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13 Jul 2012 20:11:13
McDonald still in talks , app had a further medical today. Maybe the Norris deal isnt happening so they have looked to McDonald again. Would love him just to annoy those blunts. And if he isn't good enough he can go in the development squad.

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What a load of bullsh*t

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We don't want mcdonald not good enough the blunts can keep him

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13 Jul 2012 20:17:18
It's not Jay bothroyd who's coming to the owls but Akos Buzaky of QPR the goal scoring midfield is in talks with the owls an will be made SWFC highest earning player!'

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Now i know that is a load of crap

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Tbh that would be a good signing.

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I will not be surprised at all if DJ pulls this one off uto

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If we land Buzaky, I'll be pulling myself off.

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13 Jul 2012 18:05:55
2 more signings before preseason trip to Portugal

Reliable source {Ed046's Note - Can you name the Source?

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Do u know who the two are or wot?
Or Regula

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Harewood and Antonio

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Is it HP sauce {Ed041's Note - 10/10 for originality on this one}

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13 Jul 2012 12:33:50
Necj Pecnik is on trial with us over pre-season trying to earn a contract and not one word has been mentioned about him on this page and by dave jones or radio sheffield so why does everyone think we are going to sign these big names when we will probably loking for other raw talent like him. so dont get hopes up when names like DJ campbell come up because they are JUST rumours

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Watched a video of him on YouTube and he looks a pretty decent player

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Wouldnt say that Pecnik is a rew talent as he is a full blown Slovinian International player that was in their 2010 world cup team

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Slovenian international, went to world cup with them he didn't play England cause he was injured!

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I've never heard of this player before, therefore think we should all slag him off and assume he is no where near good enough to play for the owls etc etc, as seems to be the pattern on here..;-)

I think DJ is doing a great job with transfers so far, sounds like Antonio could finally be coming, Harewood and Koumas also training with us but only get an offer if good enough...In Big Dave and Milan we trust (and Aldridge I suppose!) UTO

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Hardly raw talent. Pecnik has a fair few caps at full international level for Slovenia and is a current international. He's 26 and has scored 25 career goals from midfield so far. NoT a big name but capable

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They are my hopes and I can get them up or have them dashed as i see fit.As a Wednesday fan it's my prerogative. Wouldn't be an owl otherwise. Come on Antonio, Norris and all the other boys mentioned on here! I want you all!!

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I still have the feeling that there is one big name signing still to come. I'm liking the look of the slightly unknown but capable signings we have got recently, Amado and Pecnik if we get him, but just think we need another 1 maybe 2 players who have played in this league before just to provide the experience and help settle the team into this league

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Makes me laugh when people say WATCHED A VIDEO ON YOU TUBE OF HIM LOOKS A DECENT PLAYER .....Are there bits in the video that shows he might also be crap DOUBT IT, I bet most managers use you tube to watch how good the player is they have heard rumours about NOT

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I am relatively pleased with the transfers so far, and will support who ever puts on the Wednesday shirt. However I do feel that making one big name signing would create far more optimism and generate far more season ticket sales. I have had mine since Feb this year. UTO.

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Course not. That's why we've got him on trial.

Give my regards to the early '90s.

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People watch players on you tube to see what they are capable of not to watch them play rubbish. if you watch ronaldo on you tube but you had not seen him play you would say he was a good player right? {Ed046's Note - Correct!! People don't put videos of players playing rubbish they put the entertaing stuff on!

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Sounds decent, but has'nt scored enough goals for me, even on a lower standard of football. We need someone who can score goals from midfield. It was mean to be Lines but he barely managed more shots on target than Semedo last season

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One thing is for certain we have done some scouting in portugal. It is not a bad place to pick up players cheaply remember Emerson Thome.

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He looks to have decent feet, but then when I played I could make a short clip to make me look like Maradona, the other hours of tape that show me as being an absolute donkey would be in the bin. Yeah you can't sign a player based on Youtube, but you can't write him off based on it either. I am sure the same scouting network that found Amado and the other Portuguese kid, know a bit more than Youtube.

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As I said earlier he looks a decent player from what I've seen on YouTube,what's with the negativity,he can't be that "crap" if he's playing for his national team,get a grip guys please

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13 Jul 2012 12:16:58
Nile Ranger left home for newcastle preseason tour of Germany/Hungary

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Best news I've heard all day!

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Why's no 1 like ranger? when he joined us on loan was lackin match fitness n in my opinion got better by the game i think he wud do a good job for us UTO FTB

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Thought he looked like a lazy player didnt look like he ever gave 100%

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13 Jul 2012 12:04:37
Sheffield Wednesday have put a 700k bid in for Antonio.

Source: swfc news now.

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If that comes off any more will be freebies and loans

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Wasn't sure but now youve proved swfc's bank manager can come on this site and state there affairs. thanks for that waste of comment space. Keep em coming mr jones looking forward to the season. Antonio and a couple more and it could be a good team we'll be watching. Happy days!

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