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13 Jun 2013 22:33:35
As for striker targets, the Kevin Davies interest has hardened, Wolves' Sylvan Ebanks-Blake still figures and if Dave Jones sweeps the lower leagues then Nahki Wells (26 goals for Bradford) is among those to be worth a check.

i reckon these are our targets

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What about marvin pourie.

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Kevin davies is a 36 year old blunt who scored 6 goals last year, why oh why would we sign him

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Wells would be a cracking signing. Get it done MM!

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We let O'Grady go (12 goals last season) and we are rumoured to want to sign K Davis who is a United fan, is 36, never been a prolific scorer, only scored 6 last season and couldn't get in a poor Bolton side in the last two months of the season. I am really looking forward to the new season.

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Bolton are in the same division as us. They let Davies go - too old/not good enough for their Championship season.
Are we serious about signing him for ours?

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13 Jun 2013 21:08:07
According to transfers to be on twitter we've met Bradfords valuation of there star man nahki wells.

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Hope so

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Hope so he is young and fast and has quality but I don't think we will get him shame tho

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14 Jun 2013 10:20:50
no lol

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13 Jun 2013 19:25:06
sean st ledger unlikely to sign and llera will re sign. also another CB is a target this summer. source :- Rob Staton Twitter

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St ledger to sign and Llera to stay aswell

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Llera staying is enough for me.

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I do like llera but if we are wanting to move forward as a club, we can't have players like him

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Llera is great at the moment but we need someone for the future. Obileye?

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I hope st ledger will sign

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We won't be able to keep hold of AYO, star about to shine.

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If we want to keep hold of ayo well have to start playing him

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Emmanuel Diswevuweh. Maybe! Tried my hardest on the spelling but I've seen him a few times in reserve games and he looks like a player. let's wait and see. Will be about 2-3 years in the making thought.
I do trust jones in the fact he's investing in youth I. e your Laverys, Mayor etc. but I'm still sceptical on whether he has the balls to give them a game, in consideration of the fact that he's offered contracts to the likes of prutton etc!

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Staton said other day there was nothing in it

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13 Jun 2013 19:19:18
Owls in talks with Danish league champions over 2 players.

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Who r the two players

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Viborg were champions so who are the players Mr. C

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One of them is most likely cornelius as I spoke to an agent involved with a barnsley player, he said that mm and dj are trying to sign a young striker like they did with rodri. The agent thought it was max clayton but if this rumor is true then it will be cornelius

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Come on now let's get real, Cornelius is top scorer above helnius whom is looking like going to villa, Cornelius as said that if he wants to be sold its to a german league club, he must be worth anything between 5-8 million.

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Article did not give specific names.

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Would be chuffing amazing if he did come

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13 Jun 2013 17:55:03
Sources tell me Stephen Bywater is talking to Millwall and may not re-sign with Sheffield Wednesday

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Good luck to bywater good guy and he must have first team football at 32 years old a lot of footballers would have take the money and sit on the bench all season the millwall move is very close now

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14 Jun 2013 10:12:11
Sources my a*se, you have read Rob statons twitter account

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If bywater goes millwall he will still sit on the bench, david forde is playing for ROI first team his not great granted but if your playing international football u ent siting on the milwall bench, swfc luck is if he goes kirklands hand goes lol

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