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13 Nov 2012 15:14:21
Been in the South for a few days, paper down there says Millwall want sign Beevers and Madine. Says Owls might be prepared to let them go to fund transfer of Bothroyd. MM wouldn't be stupid enough to let Jones do that would he.

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Now wouldn't that just be the cherry on the cake -- well done DJ didn't think you could do anything else to surprise me !
BOTHCRAP - a permanent fixture, thats exactly whats needed.

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I think its fare to say jones staying is going to cause civil war at hillsborough,you are for him or agin him.

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Sports TV News understands Tudgay is moving to Barnsley, so O'Grady won't be going there yet, they couldn't afford 2 new players at once.

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Prefer COG over Tudgay.

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13 Nov 2012 14:23:02
according to press connor wickham is coming on month loan.

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Another kid, when we need established, quality, experianced players, and don't say we have Bothroyd because I said quality.

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13 Nov 2012 12:34:04
I woke up this morning to find Dave Jones still in charge. Maybe Milan is not the man i thought he was. Maybe a complete overall is needed from the owner all the way down to the kit washer. We're desperate for strong leadership, an owner that demands success from the manager, a manager that demands success from his players etc. Let's have no more talk about Di Canio who wouldn't come to Wednesday in a million years or Redknapp who's waiting in the wings to take over at QPR. Let's either bring back Gary Megson or another like minded manager who knows what he wants and demands nothing less. Nigel Pearson is in that mold but he's doing the business at Leicester so that would be a hard one. If Milan does do what's best for the club and does get rid of Dave Jones you'll find that he'll probably only do this when Mark Hughes or Nigel Adkins become available. These two have spent heavily at there respective clubs and failed miserably so both would be a bad choice. Maybe Neil Lennon would do a good job or Owen Coyle, 2 managers that are workers and respect the clubs and fans that they work for which is something we need.

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Good post.
I think the BIG problem is that if he sacks MM its an admission that HE got it wrong, if not in sacking Megson then obviously in the choice of his successor. He is probably waiting one more week, one more match to see if DJ can somehow or other turn it around.
But like most things in life things dont change unless you change them, or at least do something to cause them to change, and DJ is inactive at best - same people - same tactics - same excuses !
I have posted elsewhere that we ARE in trouble,. and we need to win at least 1in3 to end of season to have a chance of staying up !!
Everybody - thats MM , DJ , and the fans need to wake up to that !!

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Sorry, first line should obviously read -if MM sacks DJ ! - Thanks ed?

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Will you get real! Dave Jones took us up (something Megson wouldnt have done), all be it with Megsons squad. Most fans would consider staying up this season a massive acheivement & enable us to push forwards in the coming seasons. We arent adrift at the bottom, we are in a dangerous position I agree but am more than sure we will stay up. The Norwich/Southampton promotions seem to have gone to peoples heads. Have u forgotton where we have been & what state we have been in for the last 10 years???? Rome wasnt built in a day!

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Tru stayin up is pivital but that comes from scoring and winning games, whens that going to happen like? xxxx

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Taken from the guardian 6th may 2012 a direct quote from MM,

"I will do everything I can for Dave Jones. The two guys who have managed for me that I feel very strongly for are my buddy Harry and Nigel Pearson at Leicester. I never wanted to sack either of them. I feel the same about Dave Jones."

Sadly DJ may not get the sack if MM keeps to his word!

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Has Milan lost his marbles

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Quite clearly all these silly posts regarding DJ are the work of a couple of Wednesday fans or non Wednesday fans who have a gripe with current regime. All fans know some things are wrong but not everything. I suspect you are Wednesdayite members who wanted Allen out and nearly took club to ruin rather except dire position we were in. Don't mind criticism from true wednesday fans but has to be balanced with good points. So one or two persons bombarding message boards with rubbish take a breath get a job or a life or be realistic.

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What are the current good points exactly?

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Why do we keep going on about strikers and managers etc - surely MM's best aquisition would be a very good defensive coach as this is our biggest achilies heel and if you keep a clean sheet then we are guarenteed to get something out of a game

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I am one of the posters I think you refer to who criticise Jones , not with silly posts, but only because he is clearly failing. (IMO)
I have never supported Wednesdayite or their aims.
I am however a true Wednesdayite, an Owls fan for over 50yrs and I have the intelligence , and the right surely, to form an opinion which contradicts yours .
AND its not a vendetta driven by hidden motives, I can defend my views logically.
In my opinion , which judging by other posts on this site is obviously shared by many other true Owls fans, Jones has made and is still making decisions which are to the detriment of SWFC.
There are things he could do to improve that situation if he were gracious enough to admit some of those mistakes and correct them. (IMO)
I also believe he is under great pressure from MM to prove to him that he hasn't made a mistake with his appointment, and rightly so. (IMO)
Mainly because the mood of the whole club was bouyant in May in a way that it had not been for very many years, and in just six months thats gone. We're left hoping and praying that others are even worse than we are again, and that annoys and disappoints me.
Again , In My Opinion, thats mainly due to Dave Jones stategy in bringing in youth for the future, before securing our present and that future by bringing in the experience which even the simplest football fan knew would be needed.
He brought in Bothroyd to try to remedy that shortfall in experience and anyone who attends matches will tell you it/he hasn't worked, but hes still in the team.
Just some of my opinions, I have others too, and assume I have the same right as you have to express them without being accused of being something I'm not.
My only motivation is for our team and club to prosper. I assume yours is the same, but we all see things from a different perspective based on our life experiences.

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Excellent post, I too am a true dyed in the wool Wednesdayite of over 60 yrs, I have followed them through the highs and a lot of lows and I agree with your post entirely. Like you I think that he should have brought in quality experienced players to establish us in the Championship before he brought in players for the future. When Jones came I was firstly shocked that Megson had been sacked but believed MM had brought in a very good manager that I had admired at Wolves and Southampton. But also like you I am very worried that he has made some very bad decisions and imo is too proud to admit it and if he doesn't admit those mistakes we will surely pass United going up.Every Wednesday fan has the right to voice their opinion, we after all are the ones that pay our money every week and if we didn't there wouldn't be a club.

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The quote above makes so much sense surely the most ardened DJ supporter can see that. The current manager as done nothing for this club other than set it back 18 months. The team that he got us promoted with was assembled by our previous manager and was that good and consistent that when Dave Jones took over it would probably have been harder not to achieve promotion than achieve it. The next stage for Dave Jones was to do it off of his own back, not with the help of the previous manager and just look at what he's done. Liam Palmer is sent out on loan when he should be around OUR squad if Dave Jones admires youth so much. mark Beevers (yet another youngster) is sent out on loan to one of our league rivals and is thriving and getting rave reviews. Steven Bywater played great last season so what does Dave Jones do? Yep he drops him and brings in Kirkland who isn't as good as Bywater and plays him week in week out. His transfer dealings have been absolutely terrible and the main one is Bothroyd. Gary Madine last season was really good for Wednesday, leading scorer, winning flick ons, holding the ball up to bring the midfield in to it so what does Dave Jones do? Yep he drops him and replaces him with Bothroyd (and sticks with him) even though he's quite often the worst player in the team. Doesn't score goals, doesn't win flick ons, doesn't hold the ball up to bring the midfield in to it. Madine is called Goal Machine simply because he scores goals, Bothroyd doesn't. The last thing I want to mention is the excuse That Dave Jones comes out with after every game, we created so many chances but failed to put the ball in the back of the net is a big favorite of his. If he means this then why doesn't he change the striker i.e Bothroyd for someone who will stick it in the back of the net? Maiden came back against Middlesborough and the outcome was a goal. Please take note of this Mr Jones because as the saying goes, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

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Thanks for your support guys !
Hopefully it will all get sorted soon and we can all feel as positive as we did in May again?

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All we can do about the current regime is vote with our feet. We deserve better than this with what we've had to suffer over the last decade or so. The new mob have offered nothing but false promises, bad results, bad players, the list goes on.

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People keep saying "in DJ we trust" "we'll come good"
Well i like DJ but i don't trust him and i don't think we will come good.
Massive lack of experienced championship players and far too inexperienced midfield.
Only barkley has been a good signing.All the others have been a waste of time and we have resorted to playing mostly last seasons team minus batth and replacing madine with bothroyd.
How can you misjudge so many players?
3 or 4 decent ones and we'd have been top 10 or 12, where i thought we would be this season.
Jones just seems to say we are unlucky but its because we lack experience and players with character.
If it looked like he was trying to remedy it i'd be glad to give him more time.But to me it seems like he is praying the current players suddenly click.
Maybe in 1 or 2 seasons they will but we need some new players now.
But with a success rate of 2 good players for every 15 signed, can he find them?

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A lot of these posts smell of pork (lets vote with our feet, grunts coming up us going down etc), Quit the back stabbing and get behind the team WAWAW if not go back to your own site

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Proper Owls fans just no blinkers !

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I don't agree with the vote with your feet part but we could go down.You would be blind not to see that is a big possibility.
Its not about not getting behind the team or backstabbing.Its just that people are worried because we are no stronger than last year and in a far tougher league.
That is because DJ made mistakes in the transfer market.
A lot of them.

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Even the staunchest Owls fan like me can see that with the other side of city where they are in the lge and us where we are , if things dont change for the better there's a good chance that we might change places !
Not mentioning it doesn't stop it happening ?
We have to do something different on the field ! That's what all the true fans are saying and you have to see that yourself and stop slagging off your fellow fans just because they see something that you refuse to see ! Up the Owls !

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I am a true Wednesday supporter and have been for over sixty years, I do not agree with voting with my feet but I did post earlier that I am worried we will go down and swap place with United. I told my son after the first games of the season that DJ had not brought in the quality players that were needed to stay in this division; I have watched the team home and away since and haven't seen anything that changes my opinion. I will continue to support them but being blind to the prospects of relegation is stupid. DJ said judge us after ten games, now he is saying judge us at the turn of the year. If you think that his signings, team selection and tactics have been good then put your views is a reasoned way don't slag of worried Wednesdayites with by accusing them of being United supporters.

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13 Nov 2012 10:21:35
We're interested in signing Connor Wickham on loan and maybe if that fails Cameron Jerome

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Put your money on Jerome he's another one of DJs ex's like Bothcrap !

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Due to owens injury, stoke wont let jerome leave sources state xxx

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Its not rocket science! our terrible form started when Terry Burton left the club ....we need him back! if anyone can get these players playing its him.

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If we cant get Burton to come back and join DJ wonder if we can get Arsenal to take DJ as well !

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13 Nov 2012 08:53:21
Ed is it possible to retreive some of last seasons comments, because if i remember correctly the majority of posts on here were slagging megsons style of play and saying we need somebody new in charge to motivate the team.... and now look everybody wants him back you lot would only give him 2 weeks before you started moaning again

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Exactly right, the ones who were slagging Megson are now saying give DJ more time ..... not a clue some people !

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DJ is the manager to take us forward. Stop the moaning and get behind the team.Results will come

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They might do in time, question is will we run out of time ?
Third of way thro season and need to be winning 1in3 just to stay in touch , do you see any signs of that happening ?

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What happened last is gone, I for one didn't like the Megson style of play, when Jones can in he changed things and we started playing better football and with it came promotion, none of us know if Megson would have won us promotion or not. But that was last season, what has happened since is what we should be looking at. The players that have been brought in since the summer are either kids with potential or are not good enough. At the start of the season Jones said judge the team after ten or so games, look at our record after sixteen games and it is relegation form. Jones keeps saying the team is too naïve but he keeps playing teenagers in the middle of the park. He says we are not playing at a high enough tempo but plays Bothroyd who seems half asleep through most of the time and slows everything down. He publicly criticises players that he hasn't brought in but praises those he has who have poor Ggames, Bothroyd is the prime example apart from a period in the Leeds game he has been a liability and waste of time but h he is praised and his is the first name on the team sheet. Fifteen players have been brought to the club and not one of them is any better than what we had last season. I don't like slagging our manager but I'm worried we will be passing United on their way up and we will be taking their place and nothing I am hearing from Jones convinces me of any other outcome.

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Don't see how anybody can argue with any of that, worrying times !

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Couldnt of put it any better excellent post

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