Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive September 12 2013


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12 Sep 2013 17:32:48
Fletcher, the aussie striker from the youth team, is bogging off to Hull

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They're in the Premier league and we're struggling in the championship, spending nothing and going nowhere. I don't blame the lad.

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He got released ages ago

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Yes got released at the end of last season

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12 Sep 2013 23:32:59
Sheffield Wednesday reportedly chasing ex hull city striker Caleb Folan.

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Interesting how some folk try to make a drama out of something or nothing. All he is doing is trying yo get a club by going on trial, he was released in June and does not yet have a club which says a lot.

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Folan would be a good shout he's a giant

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With Madine getting sent down its either time to get these youngsters in the first team and let's see what they can do it terminate his contract freeing up cash and get sharp on loan without worrying if we have enough to pay his wages 100%

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Give coalan lavery some playing time see what he can do

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Madine ain't in the slammer yet . Can't cancel his contract yet. If we get rid then let's get some money

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Stuff Billy the blunt get lita for the full season

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Madines going to be sentenced soon, the judge said to expect to be given prison time. Doubt well be getting any money for him. Hopefully if we cancel his contract after we can free up some money for wages

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Madine will be sentenced in October and will get jailed. The Owls can cancel his contract for gross misconduct. It depends if they see any future in him as a striker or not. He is League 1 class only and we should replace him with Lita or other proven goal scorer UTO

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We do not want a thug like him in our club at all, Wednesday has a good name and Madine does not fit that name. I also hope we have not got a betting company to sponsor us, not good for the owls' ethical issues and principles. KEEP OUR NAME CLEAN PLEASE MM!

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12 Sep 2013 13:07:06
MM stated in Sheffield telegraph, hopeful of deals on Lita and Sharpe still. Also after midfielder hopefully done by weekend. Also confirms still after Butland, reading between the lines Kirkland will go for a substantial fee in January.

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Id be happy at that uto xxx

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I often try reading between the lines but there's not enough room to write anything there.

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12 Sep 2013 14:44:53
He did not say both players will be coming, it will be one or the other

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Kirkland can be snapped up for free at the end of the season, so I very much doubt a 'substantial fee' will be involved

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So we going to get butland on loan, then sell Kirkland, then butland goes back to stoke. then we got no top class goalie?

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Jameson or davies as gk? uto

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Keep kirkland till he retires loan davies and dawson out get half decent mid aged keeper as back up and in a few years time kirkland retires and we have 2 young keepers ready

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Kirkland is one of best keepers in league he's a class act! Could play in premier league he's what 31 keepers are in their prime at that age!

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12 Sep 2013 11:43:47
Roger Johnson is 100% signing on loan

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As a Wolves fan ecstatic at this news. Feel sorry for Wednesday fans as you are club I've always liked. Unfortunately for you guys I would put money on us swapping places now.

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Deal done confirmed by Wolves also on BBC

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Is he such a bad player or is simply hated by the Wolves fans for slating them?

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Great News - never really played well at Wolves but was very good before that.

Can we also have O'Hara please?

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It will take Jones 6 months to get him sober

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I know someone in admin at Birmingham the management, players, fans and staff were all ecstatic to get rid of this bloke. 1 bad apple, its not just about his playing ability you will have to put up with his s***. Such as Friday night p****d up card school before Saturday games and all the rest that comes with him.

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Why would someone at Birmingham admin care about Roger Johnson? He plays for Wolves?

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He was formerly at Blues. Big, brave player. If you have a ball playing defender next to him, he should do well. Didn't work out for him at Wolves, but I wish him well. Not long ago he was on Arsenal's radar. If he can sort himself out, he would be a good player, but that is a big "if"
Good luck!

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I suspect because he also used to play for them.

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In photographs of Roger Johnson playing for Wolves, he looks hungover. I've been there and know that look

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I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but RJ has been relegated the last three seasons in a row.

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