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14 Jul 2012 21:04:22
chris kirkland not retiring but leaving for a bit so he can sort out a personal issue


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Well hope she gets better soon and Kirkland can still play for Wednesday. If this is true unless some person made it up . Also expect Norris and Antonio to come in before Portugal. Norris for 400,000 and Antonio for 700,000 {Ed041's Note - Why should we expect that?}

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Frank Sinatra to sign a 3 year deal at hillsborough just under going a medical and waiting for international clearance {Ed041's Note - should pass that Nice 'n' Easy}

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He'll do it his way {Ed041's Note - bit of a liability if you ask me, call him irresponsible}

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14 Jul 2012 14:22:57
Just been down to hillsborough for new kit and pick up season ticket and there was quite a bit of talk there that Chris Kirkland is retiring due to his wife being seriously ill how true not sure but a lot were talking bout it!

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Well, if it is true I wish him and his wife all the best, some things are more important than football.

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If its true sorry to lose you chriss but from all us blues good luck and god bless

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Totally agree mate at least some footballers have there priorities sorted! If it's true then I'd like to wish Chris and his family all the very best from all us wednesdayites!

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Soon find out if true with Portugal tour coming up next week.

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I've heard this as well.Hope everything is ok for him.Heaton is still free and this needs to be a priority now.

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Rob staton has said wednesday are to give kirkland time off for personal reasons

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Sad news if true. All the best to everyone concerned.

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I've read online that it's because of the journey from merseyside? Can't believe for one minute that he'd sign and then go within three weeks. Anyone heard anything concrete on radio Sheffield?

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Are we not all getting confused about Richard Wright, who signed and reneged within a few days. It really shouldn't be about the commute

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14 Jul 2012 12:32:45
In the daily mirror it says we are poised to sign antonio, in my opinion theirs no smoke without fire. I hope we do sign him im sick of all this will sign in the next few days it gets a bit boring. UTO!

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I think we may be close to him. The story was in Leeds United fanzine 'The Yorkshire Post' yesterday. I expect they were publicizing it in the hope of alerting other clubs and sabotaging it.

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He has just scored for Reading in their friendly against Wimbledon. Is that good or bad? {Ed041's Note - It was against AFC Wimbledon... not an indication of how he will play against teams like Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea etc.}

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The Antonio saga has been dragging on too long now. We should have paid the asking price a while ago. Im sure if we didn't get promoted that would have cost us a lot more in terms of revenue etc and a hell of a lot more than Antonio's asking price. Please MM, get this deal done ASAP and i will be a very happy.

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MM here - will do.

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14 Jul 2012 11:42:59
I work at hillsborough and I recently saw paulo regula and our new signing amado walking round the ground together, I suspect he may have signed and just waiting to confirm, also yesterday I saw David Norris, I don't no if he's deff signed but I did see him, and I also suspect akos buzacky will follow!

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Buzacky is rubbish

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Hahaah buzaky is rubbish..... another jelous pig?

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13 Jul 2012 23:36:52
DJ about to sign Buzaky and Norris who both played at Plymouth together.

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Do you mean portsmouth??

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Great post, except buzaky played for QPR! Then add the fact that even QPR can't afford his wages ( so no chane we can) and this sounds like another really solid rumour!

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Both wanting megga money,think where we were 3 seasons back not a pot to pee in.Lets move on gradually when the right player comes get him 750k for antonio 22 year old an investment, a example.

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Think Buzaky was at Plymouth before moving to QPR. Saw him play against us a few years ago was exceptional if retains that ability good signing not heard much of him recently.

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Correct , they played together at Plymouth for a number of years.

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