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12 Aug 2013 17:30:05
We've signed 21 year old Khalil Lambin on a one-year contract.

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Sheff w, are on verge of signing Yeovil strike Melchi Emanuel-Williamson £250,0000 great signing just what we need someone to finally get us goal. UTO

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12 Aug 2013 22:26:44
Yet another non story like the Floro signing. Everyone has known this for a month

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Another one for future, we could do with signing a striker for today.

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I didn't know so thanks for posting

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Do you think we should play khalil lambin in the first team I reckon we should give him a try?

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Owts worth a try uto xxx

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Definitely not. the championship is a league for hardened professionals. we have too many of these so called future wonderboys at swfc

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Give McGuire a chance, the game changed when he came on, on Sat. Put himself about and made their defenders jittery. when he was on the team had a much better shape to it, than it did when jones was playing three naturally wide players, Mogohma looks a better player playing on the wing than does playing in the middle. Jones tactics baffle me and by the way we played in the first half they baffle the players as well.

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All Maguire needs is a chance to have a run of games

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Is he 6 foot 6

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Maguire needs to started! It's about bloody time this kid is given a proper chance!

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This chap McGuire is good, as most owls' fans agree, just need more games as well as proper guidance and advice from DJ and coaching staff to make him more effective. Encouragement and support will be vital for these young players we have to become good players. The potential is there but managing them properly is missing! Will
DJ do that?

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Get rid of Jones.

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Why does he have to be 6ft 6 in to know where the net is?
How tall was Owen. Fowler. shearer.
Always best have big lad to nod ball down for little lads

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I've been saying the same about starting Maguire since last season he can't be worse than Madine.

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3 start maguire as had that a joke give
him a chance dj

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Maybe if we signed either sharp or lita then jones would be forced to stop playing that stupid 4-5-1 formation

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So what your saying is, that this is just an imagination thing again? cause we've signed knowone ( smashingmyheadagainstthewall )

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Three points out of the next nine?

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I agree 4-5-1 doesn't work for us we need a proven Goal Scorer to play with Nuhiu.

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Hows a little un supposed to compete for balls lobbed into the clouds all game

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Wells the player, and has proved the big n little man worked for bradford. Shame bradford want too much for him, because he be a brilliant signing. Still think Nuhiu will be good for us tho, as from what I've seen of him he looks class

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12 Aug 2013 11:33:05
Two new signings this week and a couple of outgoings.

One arrival will be a permanent CM and the other a loan Striker coming from the premier league.

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Haha so olifinjanna and wickham then lol uto xxx

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Lita the striker olafinjana the midfielder see if I'm right but it's guess work

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Vag and sharp maybe

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Billy sharp

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Ok erm whos vag? lol

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Jones says he wants a creative midfield player, Oliofinja is not a creative midfielder, or he wasn't whilst on lone last season. He was more defensive and we have 2 of them, Prutton and Semedo

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Wickham wouldn't compliment Nuhiu need a small nippy player who can get onto knock downs, like Lita or Billy the blunt

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Wickham wouldn't compliment Nuhiu need a small nippy player who can get onto knock downs, like Lita or Billy the blunt

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I don't think sharp is the one but lita is on the way. it would be a good signing if sharp was the 1. how would the rest take to sharp being he is a blunt?

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Whose Vag?

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The wrest aren't owls. They're professionals.

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Who cares if he is blade supporter as long as he was scoring prolifically, besides I can't see it happening myself.

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Everyone forgetting a jobs a job and humphrey was a blunt and he played well for us? uto xxx

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Vagina, re:olifinjana

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It's a long shot but I think Sharp would be a great buy!

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Not baddie agent sharpe?

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Vag. lol olofinjana wawaw

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Olifinjana and billy sharp.

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12 Aug 2013 06:51:51
Read this morning we are interested in loaning Billy Sharp for 6 month we the option of making it perminant.
Im open to that as he done ok over the years and he knows where the goal is!

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Any truth in the Billy sharp rumour edd? {Ed001's Note - I don't know mate, it could be conjecture as it is known he wants to return to the area, but I don't know for sure either way.}

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Where did you read it, in viz!

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In the mirror yesterday

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It's been in a few papers this morning

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I'll give you all £1000 if Billy The Blunt joins us. I know his brother and I know the truth.

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Footballers are footballers. If we're paying his wages I think Sharp will play well for us. Plus, everyone talks about him likes he's in his 30's, he's only 27.

If we get him I say it'll be an excellent signing.

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No you wont!

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This is my post - I read it on New Now (Sheff Wed) website, which it states its been taken from the Daily & Sunday Telegraph.

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Better get you're thousand pound out Billy sharps brothers mate!

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And star

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11 Aug 2013 23:30:50
DJ told Rob Staton on radio sheffield after the game yesterday that there are 2 players on a weeks trial with the club at the moment but wouldn't give names of the players on trial

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Olifonjana is bound to be one of them

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1 of them has got to be olifinjana as for the other with what DJ was saying had got to be a free agent and £0 wages a week.

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You just know if DJ decides to offer any of the trialists a contract the player will turn out to be crap. His ability in the transfer market is shocking. Get rid of him now and give a good manager the chance with almost a full season.

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12 Aug 2013 08:57:36
Sheffield Wednesday want to take
Southampton striker Billy Sharp, 27,
on a six-month loan deal with view to
a permanent switch.

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Why would olifinjana be on trial, already know he's average at best

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Wasn't the loan spell last season his trial

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12 Aug 2013 11:21:45
Some of our so called fans are unbelieveable. Firstly, saying that MM doesn't care about the club is ridiculous. He has provided financial stability and significantly reduced our debts, and now fans are calling for him to spend millions on players (millions that we don't have), this rash spending was also one of the reasons why we went into meltdown last time. And lastly I will adress the pessimistic fans who feel we are doomed for relegation, despite only being two games into the season. Even though we have started poorly do fans really think that abusing the players is going to be beneficial to the team, and slating the signings we've made on a couple games of evidence. All I ask is that we get behind the team and perhaps be slightly optimistic about the remaining 44 games

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Most years we start poorly so to be fair a poor start is quite a norm for us tbh derby owl

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Normally start poorly? this is the worst start we have had to a season for a couple of years. don't get me wrong tho, I think we will be fine this year, crystal palace lost there first 2 games last season and look where they are now, stop moaning we will be a championship team for another couple of seasons before we can push for the prem. - deal with it used to b massive but we ent now we r were we r let's get the fans in and with a positive attitude and push from there

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