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13 Jul 2013 19:25:03
I have just seen Wednesday side against Scunthorpe. We have two players I do not recognise. They are Lambin and MCkenzie. Can anyone provide details. Lambin went on the pitch.

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Lambin has been signed from ergotelis (Greek super league) for development team

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Yes that's right and he's a centre forward and you can see him at the front of the dugout in the gallery photos

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Yes that's right and he's a centre forward and you can see him at the front of the dugout in the gallery photos

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Development squad players for now

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Mckenzie is a promising CB, think we signed him from Norwich last year for the development squad.

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Lambin is a centre forward and Taylor mckenzie is a cb, never know mckenzie may be the centre back we need.

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Thanks for the most helpful replies. I follow Wednesday closely and they were both news to me.

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Is lambin the one on the boxing photo in the middle?

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Mckenzie signed from Norwich

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Youre wrong. the one at the front of the dugout in the gallery is obileye

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AYO AYO remember that name he is a star in the making

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Boom, Boom, Boom, let year you say AYO, AYO.

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13 Jul 2013 15:55:45
Dave Jones will send about three players go out on loan after the portugal and most likely sell semedo as obileye and palmer are stepping up to the plate

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He is also taking 4 trialists to Portugal and is waiting for clubs to agree to his transfer offers or is waiting for players to say yes to his offers. At least one is a striker. Diaz will not be joining the club now that Helan has signed.

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Semedo staying part of dave jones plans I asked him at owls in park and said he is staying he also said floro is class and he recommended him to dave jones?

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We desperately need firepower, we have the ammunition and the gun loaders but we DO NOT have the trigger. PLEASE Mr. Jones and Co. find the right striker, OR give MADINE a good run in the team to prove his worth. With Antonia and the new signing along with others we have the crossing power and Gary has the heading power to finish off the crosses PLEASE give him a good run or else buy someone who can, who you think is better than what we already have.

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Hi Gary. lol
Hope Semedo stays, love him. Reckon couple of young ones will go on loan

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I say we get rid of Madine, make a few £££ off him and move on, we say we are aiming for top 6, well a lot of us are anyway, but Madine is barely even a Champioship striker never mind the kind of striker that should be in the first team of a team in the top 6.

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To the above post how do you get that madine not good enough rarely given a chance last season so nobody knows given the chance this season think he could bag some goals imo

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Just look at Cokey and prutts no one gave em a chance at start of last season they got a run in the team and were solid why not give madine a chance?

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13 Jul 2013 09:53:14
Aaron McLean to Wednesday. He's just been told he can leave hull. He scored a hat full for Peterborough before his move and looked good for hull last year when he played. Quick with an eye for goal. I think he d do the 15-20 a season for us with the pace we have now.

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Couldn't agree more mate, been saying for a long time we should get McLean in, like you said, has pace, and can score goals, also on a free aswell, would bring him in now, before anyone else snaps him up.

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He couldn't get on hulls bench never mind playing and then got loaned to Ipswich and didn't do anything there. Bad idea

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He didn't get many games when on loan at Ipswich, he is no worse than the strikers we already have, would rather be linked with McLean than Kevin Davis and Michael chopra for god sake, I think there would be more wednesday fans that would take McLean in a heart beat than not.

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Top striker given the playing time. And for me has the strongest shot in the championship. He broke 4 chairs while warming up for hull last season in the lep

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^^^^^ what about breaking back of net instead of missing ;-/

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Not for me thanks, would rather have Lita! McLean looked good few years back when playing alongside Mackail-Smith (who made McLean look better than he is) but since went to Hull and couldn't get in bench there (and if not good enough for team that went up then sorry but not good enough here) and went to a poor by anyone's standard Ipswich squad and still hardly played for them, so why would he be be any good for us?

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I don't know why every one is disagreeing whith mc lean don't sighn him and that end of day he's a proven striker who do you want messi Rooney etc get a grip we need players like him to make us a force u iddiot

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Don't think it'll be very popular on here but I'd get that Taylor fletcher signed up. He's a clever player with good feet and has always scored some fantastic goals and looked dangerous wherever he's played. Probably not a main number nine but I think he'd be great to play off. 10-12 goals in him maybe?
Anyone agree or am I alone on this?

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We need players like McLean to make us a force? Pint of what he's been on please? How will a player who couldn't get on Hull bench and hardly played for Ipswich make us a force? Brilliant statement!

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You're saying this but people have been saying we are linked With the likes of lira, di santo and Ebanks Blake and they're a lot better than McLean so no thanks to McLean

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I would take Mclean. he's a much better version of Nile Ranger and given the chance could defo do a job!

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Whats with the Lita love in,, i'm not desperate to get him back didn't look anything out of the ordinary to me. most of the time you wouldn't know he was on the pitch.

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His goals are what people want. amazed that even needs to be told.

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13 Jul 2013 07:06:39
So what happened to us signing Ivan Krstanovic?

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Don't think he got work permit as it's been a bit quiet abought him for last two weeks

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Yeah and paddy mcourt

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Never real contenders

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