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13 Jan 2014 17:15:53
stuart grays put 2 offers in for strikers. just waiting to here back. R. P

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Yes 2 strikers has anyone got a insite to who they could be

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Joe Lolley from Kidderminster is apparently being watched by a host of championship clubs, would be worth a punt imo.

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The 2 strikers are rumoured to be Leon Clarke (who submitted a transfer request this morn, so obviously been tapped up) and Matty Fryatt due to Hulls impending signings of Jelavic & Long.

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They are loan or free signings. Also SG said top 6 championship clubs are interested. With best will in world leon Clarke is not championship class anyone who spent time watching him in an owls shirt will be awae of this. This ruour comes from a price quoted on which I would think is more inaccurate than MPs expense claim
Matty Fryatt is a possibility and fair call.
heard we have spoken to Man City about availability of young striker.

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One of the strikers that Wednesday are looking at is Bobby Zamora.

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13 Jan 2014 19:55:41
I wouldn't worry about getting a striker I would be more bothered about finding the funds for Conner wickham'the man loves playing at Wednesday

Real owl

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Not Leon Clarke, he going to either barnsley or wolves,

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Dont bloody want leon clarke back anyway, he doesn't perform for a big club, proof when he used to play for us. 1 good game 6 bad ones 10 shots on goal and he will score 1 with his k&ob

We have to sign fryatt he's proved he can score for us and he's a better player all round than leon break my foot clarke. bobby zamora just smells the same as bothroyd aswell. big wages little goals.

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Leon Clark has matured as a striker since leaving us! He's shed weight an looks sharp! He WOULD score goals at championship level an his all round game would suit this division! Just because he had a bad time with us first time around dunt mean he's crap! UTO!

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I agree with above poster Leon Clarke has lost a lot of weight and matured into a better finisher but I still don't think it would be a great move we should try and get Matty Fryatt on a permanent deal and Luciano Becchio or Nicky Maynard on a Loan.

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Afterstunning performance only one player makes team of weekend in sun reda johnson! why don't we try get vydra from wba on loan proved he can cut it in championship?If we only had the money we could push on as we can attract decent players just can't afford ie wickham wouldn't think twice about joining if only hey!

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I honestly don't think It will be any of the supposid players that other people
Have suggested! None of is have predicted who we've Signed so it could be anyone for all we know! Let's see what happens in the next week or so but would be nice to see lambin or savic getting a few games under their belt! Look at lavery now he's had a few games to get confident enough on the pitch? With a super signing like onyewu I'm well and truly excited to see who comes in! UTO

Mick owl

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Jamie O'Hara would be a good Loan signing a creative attacking midfielder is what we need and what about David Bentley I think he is a Free Agent.

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Unfortunately there is no way we could afford to buy Wickham fee to much salary to much, never mind we have him until the end of Jan hopefully.

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14 Jan 2014 06:38:17
litas on verge of joining the dingles quick let's nip in an sign him up

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Didn't want to come before so why would we want him now

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Fryatt is a definite target due to Hull signing Jelovic and Long, not sure about the other signing. won't be Leon Clarke though.

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Leroy lita and matty fryatt are the 2 players were trying to sign as it looks unlikely we will be able to get wickham again after the 29th

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In Grays interview said they were hopeful of hanging on to him after this date.

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As far as Leon clarkes concerned he was awful before but I'd have grant holt back and he was awful when he played for us. Players do get better and Leon Clarke has so he might be worth a shout.

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13 Jan 2014 08:17:28
Did anybody watch fantasy football the other day Beni carbone was on it and he said that he as had talks with Wednesday, and there must be a reason why Stuart Gray asnt been given the job mm just keeps saying we will talk in the next couple of days but he's been saying that for weeks. The only reasons I can think of is he don't want him and is trying to get somebody else or a takeover or investors is closing in and they want there own man.

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What day & channel that come?
i know benny been interested for a while now

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13 Jan 2014 10:25:50
Lets be honest Mandric shouldn't invest in teams he never helps just gets clubs relegated of in debt. Hate to say it but I can see sheff u flying past us in next couple of seasons. (Mandric out!)

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Just a fool trying to stir things again, with the same tripe as usual.
after saturday, nothing is going to take the wind out of our sails. not for now.

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Think we should give the manager search a rest lads.
Gray has proved he can get these players to play and to get results.
They want him to get the job.
Thats all we need for the rest of this season.
All MM risks doing by bringing a NAME in is undoing the recovery that Gray has started, absolutely nothing to be gained.

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Mm would prob have to pay gray more if he gave him the managers job

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Of course he would! Obviously!
But I bet that's a fraction of what he would have to pay to bring somebody else in - and what's to be gained by upsetting what's working a treat?

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Anti DJ brigade are no anti MM, same clowns who almost took club down drain. They need to look in mirror and realise football expensive business its not like running a fanatasy team.

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We are second favorite on to sign Leon Clark behind wolves!

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Wolves are about to sign nouha dicko on permanent, not saying they can't sign both. but it does make one wonder

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{Ed029's Note - Confirmed.

U mean 1 of the mysterious 50 candidates that applied for the job

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Conner Wickham to forest, 4 million, deal almost done, that's why you are looking to sign another striker.

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This is club who can not afford Jack Hobbs off to Reading I here, Coopered you really do have had in a barrel.

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13 Jan 2014 17:55:57
MM is obviously trying to do what is best for himself and ultimately that is to ensure that we stay in the championship, he will lose money IF we get relegated, I doubt that he sees gray as the man for the job but results are currently are going our way so he does not see the need to change things but is leaving his options open which although seems sensible could be a double edged sword.
I will be sad to see Connor leave, he's been the best forward to pull on the shirt dare I say it since Hirst or bright, I don't ink we can afford to buy him though

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13 Jan 2014 19:41:17
I really do hope we get some sort of miracle and we somehow buy Wickham. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to sign him permanently? I know its a long shot, but a man can dream can't he?

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13 Jan 2014 19:57:46
To the replier after the post it's on ssn one and it's on a Friday but repeats are on most the week

Real owl

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