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12 Nov 2012 20:36:06
dave jones set to be moved to a director of football role to oversee all football matters.wednesday intend to approach paolo dicanio about a return to hillsborough.they want the prodical son to return to hillsborough which will put two ex swindon managers in charge at both sheffeild clubs.

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Yes i have heard the same rumor

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No way would Paolo Di Canio come back to Hillsborough. West Ham or Celtic where he was adored yes but not Wednesday.

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No chance , wont happen but it would be great entertainment off the pitch.
Talk about chalk n cheese !
Can you imagine the fireworks , they would never agree on anything.

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Only thing Jones fit to direct is a pantomime cos he's managed to turn us in to one in no time at all.
Taxi for Jones and Bothcrap !!!

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The only thing DJ is fit to direct is traffic. Preferably on the M1.

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Surely not ! As Director of Football DJ would be in charge of recruitment and development. Can MM really be that silly ?

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Get a life, DJ is doing a great job and we are playing good football. Results will turn around. We just need to finish the chances we are making.

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Blunt clown.

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Are you really CoCo ? Theres a lot of you about !

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12 Nov 2012 14:37:48
Let's just be aware of certain managers that are available at the moment and wouldn't cost a bean that MM is a known admirer of..... Keegan, Dalglish, Gullit, Redknapp. None of these could bring glory to our club without bundles of money. They're all known for spending heavily to achieve success. We need a manager who wears his heart on his sleeve who will live and breath SWFC. Oh just remembered we had that before with Gary Megson and that was successful so MM sacked him. God help us.

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Know exactly how you feel mate, makes you wanna cry dont it.
People keep saying have patience with DJ ...... its a pity that they and MM didnt show some patience with Megson.

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Yes mate and one thing that is fact is that had Gary Megson still been in charge we would be doing a he'll of a lot better than we are now. He was building a new start for Wednesday. It was working, we were winning, we got promotion then out of the blue he's sacked. It's been down hill ever since which shows his sacking was wrong. Ok some people didn't like his style of play but that's how it had to be done to get us out of that league. Had Wednesday stuck with him and been grateful for getting us promoted and backed him financially in the same way they have Dave Jones then he would have continued in the same vain and had us battling at the opposite end of the league to what we find ourselves in now. I for one think Megson did a brilliant job for Wednesday and would welcome him back tomorrow. In his own words when he got sacked by Wednesday "one day he would LOVE to come back and finish what he started at HIS club"

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Only us two on this thread at the mo but I know for a fact that loads of Owls fans feel the same way.
Once again I agree with every word, in fact you must have been listening to me moaning these same words in the pub ever since Megson was sacked.
I said then we would live to regret that sacking and look whats happening to us already.
When youre lucky enough to get a manager like Megson with a proven pedigree (despite what the knockers might TRY and say) with blue & white blood running thro his veins which is in his genes from his dad, to come and manage the club he loves, turn it around and set us on the right path and get us in to play-off places ... AND perhaps most important of all put the passion back in to the shirts on the pitch !!
How can you knock that , much less sack him for it - - absolutely shameful ! And in my opinion no TRUE fan can defend it.
I look forward to the day when he gets the opportunity to take over the reins again, but unfortunately I think we'll have to wait until MM has moved us on, unless he admits he was wrong ??
I'll get ready for the "hoofball" comments to come in now from all the fans of the cultured football that we're playing under DJ ??? (on our way back to Lge1 - heaven forbid !!)

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Couldn't agree more. All those people that were bad mouthing Megson and saying things like " in DJ we trust" need to take a good look at themselves and this includes MM and admit you got it completely wrong. Last seasons success was purely down to Gary Megson and the team that he put together. His sacking was a travesty and the club as suffered ever since.

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Welcome on board !

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Gary Megson instilled a winning mentality in to the club, he certainly wouldn't have accepted what we're having to endure now. The players look like they don't even want to play for Dave Jones and he obviously doesn't know how to get the best out of them. Megson was fantastic with man management and installing a togetherness hence last seasons success. We need him back and we need him now.

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I'll be the one in the Megson mask against Notts Forest. Look out for me as I'm going to need as many signatures as possible to hand on to MM to demand the reinstatement of Gary Megson. I've got approx 2500 at the moment that we collected at the last home game so if you want the good times back then please see me.

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I for one must admit that I thought Megson did a great job but I was really excited at the appointment of Dave Jones. I was expecting him to do as he did at other clubs that he's managed. How wrong I was.

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Statistics show that Gary Megson is a better and more successful manager than Dave Jones so ask yourself this.... If you owned a football club who out of the two would you want to be your manager?

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Nobody seems to be talking about how bad Dave Jones is in the transfer too compared to Gary Megson. Jones as been backed all the way by MM and most of the players that he's brought in have been nothing short of useless. Compare that to Gary Megson who in comparison brought in good players, the right players and it was done on a shoe string. Come to think of it I can't think of anything that Dave Jones as done compared to the standard of Gary Megson. Only one thing we can do then..... Over to you Mr Manderic.

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DJ was a good signing until he lost his right hand man and now he has lost the path and is heading for the wilderness we need to cut the ties before he takes us with him

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Talk about being fickle, Jones was fantastic last season sacking looked like right decision. it's easy to say megsonwould do a better job, reality is we would be playing league one still. just back the manager in charge and be proper fans for the club whatever position we are in, he's not losing on purpose.

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Megson is a limited manager

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Unlike Jones who is useless !

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Your all persons! If we had not sacked Megson we would have NEVER been promoted. Megson wouldn't of been able to take on that unbeaten run! We got promoted because of Megsons signings and DJs managing.

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Megson went on a long unbeaten run when he got West Brom in to Prem. automatically.
Hes done that twice thats something Jones has never done. Jones got there via playoffs and failed in playoffs more than once.
Megson also took Bolton in to Europe thats something else Jones has never done.
Facts prove that Megson is a better manager than Jones if you bother to look, and whats happening at Hilsboro now back it up.

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12 Nov 2012 12:23:44
Rednapp to take DJs post until end of season. Favour for old pal mandric.

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Tipped that two weeks ago. Be like winning lottery if it happens !

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Get to bookies sharpish. It's. Gonna happen. Harry only commit to end of season tho. Keep us in champ.

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Seriusly how do you know that??

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Still waiting for it

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Wake up

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REDNAPP TO BE NEXT MANAGER LOL HA HA HA HO HO where do people come up with these tales.

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You obviously dont watch the sports news then ?

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HE is a south manager get him past watford gap and he gets a nose bleed.

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12 Nov 2012 11:50:20
hopefully this is the worlds worst rumour that iv just been told but richie barker is apparently a candidate for the soon to be vacant managers post at s6

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Its come to point where anybody sounds better than Dave Jones, how sad is that

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Can anybody do any worse than DJ

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Hes turned our club in to a total shambles tbh hes been on radio saying none of the players are good enough at this level!no ****in rubbish einstein it was you that signed them

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12 Nov 2012 10:17:40
For the first time in years everybody connected with our club looked forward to the start of this season with excitement .
In just 3months Dave Jones has managed to lift us all to the heights of ... DEPRESSION !
If MM has the balls to sack Megson when he did , surely he has the sense to do what he has to do now . Soon please !

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12 Nov 2012 09:58:42
DJ is currently meeting with MM.. Expect his departure to be announced this afternnon

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We live in hope

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Hope its about 1 o clock , don't want to wait while 3 or 4 o clock for the good news

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12 Nov 2012 08:23:48
Hull want Kirkland

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Let's hope so.

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Let hull have him, hes useless, rich od was a better keep and bywater! xxxxxx

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Top keeper just got crap in front of him

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12 Nov 2012 00:59:54
is it true that dj wont play pecnic becouse it was mm who signed him and not himself?maybe thats why hes slowly ground megsons signings down and outing them becouse if your not one of his own dodgy signings you have no future at wednesday

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I heard same about Pecnic just after he signed n lads who got promotion av got dumped first chance hes had. Bothroyd crap but plays every week gettin sick of it tbh

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I've heard that Bothroyd has a stipulation in his loan contract that he has to play at least 75% of a match. You only have to look at the clock when DJ subs him.

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That's only cos he doesn't want him throwing tantrums like he did when he was a toddler ...... Whoops secrets out , it's son of Jones !!

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