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14 Jul 2013 23:13:54
Does anyone know if Gary Taylor-Fletcher gone Portugal with us?

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No, so far he, s only trainin wiv us. Dj in Fridays star

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No he hasn't

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Let us be wise and think deep and not to repeat last season's mistakes by too many, most unproven, signings I would say this: In my humble opinion I think we only need three more high quality proven players, like Helan with great potential for future. One for Centre back (right footed) and two strikers. Here you can spend a bit of money but only on few who can make a difference rather than splashing on too many. With the development squad is strengthening you can feed some talented players as and when required into first team gradually but surely. let us support MM and DJ in that direction to move us forward successfully. I would like to see my Wednesday's fans' views on that please Ed (maybe a new topic for debate). Thanks

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Two strikers yes but I think we have (maybe just) enough cover at centre back. A creative midfield player is what we really lack (and have done for some time).

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Yes he is it says in the star he will be joining us in portugal

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He could do with losing a few pounds - doesn't look very fit imo

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Creative midfielder I think mccabe is that player I think he will be quality like a young scottish championship version of xabi alonso! give the young lad a chance already got 2 assists pre season

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It's obvious what DJ will do, he will play Antonio & Maghoma upfront.

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If we sign Taylor Fletcher we've got nothing to come, we need two Strikers which are better than what we've already got O'Grady is miles better than GTF.

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Good creative midfielder needed (not enough quality in there) plus two strikers (at a decent age)and a centre back of good quality (llera not good enough) then we'll be sorted

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Get off Llieras back. He's done a solid job for us. Every player makes mistakes. It just stands out more wiv goalies an defenders Our greatest ever goalie ( imo ) Ron Springett an the great Bobby Moore made em. There human for Gods sake. mik

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I honestly think McCabe is looking very sharp in the pre season games I've seen, his set pieces look really good and he could be a great player for us this season

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McCabe will be Wednesday's best player we have had for years if played in his right position, stays injury free and gets enough games, This kid is oozing class ( too good for this division ) Treated right and gets a good number of games under his belt he will be Wednesday's bread and butter money machine 7 million plus in 2 or 3 years.

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Absolutely agree with the posts above McCabe is excellent signing and he needs to be developed further by keeping him in the first team DJ please. This young fellow has all the ingredients of high standard of creative midfielder BUT more games he plays the better he will become. We have enough quality and pacy midfielders now and we only need right footed CB and two strikers three of top quality if to compete successfully in coming times!

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14 Jul 2013 21:08:35
Ok 4 trialists are joining Wednesday in Portugal. I do not know who they are. Does anyone have any info on who they are?

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Heard 1 is aron mcclean n 1 from holland

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Doubt it when he's probably training with hull since they're in portugal as well

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Cedroc Badjec from Utrecht, young Cameroonian striker.

Also a player from Aston Villa said to be no older than 22.

Other 2 as yet unknown.

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Badjeck is only 18, so if it is him, then I imagine he's another for the development squad. Anything happened with Nortei, and any news on Coulibaly?

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Perhaps villa player is Delfouneso

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15 Jul 2013 16:03:57
Hope leroy lita signs for us don't want Taylor flecher anyone now if its going to happen WAWAW

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Why would he be training with hull?he has been released.

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