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12 Jun 2012 21:28:45
Sheffield Wednesday are interested in former England & Aston Villa Striker Emile Heskey

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Please no

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He's gone to hull!?

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Thank god

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More like has gone to pot

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Hull bound thank god

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12 Jun 2012 17:27:36
Jermaine Johnson is considering a move to Rotherham Utd. Ideally the winger would like to stay at Hillsborough, but the millers have offered him a 2 year deal and the guarantee of first team football. Owls have only offered 1 year.

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Sounds plausible.

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Good luck to him if he goes, onwards and upwards.

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Obviously not an owl fan. why would he want 2 year in league 2 when he can have 1 in championship and more than likely get another year after that? stupid or something?

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Where do you get this information from when has any of it even happened

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Why is he not an Owls fan if he just wants a bit of job security. Especially in this economic climate and near the end of my career i'd have to seriously consider the two year contract over a one year deal with the possibility of getting another year after (but not garanteed).

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12 Jun 2012 17:22:40
sheffield wednesday ins and out =

ins -


outs -


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Seeing as DJ has said Lowe is staying, I doubt it

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DJ has already stated that Ryan Lowe will stay.(Sheffield Star)

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Boyd and Roberts? I do not think they are on Radar.
Lowe is staying according to D Jones.

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Would be happy, but I doubt it.

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You obviously missed Jones saying Lowe has earned the opportunity to 'have a go' in the Championship

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Ins are mostly right, outs mostly wrong ( rumours ).

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I would certainly want Boyd great player!

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Ryan Lowe is probably on the best wages he has ever earned.At his age sitting on the bench playing a bit part in the championship for the 1st time in his career might not seem a bad deal I personally think to have him happy as a bit part player coming on late on in a game we are very lucky to have him

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Apart from boyd the ins are spot on, he is charlton bound unfortunately

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12 Jun 2012 17:22:40
Wednesday have been offered Jimmy Bullard but DJ wants more of a combative player which is why he's approached Pompey about David Norris. Also looking at Carl Revill of Croydon Athletic.

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Top championship clubs plus qpr all looking at carl revill so wednesday need to move quick.

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Bullard no chance we would have him.

Also DJ says he wants players with Championship proven ability.

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I would snatch Ipswich's hand off for Bullard very good attacking midfielder.

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I hope we sign Carl Revill. 54 goals last season in 38 games. David Hirst type of player but with electric pace. Scored 14 with his head and hit 7 hatricks. None of his tally included penalties either.

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13 Jun 2012 04:10:04
can't find anything on this revill bloke, because he doesn't exist. certainly doesn't play for croydon at any rate

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Bullard is good but I don't think he is the type of player we need. He has chased money and shown no loyalty to former clubs. We had plenty of players like that when we was in the top flight and look where it got us.
DJ is buying young players at the moment who will relish the opportunity to prove themselves at higher levels.

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Jimmy Bullard is injury prone and grossly overpaid

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Just read on teletext that carl revill is in talks with wednesday, pompey & birmingham with the latter being favorites for his signature.

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Carl Revill hit 54 goals last season for local rivals Carshalton Athletic not Croydon Athletic. Anyway Birmingham City are on the verge of signing him ahead of Wednesday according to London Tonight.

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Palace & millwall both want this carl revill too according to yesterdays evening standard but his prefered choice would be wednesday as his pregnant girlfriend lives in leeds. i've only seen him play once and he stuck 2 in against palace last preseason. extremely powerful and fast.

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12 Jun 2012 16:41:59
Think we should go for Paul green, great footballer with great ambition would play excellently with semedo!

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Norris is better than Green, more creative.

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12 Jun 2012 15:55:15
were after pompy's david norris, source sky sports

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Not impressed to be honest, anyone that celebrates a goal and dedicates to Luke McCormack is not the kind of player I want at our club. Come to thInk of it a women puncher isn't either.....:o yes too late joe

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We all know people mature at different rates footballers seem to take that bit longer of the field I would imagine Norris and Mattock both regret there previous bad headlines only judge them if they repeat it under wednesdays banner we all make mistakes its if we learn from them that counts

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David Norris stated that he's played his last game for Portsmouth so this could be a sign hes on his way to the MASSIVE

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12 Jun 2012 15:46:50
Owls interested in right back Gretar Steinsson after release from Bolton.

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Buxton and lee?dont need a right back me need a winger and striker

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Buxton not good enough for championship

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The person who said buxton isnt good enough for champ is ether a pig or an armchair with radio supporter. he is class and has progressed into that rb role. now excellent with his feet and outstanding defencivly.

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12 Jun 2012 15:34:50
does anybody here want us to sign maguire (the striker) i dont think we should his goal to game ratio is poor

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I defo think we should sign him, keep off the champ manager boy

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What has this got to do with champ manager

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He would be the perfect partner for Madine.

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Madine and o'grady had poor ratios didnt stop us then

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Im not that impressed by him

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No we need a 30 goal a year talisman his goal to game ratio is poor

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O'Grady is moving to Blackpool to carry kids up and down the beach.

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I think dj sees potential in maguire that can be nurtured

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12 Jun 2012 15:16:36
SWFC to open talks with Derby striker Chris Maguire before the end of the week. Owls confident latest offer will be accepted - Source : Paul Walker

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Hope this is not true he is crap scores a goal every 5 games very poor for a striker

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Whose paul walker. {Ed032's Note - Works for Radio Sheffield}

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Have some faith bro did Madine have good goal ratio before he came to us in jones we trust

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Look at his scoring ratio in internationals, nearly a goal every other game.
Good players benefit when they play with better players.

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Ye madine had scored 13or 14 goals in the first half of season when we signed him so yes he did have a good goals for games ratio

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Mcguire is more of a target man bringing others into play and creating goals.....not all strikers should be judged on goal scoring but look at how many goals he has assisted in, need a good attacking midfielder player to be 10 yards around him when we r attacking UTO!!

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12 Jun 2012 13:46:03
Wednesday set to enter the race for David Norris, source sky sports news. Would be a cracking signing imo.

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Also heard this from friend at football league so might be some truth in this ?

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8 goals in 42 games last season

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Would rather sign paul green on a free

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12 Jun 2012 13:43:20
Swfc interested in Norris of Portsmouth, source sky sports

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12 Jun 2012 08:52:20
There's going to be a signing today, not sure who! Just got told its been confirmed! Probably gardner IMO!

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Could be Ricky Lambert??

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Why would lambert go toswfc

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Unless adkins is going to play a style of play that doesnt need a big striker never going to happen and then the fee and wages will be out of wednesdays reach.if we are in with a chance of promotion in the january window then they might splash the cash on someone like lambert

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Not a hope in hell.

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Do you feel silly now, be honest...!? ;-)

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12 Jun 2012 08:43:06
Old rumor but it's here again. According to the Mail, Mirror and Indipendant, Wednesday are in talks with Ricky Lambert Who is unhappy at Southampton and eager to join up with Dave Jones and Sheff Weds.

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Why would he drop back to championship after getting double promotion with saints? I strongly dis agree with this...although i would welcome him at s6 (0v0)

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Why would a player whos practically got Southampton to the prem and has been waiting all his career for his chance in the prem then decide to drop back down a league this is the most stupid link weve had so far!

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Where do people come up with these lies

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Kevin Phillips did it so you never know Ricky Lambert could

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12 Jun 2012 07:12:50
who is missin football on saturday?

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To the three that disliked i bet you only went to 2 games Blunts and Wycombe so its normal service for you

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