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12 Jul 2013 12:12:19
' I've been told we should have 1 more signing by Sunday' I was right! All of you doubting me, good signing for us though! UTO

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Mmm when exactly did you make this statement?

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12 Jul 2013 13:49:09
Id like to point out to all the doom and gloom posters that:

1) we paid money for Helan
2) we may have only signed 2 players so far, but they are both young, have bags of potential, have come through at top 4 premiership clubs and have signed on long term contracts.
3) Our 2nd half of season form was play off form last season, Lita, a centre half and 1 other striker and we are going to be top half at worst. That would do me all day long after the last 14 years!

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Lita next to sign for us

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Lita a CM & CD would definitely complete the squad.

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I think if Lita gets an offer from London he will prefer that. but i'd love to have him back, he looked bright and intelligent with his movement. back to goal we brought others in well. he's as good a striker as we can hope for. Sooooo glad we didn't get Davies.

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If you scroll down mate you will see the exact quote I made, just keep scrolling

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Litas good but is there better? Younger possibly? Uto

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One geezer said we would make 1 signing before Sunday, would hardly call this an in the know prediction. Only other references are to tv piece on battle between us and wolves.
Hence do not think you can boast about that. If smething else give date and time otherwise stop bragging about something that was always on cards.

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I remember the quote. Takeover will happen before the new year! I can quote that without knowing and if it does then I am in the know! Lucky I think you was to say we will Sign someone before Sunday lol

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Of course there are better than Lita, that's a no brainer. However, he fit into our style of play last season and came up with the goods.
Give me a realistic example within the price bracket that we can afford of a better striker for us?
Along with Madine this season, who I believe will take advantage of his last chance, and the threat from the wings that we now have I reckon we will be a force to reckon with.

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Is it just me or can't we do any better than lita, hope we don't sign tbh

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Lita will sign 100%

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Why would you not want Lita? He is a proven goalscorer given the chance, and with players like Maghoma, Antonio, Helan, Johnson and Buxton in the squad he will get plenty of supply. I would also like to see Maguire given a proper go in the team.

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Don't understand people against the idea of signing lita, we pray for a goalscorer for the whole of last season and then when one comes along people don't see it

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12 Jul 2013 12:10:24
Rumours circulating that Dave Jones is preparing a move for Ipswich's Michael Chopra, using the funds from O'Grady's sale. The striker is transfer listed at Portman Road and is available for some around £250k - £500k.

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Worth 100 k at max he can't even get in the squad their

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Hope not sick of us being linked to has-beens, why can't we sign players in there prime UTO

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Lord I hope not, not the player he was and too many off field problems. Is the fee stated how much Ipswich are prepared to offer to get him off their books, surely nobody would pay that for him if O'Grady has gone for a reported £350k.

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100% michael chopra will not sign for wednesday

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Hes released

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I may have had too much Pino but I think Chopra would be a good addition. Experience, good movement and knows where the net is. Could teach Madine a thing or two

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The only thing he'll teach Madine is how to lose his money quicker

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12 Jul 2013 11:15:38
Sky. helan signed on 4 yr deal. Fee not known

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Happy about that, very good prospect, only 21. UTO.

Not happy that we are looking at Taylor Fletcher. 32yr old released by Blackpool so presumably he is not good enough for them, played 200 + games for them and only scored 38 goals so why does DJ think he could do a job for us. Looked vastly overweight last season.

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We are NOT looking at Taylor-Fletcher. DJ has openly said that GTF ASKED to train with us, so we're letting him. He was training at Wrexham before IIRC. He is NOT going to Portugal he will NOT play at Scunny. We're not actively pursuing him. Just have a bit of faith in DJ he's a great manager!

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Agreed! Helan will be a good player for us and let's hope the Taylor Fletcher rumour stays a rumour! UTO

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DJ is a decent bloke, he is prepared to help others hence let's them train ith us. This gets him well in so at a later stage he may get pay back.

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He can h4elp our players too

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What?, help our players, he was training with wrexham and asked to train with owls, what is it free gym pass at swfc, ffs I pay 35 a week, koumas, fowler, fletcher, and the rest can get on free speed boat and **** off,

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Last poster is missing the point, people like fowler can impart so much wisdom on the players it's a great thing I can't imagine you going round the gym giving tips on how to finish off a perfect squat thrust under pressure! Another small detail is if a contact of fowler says how is it at Sheff Wed and he says great team behind the screens it's great networking. Kamowl

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Dave Jones is a great manager? lol! Alright Dave, get back to the training ground would ya!

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11 Jul 2013 23:25:47
Blackpool supposedly interested in signing Joe Mattock

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12 Jul 2013 11:20:58
Helan signs 4 year deal, get in

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SWFC Helan signs on free from man city

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Sheffield wednesday have signed jeremy helan on a four year deal 2 in let's get a CH a creative mid and 2 strikers now

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I am puzzled how he can sign for free when reports said that Wolves had met Manchester City's asking price. I think, therefore, a fee was involved. Nevertheless, welcome addition

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SWFC Helan signs on free from man city?. Undisclosed! it says nothing about it being a free, I think there will have been a small fee atleast.

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Its undisclosed fee

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Hope this is true. I'll drive him so he can settle in with a few more donkeys

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12 Jul 2013 13:51:47
Id be happy enough with Lita or 1 other striker. JJ and Antonio can do a job and I still rate Madine. He's got bags of potential.

If we let him go, time he's 25 we will be regretting it big time. He needs to mature but that will come in time, he's still just a pup.

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I'm looking forward to next season all ready we have got some serious pace in our squad just wounder who will be up front with madine?

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Iv got a feeling that with the lightening pace we have on the flanks now, Madine will prosper this season.

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I only hope he (madine) realises that he has good opportunity to shine. It is down to him he has touch, control and phsique just needs hard work and application. Sincerley hope he gives his all and realises success is not handed to you on a plate at higher levels in football.

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Well said

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We have so much pace with the wingers, i'm wondering if Madine can keep up when we break out of defence?

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