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11 Oct 2012 19:47:37
Di canio woz a legend the club should av stuck by him! We wouldn't have been relegated if we had kept him

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Stick by him? - he pushed the referee (who made a meal of it granted) and got his self banned for 11matches, thats a quarter of the season - it was him who let the club down bigtime.
He's a loose cannon , he was scrapping with one of his own players last season ?
Carbone was the better of the two Italians when with us , but they both cost the club a small fortune and led to the slide in to debt.
Legends both ? The facts speak for themselves .

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Shut up! If you believe that you are an person and we got relegated with him along with a team full of overplayed foreigners. And di canio walked he forced a way out. All the chairmans fault stupid contracts. When jonk sat on the bench/injured for 2 years still getting 20k a week joke.

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Im sure when i wrote that reply i wrote more words than that. Some awful grammar and just missed words out for the fun of it. Ed are you messing with me? {Ed003's Note - Not got a clue what you are talking abut.}

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Dicanio and Benni will have inspired loads of young lads. Greatest players I've seen in blue and white. Overplayed(?) foreigners, don't just wave that banner around.
Hinchcliffe - 20 odd starts in three years, and when did it become acceptable to pay millions for a corner taker!

We all have examples and don't want to spark a mass debate here, but stop bagging on real legends. The two Italians will live long in the memory of thousands! Plus they had play with booth, who was described as under 21 and over 6' when Trev was asked why he signed him.

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Agreed mate^

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Trevor pleat you mean ? get your facts right son david pleat signed andrew booth

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Correction accepted, yes it was pleat. Don't think that was the main point of the message though.
But thanks. Statistics and facts are clearly important to you.

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The guy is probably off spotting trains now.

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Statistics and facts matter its like saying gary megson is in charge of us now when he isnt

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Who took the seventh throwing in our last but one match? I'd like to put this info in my little black book, to show the guys up at the train station.

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Loving that I'm not the only one who doesn't think being able to quote facts about a club makes you a fan, or know anything about football the game.

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If you were a wednesday fan you would know something as basic as who signed andy booth. The first part about di canio and carbone was spot on but you then lost all credability by making up that TREV said he was under 6 but over 21 (what ever that means) therefore apart from the clown who keeps mentioning trains nobody else agrees with you FACTS not fiction is the future

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Therefore, you sound like you missed the last train. UTO, FTB, WTID.

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Facts not fiction is the future. Eh? Hi 5, but not now, maybe later if it was not yesterday or tomorrow?

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Come to conclusion that this is just ONE "anorak trainspotter" posting to himself cos he cant find the train "suppotters" site !
Get a life - and a sense of humour.
Lets get back to the massive !

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Well said. I think.

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Trevor pleat love it

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Good old Trev pleat was best manager we ever had. The Italians were good, but not a patch on des waddle!

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My favourite manager of all time was ron francis and in my eyes trevor atkinson ruined our team

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11 Oct 2012 12:27:09
This is NOT a rumour, however what would everyone think if Paolo Di Canio became our manager?

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Not a lot !
Paulo di Canio will always be an accident waiting to happen.
Hes had one disgraceful incident on our books - we dont need another one .
In any case, if and when we do start to look for another manager , there are loads of much better, and more stable, candidates

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Wot about warnock. Oh no I forgot. He belongs in a stable

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Warnock? Oh no ,sorry he,s not stable. He belongs in one

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Jealousy is a terrible thing! mot

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Warnock belongs in a sty not a stable. As for Di Canio his unstable behaviour really started our decline from the Premier League. I hope he never comes near Wednesday again.

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More like keith lemons mot mot mot lol owls xxx

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