Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive January 14 2012


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14 Jan 2012 21:21:06
According to a few of my pals at Wednesday academy, ben Marshall will only be signing on a loan, Lewis grabban will be a deal I hope not anyway and there will be one defender and a midfielder signing haven't aclue who the defender and mid are though.

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Marshall is going to Leicester. They have put the highest bid in and offered better terms than Stoke. if he was staying Megson wouldn't have taken him off though I don't think Marshall had one of his better games.

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I want Ritchie,Zoko,Roberts,Parry,Marshall

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Unless your Gary Megson no one cares what you want

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You also want looking at if you think MM's going to shell out for any of those .

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And how do you know Leicester have even made a bid for marshall? its not even been on any transfer rumours websites such as sky sports or bbc so why make it up?

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For me if Ben doesn't sign either on loan or transfer, I can't see us finishing in auto promotion :( I really hope we sign him it wouldn't be the same without the kid

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Ben Marshall is so overrated hes good dont get me wrong but hes not the difference between us going up or not

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Tbh we beat west ham without marshall,a top championship team.

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Top championship team that rested half their team for match so let's not get carried away.

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14 Jan 2012 19:57:10
Ben Marshall just posted a goodbye message on twitter. Can't help but think he ain't coming back :(
(I don't claim to know a source, I'm just a life long wednesdayite observing. Someone please tell me I'm wrong...)

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Why would anyone disagree this go on twitter and see for yourselfs muppets.

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This is football rumours mate, alot of muppets on here I've seen the message, only thing for certain with Marshall is that he has enjoyed his loan and showed his appreciation to the fans.

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14 Jan 2012 11:35:06
Rumour MM signed Jones from Bury Megson not happy!

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You talk rubbish when megson said on Swfc website that he's happy with signing loser put summert good on or don't bother loser

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What a loser! Is that all you could think up

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Wots up blunt got nothing 2 say about your shower down the road wot about u just selling not buying cause your 50 odd million in debt sad loser or yes & its looks like cheds gettin a sell next 2 fletcher & gobber

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14 Jan 2012 10:07:56
Wednesday trying to sign Lee Holmes from Southampton???

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No they are not I personaly Know his cousin and checked Saturday Night, Sorry

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