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14 Jun 2012 20:48:37
gardener to finally sign

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Getting fed up about gardner he's been signing for us for weeks now, yet next the next day he's still not signed, getting a bit old and a bit boring now

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Gardner will sign today (friday) 100%. There may be another signing unveiled aswell

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Absolutely ! If he is not too keen to commit himself, then switch to someone who is - ideally younger and with more years to give us.

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This comment is aimed at the one saying gardner will 100% sign today (friday)

Anyone else noticed its friday today and he still hasn't signed or the other player as well that is unknown !

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Young hungry player at Leicester called
BEN MARSHALL !! Got to be worth a try lol

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This has been nearly for 3 weeks. Often means does not happen, think point above about moving on is accurate you can potentially miss other targets by waiting around.

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14 Jun 2012 15:53:02
Don't know of this rumour is true but we want to sign nick Powell on season long loan as man utd want to see what he is like in championship

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I heard that too and posted it on here 2 days ago but people didnt believe me

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No Sir Alex Ferguson says he could be around the first team if their are some injurys

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Wishful thinking , really good prospect but I can't see this one happening at the minute

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Dario Gradi stated that Man U told Powell he would feature in first team plans. So totally untrue

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I doubt he will be anywhere near Man Utd's first team next season.

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That roumor was made up by a fake roumor account on twitter. If people looked it says 110% fake roumors!

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Fergie told Powell he would get same chance as he gave Ronaldo. Play from bench and if he does well he will get a chance to start. Not loaning him out. This info from sky sports interview with Dario Gradi.

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14 Jun 2012 12:37:53
Freed Hearts midfielder Ian Black is a target for Sheffield Wednesday:Football League

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He was a target but on twitter staton or walker said we have withdrawn interest

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14 Jun 2012 12:37:16
Anthony Gardner is set to join Sheffield Wednesday today from Championship rivals Crystal Palace Source:Football League

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I have heard this every day for the past 2 weeks. its getting boring now

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