Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive September 13 2011


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13 Sep 2011 20:36:20
lads are on there way back home wednesday should componsate fans for tonight and its only half time 2 shots on target to there 10 only good thing to say is gruntters are 3 down at home

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The signs were there against MK Dons. Brave but clumsy defending, ball cleared with a combination of knee and big hoof. Nothing tidy about the performance. Nimble forwards will be difficult to handle.

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13 Sep 2011 20:27:58
4 down this time one of there defenders scores lovely what a brilliant side we have at hillsbourgh worst team i ve ever sean megson leave at half time

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Come on big lad what nice things are you going to say about wednesday tonight apart from garbage and megson said after getting dannt batth that it was is final peice in the jig saw i needs to buy a new jig saw with defenders goal keeper midfielders and forwards

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Megson should go worse than alan irvine on number of wins on average now FACT

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13 Sep 2011 20:06:21
garbage 3 down after 17 megson your fired he said this was a good defence bye bye and take manderic with you tosser

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I agree!megson sort away form out or get ya self f***ed off! what the hell was that tonight thought megson was sorting the defence out with defending like that we are going nowhere. megson sort it or piss off!!!!!!

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Why would you want milan to go aswell as megson? Dont u remember milan saved our club?

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13 Sep 2011 19:58:02
2 down after 10 minutes against stevenage we are w**k

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We are not weak or*******

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