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14 Aug 2013 18:13:52
Aparantly Danny Pughs signing after the Leeds game for 200k according to the local press in leeds. Be a good signing he was immense last season at left back. What do u guys reckon?

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Suggests Reda not fit for a while, do not think true as Leeds would let him go for free.

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I think you are telling porkys

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Wouldn't say he was immense, but he did do his job however

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Good dependable utility signing.

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200k! Don't think so

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Would be a very poor signing!

I would much prefer Trecey from Burnley

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£200k you're having a laugh its a CM and a striker we need not ANOtHER left back

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Treacy isn't a left back he's a left winger and if we did get Pugh it would be for cover at Left Back but I can't see us spending £200k on Pugh anyway.

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Danny Pugh is a utility player, a jack of all trades but master of none. Would be a very poor signing. We need a quality Striker and Centre midfield player, definitely not Danny Pugh. But seeing what Jones has signed before you are probably right.

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Pugh was terrible wouldn't take him if we were offered 200k and him

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The definition of an expert is as follows, X is the unknown factor and spurt is a drip under pressure. So after last nights England game perhaps the Owls experts may just think about Ricky Lambert. he like our own Madine was derided by fans and managers who said he was rubbish and not good enough and look at him now, established Premier League striker and scorer of an England winning goal. Not bad for someone the that drips under pressure said was rubbish. You can add to that list two ex Owls players who some fans and managers said were rubbish and would not make it, Grant Holt and Richard Cresswell. Some players develop later than others. Give Madine time

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MM says 3 or 4 players will have to leave

I can only think of 2 possible
Joe Mattock
Martin Taylor

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Madine might be spending Time somewhere else

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Is he 6 foot 6

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To compare GM to RL is derisory towards RL. Ability wise they may and it is only a small may be comparable but commitment and dedication they are worlds apart

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Never rated Cresswell.

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I don't think anyone with an ounze of football knowledge has ever said that Lambert was not a decent player, Madine is not fit to lace his boots.

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Only way Pugh would be signed is on loan again. Once they are fit we have more than enough full backs but we are looking for one on loan as cover due to our injury problems although this might not be necessary now as Reda and Buxton are close to match fitness

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Words often make things too simplistic.
Lambert, Holt and Cresswell all have an unbelievale work ethic and are ambassadors of the pitch as well as on it. Not saying Madine will not improve with time but he needs to get his mind focussed on task in hand, we then may see the best of him.

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Nice 1.

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The poster who says "I don't think anyone with an ounze of football knowledge has ever said that Lambert was not a decent player" should get their facts right, he was out of football for quite a while and earned a living putting lids on beetroot jars after being rejected by football clubs. As for your further comment "Madine is not fit to lace his boots" you must be one of the experts the other poster refers too. Lambert is 31 Madine is 22. Madine has his problems but don't destroy him because of your bigotry. At the age of 22 Lambert had yet to reach the dizzying heights as putting lids on beetroot jars.

Finally just remind us of your footballing qualifications that enable you to make such a profound judgement, oh sorry I forgot you are an obvious EXPERT.

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Excellent comment! It's about time we actually gave Madine (COURT CASE PENDING)& Maguire a chance!

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14 Aug 2013 16:51:58
Luke Moore from Swansea on his way to Wednesday with lira as soon as players are shifted on. only what I've hered not saying its a fact

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Lita perhaps, Moore unlikely

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I really hope you're telling the truth, Moore was vital for them in the championship

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He's going to Turkey

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What about when he gets back?

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Lita having talks with barnsley

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14 Aug 2013 10:05:12
Jose semedo to leave wednesday, looks set to go on loan to wolves. 2 more players expected to leave within next week to free space up for new loan signings. Ebanks blake expected to finally arrive after all the hype this summer

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Semedo should leave but can't see it

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Mm says that 3 to 4 players to go, we only got a small squad now so things look like getting worse, it just seems as if he is getting wage bill down to sell club Mr. C

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I Hope semedo doesn't leave!

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I hope he does. Our best player in league 1 but hasn't been good enough in the championship

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He's better than Coke, Prutton and Olifanjani.

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Ebanks Blake is not fit till October not going to happen and the Billy Sharpe deal will not happen to wages to high. we agree a deal with Lita but must sell 3 to 4 players first before he come in

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Jose hasn, t been given a chance until last saturday. he is solid as a rock. the players you dreamers all seem to be looking for are precision passing chance making midfielders. that type of player costs millions. the championship carries very few of them

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Hasn't been given that much of a chance imo

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That's because dj won't pick him
Sadmedo over prutton every time

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Semedo played almost every game during our dismal 1st half of last season and was poor like many of the players were. Things picked up as we brought Helan, prutton, Coke, Lee, Lita & Wickham/Howard in to the team. So Semi got plenty of chances last season and was kept out of the team by players playing well / better than he was.

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Semedo had a poor season last season, but I still rate him and I feel if you play him with someone with a more attacking and creative midfielder at the side of him, I think he would shine again as he can go about his business while the other midfielder goes and does his. semedo isn't a game changer who can pick a killer pass but what he will give you is strength, energy and the ability to break up play and pick the simple pass to start our build up play. I just feel the only thing wednesday are missing at the moment is a quality creative midfielder, and should splash the cash to complete the team to being a promotion contender. Hopefully

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I will not be surprised if we sign nobody. We obviously do not have the funding for signings and I for one would be happier if HONESTY would come down from the boardroom and Managers office and tell the fans this and just get on with what we have, and if we struggle we struggle.
I love this club and like most of the people sending these texts will support them until we die, but before then I WOULD like to see them in the Premiership.

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14 Aug 2013 08:04:25
A lot of scouting effort has gone into finding a decent fullback who we can get on a short term loan as we need cover till we get all ours patched up and fit again. This is why there has been little movement on looking for players in other positions as this has become critical as proven by defensive lapses in the first couple of games due to players having to play out of position.

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Don't really need to scout lita or sharp do we? We know what they can do

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Both reda and buxton played in a behind closed doors game this week and could be partially fit for the weekend.

Hopefully by the next game, they should be fully fit :) uto

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