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12 Jul 2012 22:28:22
Norris between us n Leeds
Hope s6

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When will Norris sign?!

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Getting sick of Leeds being linked with everyone. Make the right choice and come to the S6 Norris

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Hope we sign antonio norris treacy another CH and 2 strikers let go a few which wont be in plans

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slovianian midfielder on trial ... sick of waiting for norris ?

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If Norris reads these posts, he should be advised that if he choose Weeds he will be going to one of the biggest complainers as a manager in the football league. Every defeat will be Norris's fault and he will never be good enough for their fans.

Or, he can chose a manger who will have faith in him and a set of fans who will back him all the way!

Or it could be about money??

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12 Jul 2012 22:27:21
We need a right back as cover for Buxton.. anyone mentioned?

Also the flanks still look like they need an addition, hope Antonio signs but who will play on the left?

Forwards may be ok, could do with a 3rd, Bothroyd?

Is Amado a defensive or attacking midfielder?

Whats happening with Coke?

Answer away, cheers :) {Ed032's Note - Kieran Lee has been signed as an additional RB to Buxton. Many names mentioned for the wing if you look down the page. Amado-Slightly more defensive. Coke back in pre-season with Wednesday.

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Apologies, I really should do my research before posting... Lee is a Right back but can play LB... At least thats one anxiety sorted. Now for the CB, CAM, RW, LW and CF

I await more signings eagerly

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But hasn't Lee spent all his career at left back? Don't agree with signing players to play them out of position.
Bennett, Mattock, Reda, Lee, D Jones and Reynolds can all play left back, but the only out and out right back is Buxton. Although Reynolds looks on his way out can't help but think DJ's not got the balance right in the transfer market so far. We need someone as good as or better than Batth, a creative midifielder, out an out right and left wingers and another forward... Only 4 weeks to go! Get a move on DJ

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It must be only me that thinks Reynolds is half decent. Another year in I'd take my chance. He came down with rave reviews by people within football and actually know what they are talking about. Get Antonio and then I don't care who plays there. May offer my mother and she's got shinggles!

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We have int'l left back - Reda ??

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Lee has played at right back and will be first choice. Need right sided centre back this is fair point and currently short of wide players.
Eepect Coke, Reynolds, Bennett, R Jones, M Jones and O'Grady to leave. If they could not get start in L1 very unlikely in Championship.

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Lee has never played left back

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I think Reynold will be given a chance before he came to us he was highly regarded and to be honest he wasnt given a fair crack of whip.Signed by Irvine just before he got sacked Gm brought his own people in and overlooked him along with 1 or 2 more that Irvine signed I think the main reason not many moved on this summer because DJ wants to have a good look at them before deciding who to trasnfer list.DJ not really had time to assess players walked into a promotion battle and the players out on loan have to be allowed impress in preseason,DJ the Manager not us he will decide who stays and who goes.Best manager we have had in 20 years he will get us promoted if not this season the next, tell me any time in recent years we have had a manager that such a large majority of the supporters are fully behind.

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Highly recommended in the SPL.

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Ye and the SPL is about as competative as league 2 with the exception of Celtic who are probs championship level.

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That was my point mate.

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12 Jul 2012 21:49:02
Kenwyne jones of stoke city is the next big surprise signing from the owls! if this is true DJ will have once again under the noses of other championship clubs signed another top quality player. Uto! {Ed046's Note - What is your source?? Are we talking loan or permanent??

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Kenwyne? Two words.. I wish!

But I somehow think this is not true

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Would love this jones in a owls shirt again
One of best loanees we have had at s6

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I'm sure plenty of prem teams would want him.
He'd rip championship a new en'

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That's 10 words mate

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He cost Stoke 8m,he is on a reported 30-40k a week.What part of that are we going to match.

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7 in 7 for us he got!

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More chance of signing Rooney, some of these 'rumours' really are ridiculous...

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12 Jul 2012 19:21:25
deal to be sealed over antonio sometime next week (source vital reading)

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Read it also! Its looking more likely that he will come! reading's russian owner is buying quite a few players, which will push antonio down the pecking order! This signing will be massive for us!

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12 Jul 2012 19:11:09
What's the latest with Norris from Portsmouth? Anyone heard owt?

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Alan biggs said a source from south coast said portsmouth norris is comin to owls it was on @alan biggs twitter

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12 Jul 2012 09:09:50
This is whats on reading rumours site 11 Jul 2012 23:44:38
looks like SWFC have met Readings asking price for Antonio, aprox 750k. Antonio appears to want the move, could be completed in Portugal.

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Dont listem to rumours, listen to facts
DJ confirmed this morning that he has NOT been in touch with Reading over Antonio

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Thats probably very true ....... but DJ wouldn't be contacting Reading anyway would he?
The negotiations would be done Paul Aldridge or one of the other Execs. So it tells us nothing.

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Dont listen to DJ, he doesnt want other teams to know that hes buying him.

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Well he won't be in touch with reading, as aldridge deals with transfers

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Dj ant said that rob staton said it and he ant got a clue what hes on abowt

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Even if DJ did say this it doesn't meen anything. It was on here not long ago that DJ had said he had not been in touch with Gardner but yet he is now a Wednesday player

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We better get a move on because Forest were looking at him to replace Paul Anderson who left them in the summer. They could gazump us now they have money but that was when cotterill was there so it might not happen now. But we need him in sharpish.

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