Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive May 12 2012


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12 May 2012 16:12:14
Hudds will be joining us next year all other sides are poor maybe stevange but deffently not the blunts or mk dons

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Rumour has it 2 million plus lowe and 1 other - possibly bennett to huddersfield for rhodes

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Huddersfield most impressive but played a very poor team. SUFC defended well and were best team, passed ball and retained possession. I can understand why we have watched Lowton and Maguire.

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United were poor against stevenage! Dont no which match you were watching!

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Best comment av heard all day i watched the game and ive never seen 2 teams play as bad as they did last yesterday it was awful football

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Blunts game bored the socks off me {Ed003's Note - me too)

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Boring boring blunts, boring boring blunts, Iv been less bored watching paint dry. OvO

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12 May 2012 14:33:15
What a player that williams is for mk dons, much better padser of the ball than any player in our team never mind liera, would fit into the side dj wants. However dont realy need a cb.

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Sean Williams I think he's quality, he fits into the mk dons side cause they like to pass, now we DJ he likes us to pass, that lad would fit into the team

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It was a poor performance by MK (they were the ones in the white shirts with red flash). Do not think any of their players were convincing. Huddersfield had it easy.

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Deffo need a cb r.jones not good enough

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12 May 2012 01:56:06
Dave Jones will attend the MK Dons and Huddersfield first leg play-off. In order to have a look at Jordan Rhodes and Stephen Gleeson, whom the Owls could make bids for after the play-offs are completed.

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There both rubbish, league 1 players only, we need to look at some champ or prem players to buy!

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Thats funny dj doing book signing 10am - 6pm today at owls megastore

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He was at Megastore on Thursday evening and apparently scouting today but no idea where.

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And DJ had to leave the book signing on Thursday early. He was called to an urgent meeting by Mr Aldridge regarding possible signing. Who I wonder?!?!?

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If above is true has to be a player whose season has finished or out of contract.

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12 May 2012 01:29:22
Owls to resign lee grant as he never wanted to leave us in first place he only went to save our club n he wants to come back (0v0)

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Would be massively happy for this - like most owls, but is it just another pipe dream of us apparently signing our old favorites. I'm surprised that Brunt hasn't been linked yet.

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Hes shockin, he gone downhill since he left us!

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Well id haver him back st hillsborough. still got one of the best left foots , just my opinion.

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Brunt shocking... ur avin a giraffe init?

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Erm, think he was on about grant not brunt

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Erm, why would Grant have one of the best left foots?

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12 May 2012 00:31:43
Caolan Lavery has signed for Sheffield Wednesday. Not a rumour. His agent Thomas Brookes has confirmed on his twitter.

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He's tweeted with his mates & family about signing too. Great signing, young and very promising !

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It's on the Ipswichlife (and others) site too

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Hope this is true i looked him up an so alot off prem and champ teams was interested at some point,
so fingers crossed he's one for future if he signs

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