! Then if we do its being able to get through them.
Both sheffield teams deserve to be in higher leagues but we face a tough 10 games ending.

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^^ Quite the optimist.

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To the guy that said " were rubbish " call your self a wednesday fan do you? think its time to find your self a new hobbie , stamp collecter it is then

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Totally agree I think he maybe a blunt or maybe he's been in a asleep for the last 2 months.

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Lets just hope United go up, the better team for last 20 years lol

can you hear that stirring.....

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United? who are united? only one team in sheffield , wednesday mate , now off you go , WTID

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