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13 Jun 2012 23:50:35
Maybe just a rumour,but I've heard Wednesday want Antonio & Simon Church from Reading,before you all start this has come from my mate who is friends with Mark Beevers,who brought me the news that Beevers was going out on loan to MK Dons before it was announced.
Hope it's true because I'd rather have church than Maguire anyday.

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Church prone to making terrible errors, but generally good footballer.

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Did Beevers say if he was signing a new contract?

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Wednesday after Ian Black of Hearts

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The 22-year-old from Leicester said: "I know it's a big city and I'm glad to be back up there - just on the right side of the city this time."
That will do for me!!! Joe Matlock I like that UTO FTB wtid

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Have u seen maguire play? Erm no!!!

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Hmmmm, not too sure Mark Beevers sits in Dave Jones transfer meetings to be honest.

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I think we should sign a striker proven at this level dont get me wrong church is a good player but i think we should go for blackstock or even chopra

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Beevers won't say anything about his contract,but my mate said he's been dropping hints about other clubs wanting him,sorry that's all I can tell you

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For the above post about Ian Black, why would we want any player from the SPL look at reynolds he was pretty much useless and when gary teale went from us to the SPL made him look like he was an ok player when in fact in league 1 for us he was awful. we need to be looking for stronger players than from the SPL

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Must b a close mate then lol , get real man if that was the case why go on a daft site like this

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I heartd 4 other champ and a cuple prem intersted in beevers too, from a close reliable family friend of his! Ty the owl

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How many times have you seen church pla? how many times have you seen maguire play? because i bet not many so leave dj to do what he wants because i bet he is a better judge of what a good striker for this league is tbh

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Dont need to see them play just look at there goals to game ratio

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Bet you said same about varney as he wasn't good for Derby but we loved him. So give him a break Ff.

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Whhhoooooaaa,Jesus only telling you all something I know,watch out for Oliver Norwood signing this week,he was at hillsborough yesterday.

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Funny how some owls fans pounce in to criticise other peeps statements. supposed to be fun FFS.

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13 Jun 2012 23:07:05
Anthony Gardner, Magnus Okuonghae, David Norris, George Boyd, Gary Mackay-Steven, Michail Antonio, Chris Maguire and Shola Ameobi will join the Owls before pre-season. Dave Jones will also attempt to loan Nick Powell for the season. Milan Mandaric and Dave Jones want the squad complete before pre-season gets underway.

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Shola Ameobi? please NO

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Are u mad ameobi would be a quality signing!

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Probably sammy not shola

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13 Jun 2012 22:15:03
gardner signs sauce sky sports

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Get it right it days he's almost signed

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Hp or Heinz? Pmsl

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Gardner has signed Sky Sports sauce? Bold move, wonder if it'll take HP on?!

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It's source you plank

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Sauce? tomato? says he's set to anyways

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Red or brown sauce

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He has been close to signing for ages hope it gets sorted soon so we dont miss other targets

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Sounds like a solid signing seen as Danny Batth dont wanna come back we need someone to partner Llera. Rob Jones not good enough for Championship

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Llera is good enough, Holloway said he regretted not being able to give him playing time at Blackpool, too risky to break up his current CB partnership. Worrying lack of pace mind, Don't see anthony gardner being too pacy, because like Wednesday, he is MASSIVE.

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13 Jun 2012 14:24:51
t**tter rumours of the day...
Owls to sign Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves
We will have to changing our name to Crock City.
Where do people get these from...more chance of signing Sid Owen.................BIANCA!!!

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Twitter rumours unless originates from a named journalist essentially garbage. Hargreaves and Owen after careers they have had it would not be good to step down a tier better to hang boots up and finish with some dignity.

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And emile heskey and beckham

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A lot of rumours are generated by the players agents trying to drum up interest in there clients.In owen and hargreaves case I doubt if that is the case just wishful thinking by someone,But remember we as fans are bigging wednesday up so agents think big club big bucks thankfully dj & mm to long in tooth to get drawn in like some management we have had in past.

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13 Jun 2012 10:09:04
Gary Roberts, who was released by Huddersfield, is attracting the attention of Sheff Wednesday & Rochdale and now Preston & Crawley - Source:Football League

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If attracting interest from Rochdale then we don't want him

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Remind me of what our ambition is again? I really don't think he is the right player for what we want to do

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He a L1 or L2 player not championship standard.

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There's a reason Huddersfield let him go AND.... that' because he's not good enough for championship football, come on now lets have some proper rumours not daft ones like that !

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They didnt let him go he rejected contract and if it wasnt for him rhodes would not have scored all his goals

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They wanted to keep he told them in january he wasent signin a new deal read your facts first

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Totally agree, Huddersfield offered him a new contract and he declined all the people slating him clearly haven't seen him play he's a good winger, created alot of there goals the only reason he wasn't in the team in the last 3rd of the season was due to a hernia operation.

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As per the above two. Huddersfield offered him a contract in Jan and he rejected this. The player was wanted by them and would be a very good addition to the squad.

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Roberts would be a quality signing. Was one of Hudds best players and I think you will find he made League One team of the Season! He rejected a contract cos HE has ambition. Hope we get him! {Ed032's Note - He was not in league one team of the season, and struggled to consistently keep a place in the Huddersfield side this year}

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If you wednesday fans think Gary Roberts is a good player then he has conned you like he cons most referees! He is useless and simply not good enough for the top half of league 1 nevermind the Championship. Hence why he spent most of the second half of the season on the bench. There are much better options around.

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I think if we sign Roberts it would be cover for Antonio at the min we've got 1 winger and that's JJ and as we all know he's too inconsistent we need at least 2 left wingers and 2 right wingers.

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