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13 May 2013 22:51:35
Jamie vardy to sign from leicester

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Not him again

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Remember this time last year when according to posts on here SW were going to have a squad of about 400 according to all the rumours of players on their way in to the Club. Don't think Milan will flash much cash so we'll be down to Premier League players out of contract and over the hill or Championship rejects. Personally I don't see any tangible demonstration of a serious desire to get into the Premiership.

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Next joke please

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Bet same guy who goes on about Ben Marshall.

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Jamie vardy an bem Marshall to sign for us

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I agree with the above post regarding no cash thrown out by Mandric and Dave Jones will still sign cheap and out of contract players who will take us nowhere. If you just look at this season we are all owls fans have been sitting on the edge of our chairs, nervious and worried about relegation. I personally do not think anything will change, it will be very little if it'll happen. I am not trying to put clouds on the next season before started, but our best players this were the old ones we had in league one, most of the signings if not all of them DJ brought were well below the required standard, and we suffered as a result of that. Believe me nothing will change and it will few below par players. This season the fans went to watch Wednesday in high number, averaged 24,000. here is my question: all the greatly increased income generated, plus sky and marchandise etc etc were all at good sale increase. Don't we deserve better players MM please this season so we can compete properly!!

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Mandaric just filled a £6m shortfall that was left over from our time in L1. Exactly how much cash do you think he should be spending?

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We finished around where I expected us to before the season. Anybody who expected more must have been slightly delusional.
This season we will hopefully progress even more, without spending imaginary millions and getting back into the state we where in a couple of seasons ago.

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13 May 2013 19:34:05
Wednesday turned down WONGA as a sponsor! Good move as that sponsor looks rubbish on other kits. Apparently Milan doesn't want to get involved with companies like that of WONGA.
Source: radio Sheffield

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Other sponsors hoping to make it on to Wednesdays shirts are The Hilton Group and American Airlines. Source: tv Business round up. Claiming both US companies wanting to break in to sports promotion in English football.

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SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY, did not go into administration to clear debts, won't accept sponsorship who exploit poor people, WE STAND FOR CLASS.

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Paris Hilton could go on pitch at half time and give the lads a show. She would like attention.

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American Airlines be good get some international sponsorship

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No we didn't go into administration but only because MM stepped in at the last minute to save us and Co-op accepted a much reduced settlement to our debt. Not sure how classy we were prior to that point given we hadn't paid our tax bill.

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PA said it wasn't wonga wouldn't reveal who it was glad to hear mm thinking about brand of club and not money that this would bring in doubt dave Allen or even dave Richards would have turned it down IMO

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The only reason we didn't go into administration is because Co-Op didn't want to be associated with putting SWFC into administration. Cost them a small fortune.

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The Coop accepted a reduced payment due to the fact that we had given them so much in interest over the years and the fact that they would have got bugger all if we did go into admin.

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13 May 2013 15:35:16
Gary madine is on his way to west ham apparently acording to my mate if its true

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Funny guy your mate is

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Are you serious? He goes from 18 goals in 41 in L1, to 4 goals in 35 games in the Championship - and then goes to the Premiership. I can't see it myself. No longer the Goal Machine I fear.

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Not good enough yet

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Why would anyone want madine in the championship let alone the premiership

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Just been told he's off to Rotherham.

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Whats he going there for a pint.

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35 games in the champ, you having a laugh?

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Don't be daft!

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13 May 2013 14:46:16
Players leaving Sheffield Wednesday: Julian Bennett-Walsall free transfer Nicky Weaver-Doncaster Rovers, Walsall, Yeovil free transfer David Prutton-Barnsley, Doncaster Rovers and also attracting attention from League one clubs free transfer Giles Coke-Attracting attention from League one clubs free transfer

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Bennett will go and weaver but prutton has played excellent since loan spell at Scunthorpe and so has coke I wouldn't let them go

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I would they are not good enough if we want to challenge for promotion? if we don't then keep them ;)

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I heard Rotherham might go for prutton on loan but I can't see Coke leaving he's been like a new player since the Hull game

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Out of contract players don't leave on loan

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Letting coke go would be a huge mistake

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13 May 2013 14:40:14
Sheffield Wednesday contracts: Lewis Buxton-Offered 2 year contract Jermaine Johnson-Offered 1 year contract Miguel Llera-Offered 1 year contract Stephen Bywater-Offered 1 year contract Matthew Fletcher development squad-Offered 2 year contract Caolan Lavery development squad-Offered 2 year contract Players set to leave on free transfers: Giles Coke, David Prutton, Julian Bennett and Nicky Weaver.

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Shouldn't let go of prutton or coke

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Be disappointed to see Coke go, reckon Coke deserves a new contract

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13 May 2013 13:08:09
A transfer page on twitter says that Wednesday are interested in Drew Surman at Norwich, like I said in my earlier post last week.

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They probably took it of this page.

He was slow 5 years ago, not what we need.

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Yh but a ball player what we need!

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13 May 2013 12:48:51
Tomlin and mellis lined up for a move to owls

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Hope so not sure we have the cash though

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Mellis is a good young player with quality just what we need

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I think we do have the cash and milan will want to hopefully spend to challenge, so I think he will give DJ money

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Would hate tomlin to come

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Tomlin looked overweight in the games I saw. There are better options out there I feel.

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13 May 2013 11:18:47
Liera is not going to play for wednesday next season I spoke to him when I saw him out he says wednesday won't offer a contract

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Well see in the coming days if you're right mate but if it is true, dj must be looking to massively strengthen his defence

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Ha ha ha ha ha hilarious

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Heard he's got a deal at Barnsley, not bothered anyway as he was getting a bit of a liability towards the end of the season, we need to move on now and look for someone like Roger Johnson at wolves

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Roger Johnson - relegated 3 times in 3 years. Wow, if there is ever a bod omen!

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It takes more than 1 player to relegate a team, I think DJ would get the best out of him like he has with Gardener & Kirkland

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13 May 2013 20:55:35
There's some balls on this?
1- I don't believe you saw him
2-If you did speak to him, I doubt he would discuss his contract with you?

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Llera has been offered a 1 year contract but he turned it down as he wants a 2 year one. NO THANKS

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As a defender he isn't all that great. Significant goals at key times have elevated Llera to this status, not the fact he is actually any good. Let him go, get a good CB in, sign a striker to score the goals.

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