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13 Jan 2012 21:03:49
Rumour of £850,000 offer from Wednesday accepted from Stoke after contract negotiations broke down.
He will sign on Monday.

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I hate idiots

why not just say Wayne Rooney to sign in next 48 hours source my own delusion world

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No thanks you can keep rooney. Just another overated englishman

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Dont be a clown marshall will sign on Monday, UTOFTB,

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Sadly as a SWFC fan Ben Marshall will not sign Monday or any other time,it's just a rumour doing it's rounds,it's a pity because he reminds me of Chris waddle,MM just won't pay the fee/wages for him,let's not kid ourselves though we have come a long way in a year but we are not there yet to be able to tie down a great player like him,mores the pity.Anyway UTOs.

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Marshall will sign weather it is now permenatly or end of the season he loves Wednesday, so why would he agree terms with any club other than us or Stoke, why would he sign a contract for another team he has already said he does not want to other wise he would have signed a contract at Stoke let's be fair uto

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Not marshall is matt ritchie from swindon cmon. You know gm by now?

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Mm is the one that saved us from going into administration Ben Marshall will come to wednesday I saw him and he said he wants to join Wednesday

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No matter how deeply I want to believe it I can not imagine us paying anything like 850k for any player - it'sway outside what we have spent. I fear that Ben will play his last match for us today. If that is the case I hope he does not go to one of our rivals in this decision. it reminds me of the ALF saga in the summer. At least then having lost out we came up with more than adequate replacements - I hope we can this time. GM does have a superb eye for a player.

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I want to belive this but I can't see it happening. But only time will tell.

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13 Jan 2012 20:40:57
Been on radio sheff earlier

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No it hasn't

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Before I trawl I player - time and show? Or it's bull

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Can't see nothing on radio sheffs web site

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I been listening all night at work and nothin been on, just another pointless lie

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The comment was on Radio Sheffield's football heaven but they said it was a rumour. About 14 mins into the show before the interview with Agent Wilson.....UTO

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It was mentioned on radio sheff, but like someone else said just as a rumour. They said they had no knowledge of it and they couldn't possibly confirm it. To be fair Stoke owe us a steal after they took Whelan for 500k!

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You fool ...stoke owe us NOTHING

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Clearly a joke sunshine, if I genuinely thought that was true I think about 90% of teams would "owe" us one...chill out.

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13 Jan 2012 19:14:38
850k offer accepted by stoke for marshall

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Where's the proof ?

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Where you heard that

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Not true.

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Very true will be annouced either tomora or monday

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What biggest transfer saga in L 1 and no one no,s about it come on facts

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13 Jan 2012 13:08:07
Ben Marshall rejects new Stoke contract, 850k will bring him to S6

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TRUE !! - that's all it will take - BUT MM wants him for less !
Don't know what Ben Marshall thinks when other clubs have made Stoke an acceptable offer but MM's saying - "he's not worth that much to us " ?

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This is obviously another comment from horses orifice (you can tell with capitalisation and exclamation marks). Mandaric has said no such thing he said he will pay what Megson thinks hes worth. By the way think you are not an Owls fan or a disgruntled Wednesdayite member still smarting from failing to get any influence. If you are one of the latter do you realise you were partially responsible for clubs demise.

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I'm sure mm and gm will be working a deal out with Stoke right now fact Marshall does not want to sign for Stoke he wants first team football now Wednesday should go up this season Stoke may come down so it may be marshals thinking to stay at the owls and play first team football in my thinking this was only ever a two horse race betwee us and Stoke Marshall not signing a new contract tells you ware he wants to be forget rest of teams wanting to buy him he will be an owl on a 3 year contract

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Come on Wednesday! we want Ben Marshall signed up!!

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Cant see manderic spending more than 500k to be honest

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Sorry but you're ABSOLUTELY miles off, I hold no truck with Wednesdayite , or even what they wanted for the club, at all.
I'm just a loyal season ticket holder for last 24 years who doesn't believe that our ETERNAL GRATITUDE to MM for saving our club gives him the right to tell us lies, what he thinks we want to hear, OR expect us JUST to believe them blindly.
I was paraphrasing what MM was saying , not "quoting" him , I thought that was obvious. To clarify - by refusing to match the other offers that Stoke "DO HAVE" on the table , that's the message he's sending out - NOT LEAST to Ben Marshall.
He said before the start of season that he was to going to invest in the team, in players ready for Championship, - no loan players because that wasn't right for what we wanted to do here, etc (just check his quotes in the records).
You know what's happened since?
He recently said he had 5m ready to invest in the team , but we're dragging our heels to hand over 850k for a PROVEN component of our success this season.
That's the root of my cynicism. I do get my information from a "very credible source", and I don't post UNLESS there is at least a grain of substance in the posting. So forgive me for trying to keep my fellow supporters up to date, but if its all right with you I'll carry on.
Do I also need to apologise for having had an education and recognising the basic principles of punctuation. I don't criticise the many posters who can't spell properly , they're just trying to get their opinions, news, and complaints heard like the rest of us. I thought that's what these sites are for ?

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Well said mate

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Put your toys back in the pram.

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Yet more negative thoughts that have brought this club down over the last 10+ years. People obviously have nothing else to worry about. Where we were a year ago it's seems crazy to hear some posters thoughts on and total disrespect for mm. Just hope and am confident marshals on his way to the owls and you know what's on all ya parades, I only wonder what you'll moan at next?? Megson walks on water to get this club going again

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Negative thoughts didnt bring the club down you muppet, Sh1t financial handling did........Why do people come on here and try to proove themselves the most loyal fan by sucking MM off??........End a the day, 'Negative thoughts' are just that, thoughts, If someones of a certain way of thinking, Then let em think it and stop being the opinion police.

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Negative thoughts? - why is it negative to tell the truth ? Please read my post.
I DO respect everything that MM has done for this club. But he should in turn respect the OWLS fans, wouldn't you agree?
I quickly lose respect for people who tell me lies , WHOEVER they are , and if you tell lies to anyone you are not showing them the respect that they too deserve.
MM has put the SWFC business in good shape behind the scenes , which was essential.
The only criticism I have ever posted of MM is that he has not , despite making numerous public announcements that he was going to, spent money on the team.
As I've said before it's HIS money and he can do what he wants with it, I have no problem with that at all.
But don't tell the fans that he's going to do this, spend that , and then do nothing. The OWLS fans , more than any others , deserve HONESTY.
If you check the figures, including todays signing, MM has spent less than 750k on the team . Compare that to Charlton, Huddersfield & even the non-mentionables t'other side o'town.
So please do give your eternal thanks and respect to MM for saving the club .
BUT give most of your praise for what we've achieved in our CORE business - football, to those who really deserve it ..... MEGSON & Co. !!

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I believe in mm & gm.

still think ur rant is bit of a 'dummy spitting moment'.


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I'm sure we all believe in them to some extent, theres no doubting that they have turned the club around and deserve credit, but what has been said above is true, and if January passes without investment i'm sure there will be quite a few disappointed fans.

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Massive investment, we are in league one with an already decent squad, not champions league having to rapidly fill the position of messi. Behave yourself cos moaning doesnt majorly influence the managerial or board decisions in the transfer market. Theyll do what they will. Let me know if you hear any actual rumours, not your life story again. Bored

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I love the comment 'If you check the figures, including todays signing, MM has spent less than 750k on the team ' Do we forget how many millions MM has invested to get the club out of the financial mess that we were in? Do we forget how bad things were (for years)?As for the comment about people telling lies, he's already invested alot and were no where near the end of the transfer window....UTO There's still time....

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O'Grady 350,000
Lowe 150,000
Lines 50,000
Jones 100,000
reynolds 150,000
Morrisson 250,000
Johnson 250,000
Madine 250,000

Ok we sold Spurr and Morrisson for 400,000 in total. the above does not count signing on fees and agents fees which will for the above and free transfer signings be close to 1,000,000. The figure we paid agents has been paid agents. If you have been educated it was certain not on a Maths related subject or common sense. he said it would cost him another 5 million by end of year and this includes running of club. Remeber we now have a scouting network and bigger squad so running at a loss.

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13 Jan 2012 11:46:51
Giles Coke completes season long loan deal to Bury, Ben Marshall reportedly very close to returning to the club, possibly on a full transfer if the rumours of him turning down a new deal at Stoke are true.

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Yes folks the key words here are 'if', 'rumours' and 'true'.

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13 Jan 2012 11:10:55
Coke returns to bury on loan

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Yes and bury play pigs on Saturday come on bury i would laugh my arse off if coke scores against piggyscum

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13 Jan 2012 08:59:12
Mandaric apparently doing everything he can to get Marshall to the club, on a permanent transfer if need be.

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Fingers crossed he does then!

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Hope he is doing EVERYTHING he can to get him !

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