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12 Dec 2012 21:47:45
I want Mr.Warnock to take over.

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Its Trigger , the blunt who wants to be a Leeds fan, but he doesnt want Mr Warnock as manager .
Dont you have any friends at all you can play with Trigger ??

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Nice one Trigger. Lets see if you get promoted before you make a fool of yourself again.

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Firstly he is settled at the Weeds - for now. Secondly he is a pig, thirdly he hates the Owls and fourthly cut away the hype and he's not as good as some deluded soles believe.

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12 Dec 2012 21:19:07
Strong rumour that Neil Warnock will be our new manager next season.I hope so.

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This is so funny typical blunt no thankyou !!

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Got the smell of bacon all over it

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Sod this... even as a diehard Owl, I would LOVE to see Warnock at the helm!

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Not for anything.

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Well I am desperate , really desperate .
Sick to back teeth with DJ and all his nonsense.
I want him out like yesterday .
But the only one I dont deffo want in his place is HIM !
Dont you think we been thro enough ?

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It would be like the piggies getting thier own back for agent Wilson

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Agent Wilson is still on the payroll .... his work is still not complete !!

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Agent Wilson is still on the payroll ..... don't worry his work is not complete !

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Never gonna happen, no way would MM bring in a Manager that buys old players with little or no resell value to decrease the value of the club!

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12 Dec 2012 18:55:44
Never mind all this "who signed who" and "poor team selection". DJ has got practically everything wrong after the first few games. GET A NEW MANAGER OR FACE RELEGATION.

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( 1 of the Wise Olds ) Agreed, thats the simple fact .
I have to confess to being on DJs back since end Sept after Huddersfield & Bolton games when I just knew things were on the slide, and there were things that even I could see needed "working on" at the very least.
To be honest I never dreamt things would deteriorate at the rate they have, I have honestly never seen the likes in my many years of watching football !
Its gone from wondering why has he done that ? - to actually waiting for him to get something right - to now knowing for fact that - HE IS NOT A MANAGER - not in any sense of the word . (I could give you a LONG list of why I say that.)
He could be here while this time next season and we would still be on the slide , I'm convinced of it !
I posted in mid October that DJ should be replaced and in answer to the DJ "fans" I asked them a question which I am now going to ask again.
Promotion was achieved under Jones stewardship, yes, but the squad was totally Megsons, the Utd. court case effect, it may or may not have happened anyway etc.
SO , the question is:-
Apart from promotion (because of the reasons above) PLEASE tell me ONE thing that Jones has done that has improved our situation as a football club since he took over - just ONE ?

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Correct jones out now

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What a load of rubbish. Get a grip guy. DJ is a competent manager even if things are not running for us at the moment. We have had plenty of poor managers here over the years so if anything we should be better equipped to ride out the disappointments than others. If you think things are bad now where we're you when we were on the edge of relegation to what is now League Two?

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I've been here for nearly 50yrs ! i was there when we were one match away from 4th division so dont try and lecture me please !
Just answer my simple question if I'm so wrong ?

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^ Well said.
It's amazing that some of our fans are getting snotty with their own, despite how frustrating this season is. We are in this together and we all are entitled to an opinion.

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You shouldn't call people snotty, like you just said, EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. We all pay our money which funds there wages so if a fan wants Dj sacked and another one doesn't that's fair enough. Don't call people snotty. You obviously only thought he was snotty because you didn't agree with what he was saying? Confusing. UTO

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In defence of my fellow "Wise Old Owl" to the guy who asked where we were when we languished in Division 3, we were there still supporting Wednesday and if you think WE are talking rubbish, leave Dave Jones in charge and I know that is where we will end up so I will ask you straight out mate
Do you want to support a 3rd division side? I want a team we that wins things not survives on the last day of the season

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Finally some one speaks common sence ^

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"Snotty" was due to the "get a grip" comment, so go & put your toys back in the pram.

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But yes, there is a lot confusing about your rant.

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Lets slag the players, manager, chairman and fans. It's the way forward. The future is bright the future is black.

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(1 of WOO's) Cheers mate , singing from same hymn sheet as usual.
Despite the other chap biting my head off (but I know we're all on short fuse at mo ?) I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me what Jones ONE achievement is, and we're over 20 matches in to season !
Mind you it WAS a difficult question !
Going back to THAT game, I still remember them carrying Ken Knighton around after he scored the goal to keep us in 3rd Div..... youd have thought we'd won league. I think Steve Burtenshaw was manager he was just about on a par with DJ !

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But "what a load of rubbish" & "get a grip" is very contradictory of you last lecture. Is it not?

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I cant answer your '' 1 thing that DJ has done to improve us '' I totally agree we have gone backwards!! I think your right aswell saying all the fans are on short fuses at the minute it true!! I am so frustrated at how bad we have gone so quick and then I get even more frustrated listening to DJ on the radio!! He talks the biggest load of S**t I have ever heard worse than Neil Warnock! I was just saying we shouldnt call each other snotty or '' get a grip '' when we all pay money and should be aloud to rant! Anyway, I hope youve all got barnsley tickets and are not sitting on your arses in the pub to watch it???? You do realise its by far the biggest game of our season!! Get a ticket and get behind the team!! Boll**ks to DJ for now! Get behind the 11 at oakwell we need 3 points!!!! UTO xxx

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Have you noticed when DJ talks about the club ...... It's always THEY & THEM and not WE & US , it might seem a little thing but you have to question whether he sees himself as part of the club ?
To me it's obvious .
And the other thing he keeps saying which winds me up - I'm the same whether we win or lose - like it's a good quality ? All that proves to me is he doesn't care whether we win or lose !
I've had enough ..... Weeks ago !!

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Here is a Rumour to end all Rumours

Dave Jones is actually a Furby Toy

Look at the way he turns I his head and shuts his eyes

I think he is a Dead Ringer

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I live abroad so I can't go to the matches anymore, but you know what, there is no way I would be paying to watch them at the moment. Not whilst DJ is in charge.

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12 Dec 2012 16:54:47
Whats happend to Pecnick seems a good player to me yet no where near pitch, any idea anybody.

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Dave jones is what happened to pechnic dave jones is what's ruining our club oh yea and mm being stubborn and tight fisted

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He is a player that probably lacks a bit of confidence but from what i've seen of him its nothing that a good run wouldn't cure.
Same with rodri.. "err liike yer can see dee quality dee lad as" and now he can't get a sniff.
Instead we let Bothroyd go on a world record lowest goal tally spree and bring in Sick note Sidibe.

Surely both these palyers could add a bit of flair and some goals.
I'm speechless what i've experienced this season.

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Well, we've certainly not enhanced our reputation with Barcelona. I doubt we'd ever get a loanee from their reserves ever again after the way we've treated Rodri.


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Jones has all but lost our dressing room.

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I can hardly believe it lad play`s in an international scores two cracking goals and cant get in side or even on bench I got to thinking he might be injured, So its Jones. About sums things up!

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If they've had a bad half they come off.
They get 15 mins here and there and thats it.While Bothroyd has as many bad games as he likes.
They would have contributed more than Bothroyd has done surely.

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I hope jones is gone before January cus if not well be signing bothroyd permanently which would be another dreadful transfer deal

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12 Dec 2012 15:10:44
Just read what jones had to say in the star,what a load of rubbish,saying that changing the manager doesn't make things better,I'm sure that Ipswich would agree that it does,when we played them earlier in the season they looked absolute garbage,and destined to be playing league one football next season,now look at them,a totally different side,with the same players they had earlier in the season,we need a change and quickly,then maybe mm may give the new gaffer some funds for January,defo need an out and out goal scorer,a new centre back,and a creative midfielder,jones you need to go,let some other guy have a crack at it,you don't seem to give a toss!!cmon mm sort it and quick.

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Too often we have got rid when we should have stuck managers out.
But this is the first time since Eustace that it has been completely necessary.
I'm in shock that he is still in charge.

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Reckon all football world shocked mate.

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