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12 Jan 2012 19:02:34
Owls are still trying to sign Marshall on a full deal if not loan mm statement BBC news 1 hour ago

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I posted the latest "horses mouth" situation re Ben Marshall last night but only a few even got-it.
In simple terms so there's no misunderstanding this time - Ben Marshall wants to sign for Owls (LAST WEEK!) but MM wants Stoke to - "be nice and GIVE him to us " ??
He's worth more than Stoke are asking, - he'll be a good player even at Championship level , - Megson wants him !, - the fans want him ! - BUT MM wants him for nowt !!

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ALF memories anyone?

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It's MM's money he can do what he wants with it ---
BUT ....... don't tell the fans you're going to back the manager , and that you're going to spend 5m on the team , then risk losing the best prospect we've seen at Hillsboro for years for the sake of saving a few quid.
After all once Ben's signed a contract with us MM could sell him and make a sizeable profit if he needed to, so it really is a no-brainer for all ------ so you'd think?

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No alf was a punt this kid can play if he stays at Stoke by next season he will be worth 3 million so anything up to 1 mill now is pinching him now but I no what your saying we sure like dragging our arses when it comes to paying for players at least by Sunday we will no one way or other just hope we get him on a full contract cheque please mm

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Agree to a point ALF was a punt, But surely, Compared to ALF, O'Grady and Lowe were a pricier, Less scoring punt?

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Totally agree no one knew whether le fondre could play above league 2 essentially. We know Ben Marshall can play at this level it wont be wasted money, hes the catalyst to promotion for me.

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O'Grady's physical attributes and work rate certainly create opportunities and when Lowe actually gets a game he generally scores. So to call their signings a punt is a bit off the mark.

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"Horses mouth" does not understand the workings of a football club. mandaric says he will send another 5 million on the club this season. This will include covering losses as i understand from the statement the club is running at a loss in this league. Increased attendances will ertainly help the situation and allow more to be spent on players. With Semedo, Prutton, Jones, Jones, O'Grady, Lines and Bywater plus loan players the figure on players will be 1.5 million this season. Just look what we spent on agents last season that tells you we are paying out good money. Get off Mandaric back and understand he saved this club from the brink where we had been put by bad management and an ill informed fans group.

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I heard that we had already made an 11 million profit this season.

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That was just a transfer of funds from one corporate entity to another. In other words a paer exercise. We did not make a penny.

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"O'Grady's physical attributes and work rate certainly create opportunities and when Lowe actually gets a game he generally scores. So to call their signings a punt is a bit off the mark.".....................................By punt, I ment that they had not really done anything at any level higher than ALF had, Thats all.

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12 Jan 2012 15:39:34
Bournmouths Marc Pugh to follow Mike Jones to Hillsborough as the club also looks to finally complete a deal that will see Ben Marshall return to the club on loan after Saturdays game.

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I wish

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Hope we can get Ben Marshall! it will put a few thousand on each home attendance if they can sign him

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Come on Wednesday show you mean business we want to return to championship football hopefully for next season

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Apparently Hull manager Nick Barmby said fancy Ben Marshall but he is to sign for Wednesday. From Mandaric comment they are also speaking to someone else in adition to Marshall.

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Hull or Wednesday. No decision.

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12 Jan 2012 15:25:10
bury winger mike jones to sign and is having a medical
source:sky type in good swfc news now top search and you will see the link

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12 Jan 2012 15:23:39
The earlier post about a winger from an unknown club is mike jones from bury
source:johnpercy on twitter

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What's he like I haven't seen him play or heard of him for that matter? ;-)

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12 Jan 2012 15:16:55
Wednesday have activated a 100k release clause for Bury's Mike Jones

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12 Jan 2012 15:14:41
Wednesday to sign mike jones from bury,24 year old winger,you heard it here first.CK.

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12 Jan 2012 15:11:19
12 Jan 2012 13:01:32
Paul Aldridge is currently in talks with a club about triggering a release clause for a player to bring to SWFC and buy.

This person is Mike Jones (Winger) from Bury

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12 Jan 2012 15:08:08
Wednesday interested in Bury winger Mike Jones as Megson looks to strengthen.

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12 Jan 2012 13:01:32
Paul Aldridge is currently in talks with a club about triggering a release clause for a player to bring to SWFC and buy.

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Lee Johnson of bristol city

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Which player?

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Rob staton on radio Sheff has just said it is a league one player if completed would be a good signing

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Also just confirmed it is a player from either bournemouth or Leyton orient. Dean cox or Marc Pugh?

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Great A.Player. is that the one of fifa where you create it from scratch and dont give it a name. Why put a 'rumour' on when there is infact no information in it. i could have told everyone that we were going to sign 'someone'. yes fans what youve all been waiting for, 'someone'.

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Hi again,I've since found out the player is from either leyton orient or bournemouth,my guess is Marc Pugh.

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Think its marc pugh from bornmouth

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Looks like the player your talking about is mike jones a winger from bury.

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The player in question is Mike Jones from Bury 100k

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The Player still to come will be Marc Pugh,it's not looking good on the Marshall front,plus can't say I've ever heard of the lad mike jones before today.

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12 Jan 2012 11:19:47
Wednesday and Reading are locked in talks over a deal to take Michail Antonio to Hillsborough on loan.

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He is not going anywhere on loan.
Reading have blocked an approach from Colchester.
So not true am afraid.

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12 Jan 2012 03:39:42
Would like to see matt richie of swindon to replace marshall.

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Would like to see him in adition to Marshall we need two wingers and they can both play from either side.

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