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13 Feb 2013 18:16:24
ross Barkley coming back on loan next week everton not happy with leeds so everton come back to us ask if we want him back dj say yes

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No chance

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He shouldn't have gone to leeds in the first plac

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It's a centre back we need, not even more midfielders

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I see our resident weed was quick to make his comment.
When England U/17 won European tournament Wickham and Barkley were two stars and linked up magnificently. Therefore could be a lot of truth in him oming back to Hillsbrough.

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Dont be blinded by what happened in the past he's NOT coming back

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I at first thought he was great but saw the stats of when he played and we did better without him. Just getting out there for debate, I don't want to mix the team up now while we are "in form"

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I agree we better without him.
In any case I think it sends wrong message out to rest of team if these young “stars” come in on loan and get picked to play every week whether they play well or not, that can't be right?
We had one disaster already & we should learn from that.

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How can a current young premiership prospect be a bad loan for a struggling championship team?

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13 Feb 2013 09:26:54
Wednesday are looking at mathieu manset a french striker who used to play for Reading, played in a friendly against blackpool other night. He came on in second half and scored, Maguire got 2 goals and apparently looked very good and sharp maybe maguire is ready for his chance - source sheffield telegraph UTO eric the owl

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Manset already has had a (failed) trial at Barnsley, who now have COG on loan from us. They did'nt sign him, then we gave them one of our players. so why should we sign him? Poor record also as per Pecnik, Maguire and Bothroyd. avoid!

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Saw him play at Reading. He looks like a heavyweight boxer. Sadly he plays football like one too!

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13 Feb 2013 14:15:54
Mathieu Manset looks ok to me

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To the above comparing him on trial at barnsley

didnt helen play for shrewsbury with our so called julian bennett, but came he knuckled down and he's playing fantastic football for us this season? young but wise owlette ;) xxxx

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He's 6ft 4 so fits the bill perfectly hoooooof

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Yes, but Helan does'nt even belong to us, that shows how wise you are.

He is on trial, and if successful we would be offering him a contract. We already have our fair share of deadwood without another.

He would be a big risk. Surely if he was any good he would have either been snapped up by someone. also his recent record is poor.

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Can't hurt to look at him.

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I like those goals he scored against united lol

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Got 4 strikers in lita wickham madine maguire don't need him

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14 feb 2013 10:02:45
play pecnic

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