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12 Aug 2012 20:38:09
Owls to sign player and to be made public on monday or tuesday and has been invited to watch match

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Franck Songo'o!

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Who the player he watched at the everton game heard it was a striker

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Allegedly it's a premier league striker. I heard a rumour on twitter that one is due in. No idea on credibility of where this info came from initially.

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Michael chopra

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Lol would have been good a few years back , now just wishful thinking and rose tinted glasses

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Think a cb is coming in (no number 5) but also a striker. also we have loads of average midfielders in our squad that is one area that needs cleaning out. would like some pace upfront and some skill in middle of the park. no more gambles either kirkland/gardner with injurys and amedo/pecnik not tested in a decent league. uto!!

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Loads of average midfielders? We are short in this area Coke and Pritton will not be around long. So have 3 Semedo, Lines and Mc Cabe , Amado not settled yet. Currently only Semedo available, hence Coke and Prutton being utilised,

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Pecnik has played in portugal and russia premier leagues how is that not tested

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Magaye gueye

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Apparently its Velios as Michael Owen is signing for Everton

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Haha pecnik who has played international football against the likes of england.......

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12 Aug 2012 19:40:19
HEARD lots of rumours about rob earnshaw at middlewood this morning any truth in it?

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Think it's actually true this. Mate of mine was down there and said he'd thought he'd seen him but wasn't sure. Couldn't see it myself but it seems to be popping in a few places. My question is, is he good enough anymore? Not taken much notice of him for a while. If he's still got the pace could be handy although that miss from 2 yards for Wales not so long back keeps flashing back in my brain. Prefer boothroyd or davies me thinks

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Heard lots of rumours admit it pal you are behind all these threads, I watched some light exercise this morning and there were no comings and goings, in fact not many folks about.

DJ knows he's past it and will not entertain him ao move on.

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Rob Earnshaw is training with Wales so how can he be having a medical?

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12 Aug 2012 18:56:12
owls in talks with sunderland striker frazer campbell

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Haha as if!

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He even spelt the name wrong

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Would love it to be true but seriously doubt it

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Haha fraizer campbell is the only player they have up front who is good, they will not let him go, if you going to make up s*** like, that at least make it a bit more convincing, more chance of us getting wickham then campbell, but it still wouldnt happen!!

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Seems legit seen as he recently played for england.....

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Lets make it happen

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12 Aug 2012 18:54:46
owls linked with australian international patrick kisnorbo from leeds in talks

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Mmm linked with one Aussie central defender lets put another in, well past sell by date.

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12 Aug 2012 18:20:07
Mate just rang me said he saw rob earnshow in hillsboro this morning

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I tried this earlier nobody but me thought it was a god idea. I will post it again.

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12 Aug 2012 17:09:12
Ibrahima sonko spending a few days with wednesday after his release from ipswich.

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Isnt he on trial at Barnsley or Donny?

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Do we need another post 30 (hes 33) CB?

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Super Sonko!

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No he isnt

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He is trialing at barnsley or he was last week anyway.

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12 Aug 2012 16:51:50
rumour as it titas bramble as been seen at midlewood belivied to be on verge of a season long loan at the massive

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Rumour is United lost at home to Burton.

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No no no no no

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Please lord tell me this is only a rumour, worst defender I've ever seen he is te emile heskey of defenders

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Hope not.

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Would mind titus he would be a good addition to the defence

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Would love him to be at the massive but cant this rumour been true :/

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I hope not

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Would be a quality coup!

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Are you all mental titas "bugger it up" bramble" is an absolute fool how he ever got to prem i will never know!

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Titas bramble is crap and is luckly to be a footballer

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12 Aug 2012 16:49:33
just been told by a reilable source that robert earnshaw as been at hillsborough this morning to hold contract talks 2 year deal apparently

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Yea on a Sunday, cause he has.

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Everybody else is in today -- we do have our first competitive match tomorrow ??

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If I post Rob Earnshaws name on here several times people may think its correct. Even though he no longer has any pace.

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12 Aug 2012 15:44:28
Good source fuller down at the massive Monday morning !

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Ricardo fuller signing for Leicester on a 1 year deal. Just been on SSN

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Do Leicester not have a scouting system ...I think they just wait till we get linked with em and then sign em themselves

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We were never interested.

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It says nothing on sky sports news

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12 Aug 2012 14:35:12
Strong rumours on lee Williamson joining us, been told by a few blunts fans so could be true, you never no

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Do we really need him?

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Not good enough League 1 player at best

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Not good enough in the eyes of Keith Hill for Barnsley...obviously nowhere near the Wednesday standard...

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